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Foster Homes


* * * Please note:

The continued success of LSBR depends on committed, reliable foster parents. A foster parent has to be willing to follow through on promises made to take in a beagle in need. That is when a beagle is in need, not just when it is convenient for you. A Foster parent must also committ to the care of the beagle until it is adopted. Since we are lacking in places to put beagles that have nowhere to go.

IF you are serious about becoming a foster parent for LSBR and have what it takes then read on.


Because the number of beagles in need outnumbers foster homes to take them in, there is a long waiting list for beagles in need of foster care. It is foster parents who take these beagles under thier care until we can place them in a permanent adoptive home.

Become a Foster Parent

Our greatest need is for foster parents. We try to help all beagles in need. But there are so many in desperate situations waiting for a foster home. There are even more arriving in in kill shelters everywhere. The need is greater than what rescue can provide. Please consider becoming a foster parent for beagle rescue today!

What to do

If you can find it in your heart to foster a homeless beagle please
do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

You also should fill out our online foster aplication Then fax, or email to the apropriate contact information at top of the form. Very soon one of our representatives will be in touch.

The Beagles you can help

Beagles who are in area kill-shelters are in the greatest danger. Owner surrenders taken directly to a shelter can be euthanized the same day. Stray beagles brought in have only 72 hours to get claimed, adopted or rescued. Because we do not have room to take them directly into our rescue program, many of these beagles perish because we could not get to them in time. If you found it in your heart to take in one of these desperate beagles, It could very well mean saving it's life.

Sad to say there are many, many beagles whose owners can not or will not care for them. We do everything we can to help each beagle. Please see our policies on Owner Surrender you will get an idea as to the magnitude of this problem. If you choose to take in one of these beagles it would go a long way to finding them the forever home they very much deserve.

We also have beagles that are found by Individuals who for some reason may not be able to care for them in their own home. Rescue Angels have come to us for assistance and we go the extra mile in helping them out because they have already gone out of their way to save a precious life. If you chose to help one of these beagles you could be a vital link to keeping it alive and finding it the right home.

How you can help

We have a list of beagles-in-waiting which you can choose from. Though they are waiting in line acording to urgency and who was first, any beagle you choose would be apreciated.

You can foster one beagle or six beagles. But generally if you are starting out, no more than two at a time is recomended. Also consider the dogs you may already own as part of the population.

In most cases the beagle is adopted in one to two months. Some might take a bit longer but usually no longer than 6 months. You as a foster parent are actively involved in the adoption process and have the "first right to refuse" a candidate if for any reason you find them not worthy of adopting your foster beagle. Of course if you should ever become so attached to your foster beagle, then you have the option to adopt!

More Information

Right now this program is still under construction. But you can get a general idea of what is involved in our foster program through Rescue Angels The process is very similar in that for beagles we rescue there can be a financial need in order to provide for veterinary care it needs. As outlined we will reimburse you for routine veterinary expenses once the beagle has been adopted. This is mainly the case if it has just been pulled from a kill-shelter or found as a stray. Owner Surrender beagles are already provided for in most cases, so if you foster one of them it is usually not at your cost.