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Adopting a Beagle

General Information

You are very much welcome to adopt any of our beagles, or any hound that uses us as our primary contact. Rescue Angels, Beagles of Circumstance or Beagles Seeking Commitment.

* * * see our beagles available for Adoption

If you are interested in adopting one of these fine hounds please fill out our online adoption aplication and send to the apropriate contact listed at the top of the form.

Adoption Aplication

Once you have turned in your aplication please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We may also refer you to contact the foster parent of the beagle you are interested in. The actual adoption process of a beagle is handled by the directors.


We may not be able to answer more than ONE email concerning the hound you are interested in until you turn in a complete aplication and we have had a chance to reveiw.

This is because the number of inquiries on beagles available for adoption far outnumber adoptions that actually take place, and because rescue representatives are very busy rescuing with extremely limited time for unproductive comunications. We have provided answers to frequently asked questions already available for your information

We have to be certain you are serious about adoption and that your home is right for a particular beagle before we invest our time and resources answering questions, working out details, planning, transport, etc. We will NOT respond to long questionaires about the dog, your living circumstances, your family, other pets, etc. This is what the aplication is for. It answers all these questions and more.

Please understand we will be glad to provide you with details and answer your questions about any beagle once you have turned in a complete aplication as this is the one thing which proves you are serious about finding the right beagle for your home. Then we can be serious about finding the right home for our beagles.

Phone Calls

Please refrain from requesting that a representative "call you" about one of our beagles posted until an aplication has been turned in. Phone calls are reserved for adoptions in process which have been aproved. In order to protect our privacy we do not give out representatives numbers online or in the initial email reply to inquiry prior to an adoption being aproved.

Adoption Fees

Once an adoption application is aproved and upon signing the adoption contract, a donation is made to our organization or the caretaker which covers cost of spay/neuter, full set of vacinations, heartworm test and other routine vetting such as ear infections, deworming, etc.

Standard adoption fee is $150
generally for females aged three-seven years and males one-four years old.

Raised adoption fees (because of increased demand) apply to these cases:

  • Purebred beagle female under three years old is $200
  • Any other beagle, hound or mix under a year old is $200
  • Puppies *if they are available* under 4 months of age are $250

Reduced adoption fees (because of increased supply) apply to these cases:

  • Beagle mixes over a year old are $75
  • Any "seniors" eight years and over are only $75
  • Purebred males four-seven years old are $100
  • Guest purebreds of other "hound" varieties over a year old are $100

Discounted adoption fees (because of circumstance) apply to these cases:

  • Bonded pairs are "two for one" as if you adopt one dog.
  • Special needs beagles are contingent upon certain specific "issues"
  • Ditto for people themselves who have special needs or otherwise disabled.
  • If you are retired or over 65, ask about our "double senior discount"!

Adoption FYI

You are allowed a one week "sleepover" with the beagle in your home. If things do not work out for any reason you may return the beagle and keep the adoption fee. If after the one weeks time is up and you return the beagle the adoption fee is not refundable.

In certain circumstances we can "trade" a beagle based on placement being "bad match".

For beagles listed as "adoption pending" this only means an adoption is in process either through paperwork, reference check or sleepover. It is possible the beagle will be available for adoption in the event current adoption pending is not finalized.

We cannot "hold" a dog because you are going on vacation, remodeling or moving, etc. The beagles have to be adopted out so we can save more beagles.

We do provide for transport arrangement between Abilene/San Angelo and DFW. As well as other areas of the state part way. Waco, Odessa, Lubbock, Wichita Falls, etc. Usually no more than 200 miles in any given direction.

We do not ship out of state. We will not make arrangements to board on airlines.

We do not have puppies in our care.

We absolutely will NOT adopt out an intact (unaltered) beagle.