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Rescue News

News from Wayward Beagles across Texas

Rescue Update ~ In Memory of Trish

Texas Lonely Hound's Club ~ The Beagles Have Landed!

Old Hound's Retirement Home ~ Lost & Found ~ Beaglefest! ~ More

"Rescue Update"

Winds of Change

Announcing the formation of Lone Star Beagle Rescue - West Texas In order to better serve the wayward beagles west of Dallas/Fort Worth. This includes Abilene, Sweetwater, Big Spring, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo ...and beyond. We hope to include Amarillo and Lubbock in the future.

Updates to follow.


Rescue Angel Remembered

We regret to say that the founder and director of New Mexico Beagle Rescue has passed away. Trish Skowronek crossed the bridge sometime Valentines day. We will miss her very much.

NMBR is now functioning with the help of volunteers in New Mexico, Texas and supporters from other states. It's sister organization, Lone Star Beagle Rescue out of West Texas will be handling administration duties for the time being. More information and tributes to Trish will be posted on the main websites. If anyone needs to contact us for any reason concerning NMBR please contact us via Email or call Tricia Nesbitt in Albuquerque (505) 907-3791

* UPDATE: Beagles and other hounds available for adoption in New Mexico listed on PetFinder Trish with pack

Thank you all for your support,

Lone Star Beagle Rescue -
Cristie Maure
Dolores Jones
Regina Evans

 Cristie & Cherrie

 Trish & Arthur  Trish & Joe  Trish & Chile  Trish & Dora  Trish & Llew  Trish, Fran & Llew

"Texas Lonely Hound's Club"

A New Begining

LSBR has recently cut back on rescue operations due to unforseen circumstances. The beagle fast lane days of young adoptables are over. However we have recovered and regrouped our resources to focus on a few special beagles in need.

These are the senior beagles, or the special needs often overlooked and forgotten by rescue. They could be old, crippled, blind, deaf. They could have allergies, pancreatis or seizures. They could also suffer emotional disorders such as seperation anxiety or have a specific fear of men, or new things. Perhaps it is just something superficial like only have one eye or missing a leg, etc... They could be part of a pair that cannot be seperated. Or maybey they are just 6 or 7 years old, not senior but a bit mature than the young adoptables in demand. Or for some reason just take a bit longer to to find home for. That is why we call them our "Texas Lonely Hounds Club"

You may have noticed we have fewer young adoptables posted. While more seniors and special needs beagles are listed as availabe for adoption. Some are available directly from LSBR while others are posted for other rescue organizations that may have such a special beagle in thier care.

Typically beagles in this situation are loving, well behaved and very loyal. Requiring a bit more TLC they quickly bond to thier new families. Those who adopt such a hound are devoted and committed for life and would not dream of ever giving up. Because these beagles are truly a treasure of the heart to have.

We like to think there is a special home out there waiting for these special beagles. They just take a bit more time and patience to find than beagle fast lane young adoptables. But well worth it.


"There is work to be done and a long ways to go.
We won't stop until every beagle has a home."

...Houston, we have a problem

The Beagles have landed!

direct from our associates in Houston, Texas:

"Yes, we definitely DO have a problem. Beagles are literally pouring in from New Orleans area. There are beagles in severely overcrowded kill shelters, Beagles whose displaced owners cannot provide, Beagles that were surrendered, abandoned, lost or otherwise seperated forever from thier families. All of them and with no where to go."

These homeless beagles need adoptive homes, foster homes, and volunteers of all kinds... and transport assistance. IF you ever thought about adopting a beagle please, please adopt one now from Houston. Even if it is not a refugee beagle, it would mean freeing up space to take on another special Beagle in desperate need.

 Please help the Houston Beagles

Specific information about these beagles will be posted soon. More information about these hounds and how to adopt or foster available on Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue

... If you can find it in your heart to adopt or foster any of these Hounds please email [email protected]

Send in your donation

* * * UPDATE * * *

Beagles from Hurricane Katrina!

Most every beagle originating from the recent disaster in New Orleans has come up heartworm positive. Requiring treatment which costs $100 - $300 dollars per hound. Without treatment they will die of heart failure or other pulmonary/circulatory complications. However with treatment, these beagles will be adopted and can go on living a normal healthy life with thier new family.

LSBR stongly encourages and endorses any donations:

Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue
Houston, Texas and surrounding area
website: http://www.houstonbeaglerescue.org/
email: [email protected]

Shopping for Beagles

Our associates Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue have a virtual mall of beagle products to enjoy. The proceeds to these sales go directly towards funding rescue operations for needy beagles in the Houston, Texas area and beyond.

Check it out

Old Hound's Retirement Home

 Oggie There is now a place for the senior hounds to stretch and snore. Located out in sunny west Texas, "Old Hounds Retirement Home" is where our very special rescue beagles will live out thier twilight years in comfort. It is run by the infamous Outlaws Sam and Belle Star. Their first guest is the lovely "Miss Oggie" from Tyler Texas. (seen right) We will be needing funds to operate so your donation would greatly be apreciated. Find out how you can Help

Life at the OHRH

 Sam  Belle Star  Buddy  Amos  Wally  Snowflake

Belle Star





 Belle Ami  Pepper Jack  Bertha  Barbie  Maize  Cherrie
Belle Ami

Pepper Jack





* * * Updates: 02/14/05 There are 6 hounds in residence at the home. * * * 03/30/05 Buddy has been adopted! * * * 4/2/05 Snowflake was diagnosed with cancer and went to to heaven. She has gone home to her original owner and is happy now. * * * 07/12/05 "Belle Ami" joins the pack. * * * 08/13/05 "Amos & Wally" have been adopted ...together! * * * 11/19/05 "Pepper Jack" guest senior dachshund arrives in time for Thanksgiving. * * * 1/28/06 "Pepper Jack" has been adopted by two MOMS! * * * 2/9/06 "Bertha" another guest senior dachshund is our Valentine sweetheart. * * * 4/05/06 "Barbie" teensy dachshund arrives and is adopted by Bertha. * * * 8/10/06 "Belle Ami" has been adopted! * * * 9/30/06 "Wally" has passed away due to complications from Sinus tumors. * * * 1/29/07 received notice that "Miss Oggie" has passed on. * * * 4/14/07 guest weenies Bertha & Barbie become permanent residents. * * * 3/15/08 new guest beagles "Maize" & "Cherrie" from New Mexico join the pack. * * * 6/25/08 Alpha Beagle "Sam" has passed away due to Liver failure. * * * 7/11/08 "Cherrie" has arrived at her new home in Rio Rancho New Mexico.

* * * There are currently five hounds in residence.

Maize is available for adoption

If you can find it in your heart, ask about fostering or sponsoring a gratefull senior,
Please contact us

Lost & Found

Please click HERE


The next Beaglefest!

NMBR Beaglefest

In honor of Trish Skowronek and her dedicated work for Beagles everywhere. Beagle crosses, Beagle mixes, and other beagle worthy breeds welcome... * Bassets *

We are highlighting a reunion of rescued/adopted beagles.

If you would like to join please contact us

What is a Beaglefest! ?

Beaglefest! is taking the country by storm. It is a gathering of beagles and the peoples they love. You can find them most anyplace and anytime, though usually held in Spring or Fall. Beaglefest!

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