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Lost & Found

Helping to reunite Beagles with their folks across Texas


If you have lost your beagle or if you have found a beagle
you beleive to be someone's pet please contact us

Lost Beagles ~ Found Beagles


* * * Mckinney: female beagle  Click for larger image
Lost in Mckinney August 2007. Mounty is a tricolor female Beagle with "open coat" markings. Three years old. 13" variety (small) She was wearing a pink collar with "Princess" on it. There is also an ID tag with the name "Mounty", an adress and telephone number Mounty was last seen in McKinnney near intersection of Virginia & 75. There is a reward offered. "We have lost our beautiful beagle." If found please contact Michele (972) 562-7158 email [email protected] You can also call Animal control (972) 547-7292

* * * Plano: male beagle
Jack was lost March 13 of 2006 in Plano. Last seen 3/15 near Spring Creek and Coit. Tricolor male w-tan face, 2 years old and 40 lbs. Microchipped Avid (ID#087071513 ) "I lost my beagle named "Jack" in the Plano, TX area (N.Dallas) nearly three weeks ago during my spring break... so we're doing everything (and contacting everyone) we know to try and bring him home. He IS our only child and we are just heartsick over the prospect of losing him..." Jacks owner lives almost 200 miles away from where he was lost while visting relatives. If found please call parents Jack Woodward (972) 867-6138 or (214) 384-3398 email Jay Woodward [email protected] $ Cash Reward $

* * * Spring: male beagle
Lost in Spring, Texas (Suburb north of Houston) last seen September 22, 2005 Charlie is a tricolor, 1 1/2 years old. Not wearing a tag. He dug out of a friends yard while visiting. Pesonality described as very sweet and loveable. "He is a very loving dog and gentle with all children he is missed greatly ." If found please contact Angela (713) 705-0708 [email protected]

* * * Lake Worth: male beagle
Lost in Marine Creek Ranch (subdivision just north of Lake Worth on Marine Creek Lake) about the month of July 2005 Small male beagle with a brown head. Wearing a collar, no tags. He dug out of thier yard sometime in early-mid July Pesonality described as very sweet and loveable. "if anyone knows of a Beagle found over this way, could you please email me? They are desperate." If found please contact Cson Johnson of "Texas Jack Russell Rescue" email [email protected]

* * * Carollton: male beagle
Lost in Carrollton area (Rosemead and Marsh lane) on March 1st 2005 Sam is a classic tricolor male Beagle. Senior age range, weighs about 25 pounds. He was wearing a Blue collar. Pesonality described as very sweet and loveable. "It is important that I find him, because he is dependant on cardiac medication." If found please contact Joshua (972) 300-0212 or (469) 814-5400 email [email protected]

* * * Dallas: Female beagle  Click for larger image
"This is Lucy Beagle. She escaped from our yard near Mockingbird and Hillcrest around 6:00 PM on April 11th (2005) and hasnít been seen by anyone." Lucy is a tricolor female, about four years old and 40 lbs. Was wearing a green collar with rabies and ID tag with phone and adress. The tags and collar may be gone by now. There is a reward! If found please call Ashley of "Camp Wolfgang" (214) 520-7000 or (214) 535-6600 email [email protected]

* * * Grapevine: male beagle
Lost in Grapevine area on March 1st of 2005. He is a 4 1/12 year old neutered, tricolor male Beagle. Face is white between eyes and nose area. Does not have dewclaws. He was wearing a red collar. Very friendly and lovable. "He is our family pet and would really like to find him." If found please contact Cliff at home (817) 329-4861 or cell (817) 800-8454 email [email protected]

* * * Fort Worth: male beagle
Sammy Bart is one of our rescued beagles that recently got adopted Unfortunately his escape talents and nose led him away from his new home. Sammy Bart is lost somewhere in Fort Worth, early 2005. He is very friendly and will follow anyone home. If found please contact us

Original posting: Sammy Bart - Arlington  Click for larger image  Click for larger image  Click for larger image
Tricolor Beagle male. Age unknown but looks to be young adult. Up to date on all vacinations and neutered. Sammy Bart was pulled from a kill shelter He had a case of kennel cough and was about to be euthanized. Beagle rescue has him now and he is all better now. Sammy Bart has adjusted well to life with his foster family. "He's good with other dogs, loves to play and loves to cuddle. Great with kids. He finds cats interesting but is not aggressive towards them."

* * * Woodville: male beagle  Click for larger image Bean was lost January of 2005 in Tyler county. Tricolor male, about a year old and 20 lbs. Microchipped. "He was last seen wearing a blue coller, rabies tag and address/owner info. He is very handsome and VERY affectionate to everyone. Bean has never met a stranger. My father had Bean with him in the woods of Tyler county around the town of Colmesneil (FM 1745), near Woodville... there is leased hunting on the property. Bean is very special to my dad and family... I am fearful someone has taken the little guy." If found please call Katy McGarity (601) 329-6438 email [email protected] Her father can be reached at (409) 751-6144

* * * DFW: male beagle
Murphy is a 7-8 year old neutered, tricolor male Beagle. "...dug out from my fence on October 6, 2004 at 9 pm, and people responding to my posters and newspaper ads let me know about the Beagle. Murphy has a slight drooping on his left side of the face from a previous snake bite, and a small quarter size lump in his left front "armpit." He had 2 tags on but I hadn't microchipped him yet. He was about 28 pounds but would be heavier now because he was on thryroid medication and probably gained weight again. I fear he is either dead or someone kept him despite having tags." If found please email the owner Marjorie [email protected] or call Linda Martin (817) 819-0261

