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If you think you have found a beagle you beleive to be someone's pet

* please go directly to Lost & Found *


We are operating primarily as referals service for the time being. We have no active foster care program and can NOT take beagles directly into our rescue. (This also applies to beagles you see posted in kill shelters or on "Craig's List") Unless you are prepared to become an active commited volunteer for LSBR and foster a particular beagle you have found then do not expect us to assist with placement of beagles you want to save.

However, we can assist with placement if and only IF you have a means to care for a beagle until a home can be found. This also means having the dog spayed/neutered, fully vacinated and tested for heartworm. If this can be done please go to our information page Rescue Angels

If you dont have a means to provide foster care for the beagle indefinitely or if there are limitations to the spay/neuter, testing and vax requirements, and still would like rescue to assist then by all means check out our special section EFFECTIVE IMEDIATELY

Thank you for your consideration.