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Presentation Materials for Campus Leaders  

These materials were developed by the 5.3 research team to help convey our findings and results in a visual format. They were utilized in conjunction with speeches and presentations at numerous meetings and national conferences.  The slides were created using Microsoft PowerPoint software and can be adapted or customized to fit your particular circumstances with a minimum of effort. You may find them useful in their entirety without modification, as a template to begin crafting your own slide presentations, for insertion into existing slide sets, or as a springboard for new ideas.

Target Audience: 


Faculty, Institutional Researchers, Program Administrators, Educational Policymakers, and other related constituencies.

A Review of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Practices in Higher Education



This presentation provides an overview of current reform and innovation efforts and conveys the results of recent case study research conducted by NCPI Project 5.3.  Key assessment issues and structures that encourage teaching improvement are identified across institutional and disciplinary contexts.  Suggestions offered for research and practice.  [14 slides]

Assessment Strategies and Innovative Teaching Practices


This set of materials identifies institutional responses to calls for improvement in undergraduate education and puts forth detailed information regarding case study research conducted by Project 5.3.  The presentation describes the campus selection process, and the interview and document gathering procedures.  Results of qualitative research discussed by institution and discipline.  Presentation includes evidence of student learning as well as patterns of resistance, community-building, and recommitment to teaching.  Recommendations included for research and practice.  [38 slides]

Reform and Innovation in Higher Education


Primarily designed as a literature review, this set of materials identifies common themes and implications for institutional practice and assessment.  Methodological approach is outlined in considerable detail and roots of current reform and innovation efforts discussed.  Explains key terminology and patterns of reform and innovation practices.  Models for Adoption of Innovation and implications for institutional and educational researchers included.  [27 slides]

How Chemistry Faculty Infuse Classroom Faculty with Active Thinking


This brief presentation offers a summary of case study findings based on research conducted at three Research I universities.  Identifies "Discovery Learning" as a major transformation in Chemistry teaching and learning.  Examines what motivates faculty to engage in active teaching and puts forth several ideas regarding student preparation and remediation.  Applicable across a variety of institutional and disciplinary settings.  [13 slides]

Factors Influencing Faculty Innovation


Originally created to document teaching, learning, and assessment trends in the field of  mathematics, this presentation offers an overview of theoretical frameworks currently being used to guide curricular decision making in a variety of disciplinary settings.  Results of Project 5.3 case study research are presented, including statements from faculty regarding their reflections on student preparation and motivation.  Outlines innovative teaching strategies used by faculty and the barriers to adopting new teaching techniques.  [17 slides]

Building a Sense of Permanence into Teaching


Developed with the study of higher education in mind, these materials provide information regarding the theory and research that guided the Project 5.3 case study efforts.  Qualitative findings are presented based on interview data collected on three university campuses.  Institutional characteristics that effectively support teaching and assessment efforts are identified.  [14 slides]


Project 5.3 Toolkit Homepage

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