* * * Garland: female beagle  Click for larger image
Lost in Garland area October 4 2004. Noel is a lemon female Beagle. Three years old at time of disapearance. She was wearing a collar without tags. Noel was just given a bath so was not wearing the right collar with her tags at the time. Some landscapers were working in the yard at the time. When they left Noel was gone. Noel looks identical to "Honey" another beagle pictured here. "After all these years I still occasionally think about her and miss her." If found please contact Merideth email [email protected]

* * * Sachse/Garland: male beagle
Robbie was lost March 29 2004 in the Sacshe-Garland area. He is Tricolor male 18 mos old. Color tan/black/white, mostly black and has white feet. If found please contact Tomy Smith (972) 495-4293 email [email protected]

* * * Fort Worth: Beagle/shepherd cross male
Buddy was lost New Year's eve 2003. He was then a Neutered male about 10 yrs old. Color mostly reddish-tan with black markings around face. He was wearing a weathered leather collar, no tags. Identifying Marks: missing teeth on left side. There is a $150 reward for Buddy. If found please contact Patricia Finn (817) 907-7854 email [email protected]

* * * McKinney: female beagle
New neighbors lost a female beagle named "Echo". She was lost in McKinney, TX at Erwin Park last year. (2002?) They took her off lead and allowed her to run with their other beagle. The other one returned, but Echo did not. Being as how they just moved, Echo had a blue collar with a California tag on it. Contact Susan Gastrock [email protected] call (972) 529-6582 or (214) 725-8047


* * * Rockwall: Beagle Male
Beagle boy, young adult. Has collar but no tags. Beautifull. It was obviously a lost pet not street wise at all. "Very sweet" Likes to be picked up. Found April 2007 on Hwy 205 in Rockwall - suburb east of Dallas. Call (903) 450-5148 or email [email protected]

* * * Saginaw: Beagle female  Click for larger image
Beagle girl, young adult. Tricolor with tan on face. No collar or tag. Slender build and a clean coat. Seems to be an inside dog. Submissive and wont bark. She is friendly and high energy. "Beautifull" Found afternoon of December 30th, 2006 on Raven drive in the community of Saginaw - suburb northwest of Fort Worth. Call (817) 223-7875 or email [email protected]

* * * Dallas: Beagle female  Click for larger image
Beagle girl, a bit plump. Tricolor with tan markings on face. Seems to be fairly young about two or three years old. She is wearing a green collar. No tag. Found August 26th, 2006 near Central Expressway access road at Lover's Lane. The edge of University Park in Dallas, close to SMU. "She is a sweet dog." Contact Susan (214) 750-8280 email [email protected]

* * * Mansfield: Two Beagle females  Click for larger image  Click for larger image
Two beagle girls. Both spayed. Aproximately 3 and 6 years old. Found September 23rd, 2005 near Matlock and Country Club Drive. Wearing collars. One pink, one purple. No tags, no microchip. "They are either related or have been raised together... very gentle" Contact Kathleen (817) 453-3360 email katpo[email protected]

* * * Arlington: Beagle male
Neutered male tricolor. Found July 26th, 2005 in Arlington area. Has a collar. "This is someone's pet. His behaviors are one of a spoiled pet, sweet though!" Call to identify (817) 460-2054 email [email protected]

* * * East Dallas: Beagle male
Young uneutered male, about 35 pounds. Found June 16th, 2005 near Ferguson/Hunnicut. Had a collar but no tags, no microchip. Well cared for so has to be someones pet. Contact Candace (214) 321-1092 email [email protected]

* * * North Dallas: Beagle male  Click for larger image
Large tricolor male. Very Handsome. Mostly black and tan with a white face and white front paws. Found June 14th, 2005 in the Preston/Beltline area. Has a blue nylon collar. No tags, no microchip. Very well behaved. Contact Valerie (972) 387-9697 email [email protected]

* * * Southlake: Beagle
"older" Beagle male, gender not given. Found recently near Byron Nelson Southlake. If anyone is missing a beagle please contact Kristen (817) 416-8260

* * * McKinney: Beagle male  Click for larger image
Neutered Beagle male, about 5+ years old. Heavyset 38 lbs. Found in the Stone Bridge area March 15th, 2005 "He has been well fed, is house trained and has been wearing a collar but was not wearing one when found... We currently have two other SPCA doggies & Bull Dog Rescue dog. This beagle is missing his Family & we hope to help him get home." If anyone is missing such a beagle please contact Michael email [email protected]

* * * Fort Worth: Beagle male
Neutered Beagle male, healthy about 2 years old. Wearing a Black collar with southwestern designs on it and matching leash attached. Found mid January '05 near Basswood Boulevard in North Fort Worth. If anyone knows this beagle please contact Todd Lokash (817) 514-9178 email [email protected]

* * * Mesquite: female beagle/chi mix
"Jan. 2, 2004 my sons and I rescued a wandering senior dog in Mesquite at GusThompson and LaPrada... I live in the East Texas area... I am sure that her family is looking for her, she was in good shape just older and terribly lost... She is a beagle mix and an senior dog. She is black with a whiting face and feet, she (I think) was fixed. She was wondering down a very busy street seemed to either deaf or hard of hearing she just froze when I approached her in 3 lanes of busy traffic. I know if I had not stopped the traffic and jumped in the road to save her, she would have been killed on the spot. She seems also to be well taken care of and I am sure she just got out of yard and was lost." If anyone has any info about this beagle please contact Charolette Phillips at work (866) 882-2937 ext 269 email [email protected] ...Thanks so much!