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Happy Endings

"Beagles Adopted"



Beagles Across State Lines


Original story: * * * 9/15/04 Five beagles were dumped at a ranch in East Texas. They were left with many other dogs of different breeds and mixes. Of the beagles there were three males and two females. All are spayed and neutered. These are such sweet and well behaved hounds. Housebroken too! Two older fellows will be going into our rescue program. Two more, a boy and a girl will be going out of state. The last one is a verrry old girl. "Miss Oggie" (pictured right) will soon be travelling to West Texas where she will live out her twilight years in comfort at Old Hound's Retirement Home

 Roscoe & Petunia

Rescue Updates: * * * 9/22/04 Two of the older gentlemen "Wally and Amos" are picked up by rescue. * * * 9/25/04 They are then vetted and cared for by a wonderfull foster family in the Dallas Suburbs. * * * 10/02/04 Petunia and Roscoe, (pictured right at a stopover in West Texas) have been transferred to New Mexico Beagle Rescue Two gratefull Collies, Angus and Blarney joined them on the way to New Mexico Collie Rescue thanks to Dona Anna County Humane Society * * *  Collie lands on Planet Beagle! 10/04/04 Sadly Blarney passed away from Heart failure. His last day was spent romping the Pecan groves near Las Cruces. This special Collie now has a place in Heaven * * * 10/05/04 Back in Texas, Wally and Amos undergo dental to have teeth cleaned. Both have some teeth extracted.  Amos Wally being the more severe case contracted a bad infection in his Jaw that required surgery which he would have died from if not rescued in time. * * * 10/9/04 Still recovering from dental surgery, Wally and Amos are transported to West Texas. They are posted and will be available for adoption Thanksgiving. * * * 10/15/04 Wally is selected as poster hound for the newly formed Lone Star Beagle Rescue. * * * 10/31/04 It has been discovered Amos (pictured right) is deaf but that doesn't slow him down one bit. * * *  Happy Family 11/10/04 In New Mexico, Petunia and Roscoe have been adopted as a pair and are on the way home to Colorado! * * * 11/17/04 Up in Colorado, the lucky family of Petunia and Roscoe (pictured left) report they are doing well and get along great with their other canine buddy, Zach. * * *  Amos & Wally

01/28/05 Amos and Wally (right) await adoption through Lone Star Beagle Rescue * * * 02/01/05 Good reports from Colorado in a letter from Roscoe and Petunia. * * * 08/13/05 "Amos & Wally" have been adopted! 9/30/06 "Wally" has passed away due to complications from Sinus tumors. 1/29/07 received notice that "Miss Oggie" has passed on.

* * * More updates coming soon! * * *

...Thanks everyone for the photos.

Beagle in Mourning

Woody - Dallas  click for larger image  click for larger image
Senior male beagle, thirteen years old. Neutered and fully vacinated. Woody is a special beagle with a sad story. You see this sweet old fellow was left behind, when his lifelong human companion - Officer Bill Stuckert of the Dallas Police Department, recently passed away. Faithful to the end, Woody was found mourning Bill's body when help arrived at the scene. The family was unable to take the beagle in and so Woody was taken to the Dallas shelter. Woody was then rescued from the Dallas Animal Shelter, and is currently being cared for by a dear friend. However this cannot last forever as she has other dogs to care for. Woody really needs a gentle heart and warm bed to live out his twighlight years until he meets his owner. Please consider fostering this sweet boy, as we understand he is no trouble at all. If you are unable to foster then we would apreciate donations to LSBR for Woody or any beagle's veterinary expenses.
UPDATE: Woody's current caretaker has decided to keep him with support of Lone Star Beagle Rescue. Woody will live out the he will live out the rest of his life in comfort with loved ones.

Buster Beagle

Buster - Lubbock  Click for larger image  Click for larger image  Click for larger image
Beagle male, only 6 months old. Classic tricolor markings. Neutered, fully vacinated and heartworm negative. Real sweet, well behaved and housebroken. Buster is special because he is blind. But he is so responsive, intuitive and trusting that he really isnt a problem at all. A dedicated volunteer with the Arlington Animal shelter brought him to our attention and was the best help in getting him out and all ready for rescue. Right now Buster is in the DFW area getting neutered, vacinated and tested for heartworm.
UPDATE: Buster has been transported to a foster home in Lubbock with the help of our rescue angel friends Southern Star Min Pin Rescue He is doing very well, housetraining with bells, making friends with cats and just loving anyone that comes along. Buster is one special beagle, such an inspiration to all. Read about his progress UPDATE: Buster's foster family has decided to adopt. Home at last!