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        Project 5.3 on Student Learning and Assessment


                    A Checklist for Interview Researcher





Logistic Considerations



Developing an Interview Protocol



           Key informants: people who are experts in an area, or

                                       People who are key witnesses to an event

            Sample of representatives: selection of people from a population

            Convenience sampling: selection respondents because they are what we can get

                        Be prepared to explain to potential respondents about the study

Consider various recruiting strategies: phone calls, email, formal letter, or a combination of these

Some kinds of sponsorship may be needed in some cases in order to approach a potential respondent.



                        Introduce yourself and your project to the respondent   

                        Ask the respondent for permission of taping

                        Ask the respondent to sign the consent form, explain to her/him if necessary


                        Learning interview by doing (Here some tips in interviewing)


Data Analysis

Coding: link what a respondent says to the concepts and categories of the study.

Sorting: organizing excerpts of interview according to concepts and categories

Integration: Making sense of the sorted interview data

Case-Focused Analysis

                        The focus is to construct a clear story of a specific case


Report Writing

References for Interview Method


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