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~ wholesome and humorous ~

A Happy Song
A Link In The Chain
All You Need To Do
Fill Me Up On Jesus
Have A Little Faith
In My World
In The Belly Of A Fish
Jesus In Our Heart
Just A Little Love
The God Of Abraham
Picadilly Me And You
Show Me The Way

~ 'tis the season to be jolly ~

I Thought It Was
I've Got The Christmas Spirit
Jesus Christ Is Coming Again
Make Christmas Day The Life
My Only Wish For Christmas
Oh He's Dressed In Red
Oh It Seems We Have Forgotten
Put Christ Back Into Christ-mas
Rockin' In My Easy Chair
That's What Christmas Means
The Christmas Hop
Wonderful Time Of The Year

~ sing a new song unto the Lord ~

All I Care To Sing
Because Of His Blood
Enjoy The Moments
Farmer's Prayer
Followers Of Jesus
Heaven's Forever
He Came Into My Life
Help Somebody
I've Found My Life
Song Of Praise
The King Of Glory
The Lord's A-Comin'

~ praise the Lord all ye nations ~

Because Of Calvary
Christ Lives On
Come To The Cross
Come Let Us Worship
Greener Pastures
Hallelujah When I Die
Happy With You Jesus
Lord I Love You
My Wonderful Saviour
Sea Of Galilee
Shine Like A Beacon
Wonderful Peace

~ come before His presence with singing ~

A Touch Of Heaven
I'm Goin' Home
I Found Jesus
I'll Be Here
Jesus Christ Is Coming
Jesus Is With Me
Love Jesus
What We Need Is Love
Are You Ready?
Safe In The Arms
He Is The Way
Waiting For Jesus

~ somethin' to tickle your funny bone ~

But Kenny Got Saved
Gimme All Ya Got
Graveyard Boogie
Can't Afford To Lose You
In The Belly Of A Fish
Lynn And Abby
My Lovely Texas Star
No More Worry Will Come
Sexiest Man Alive
The Country Hop
The God Of Abraham

~ here's an ounce of encouragement ~

Hear The Saviour Call
Live Every Day w/a Smile
Look After Others
Love Love Love
More To Life
Another Pretty Song
I'm So Happy
The Sonny Side Of Life
The Son's Always Shining
Wastin' His Time
Who Is That Knocking?
You Are Here

~ for the young at heart ~

Be Mine
For The First Time
I Can Face Tomorrow
If I Had You
It's All That I Need
It's So Nice
Like A Man Should
Love Her Faithfully
Love Is The Key
Our Love Will Always Be
Our Love Will Never Die
Stay With Me

~ still in love and happy ~

Back Home To Canada
Call On Me
I Can't Stop
I Don't Know Why
My Woman
Stay Home With Me
This Feelin'
Too Young
Until The End Of Time
You And Me
You Mean The World

~ by local songwriters and poets ~

A Gift
Pat Holubeshen
C.N.R. Conductor
Peter C. Bart
Engine 6069
Peter C. Bart
I'll Always Believe
Bill Foubister
John And Mary
Pat Holubeshen
My Girl Betty
Bill Foubister
Night Train For Southampton
Peter C. Bart
The Railroad Engineer
Peter C. Bart
Seasons Of Love
Pat Holubeshen
Sunny Island
Maude Roberts
The Truth The Life The Way
Dan Rankin
Stan The Man The Towerman
Peter C. Bart

Old Testament
~ bible verses put to music for all to sing ~

Pray And Seek My Face
2 Chronicles 7:14
If You Will Obey
Exodus 19:5
The Spirit Of God
Genesis 1:2
Let Us Make Man
Genesis 1:26a
So God Created Man
Genesis 1:27
Just Shall Live By Faith
Habakkuk 2:4
Time To Seek The Lord
Hosea 10:12
Return Unto The Lord
Isaiah 55:7
Will Pour Out My Spirit
Joel 2:28
Trust In The Lord
Proverbs 3:5,6
Thy Word Have I Hid
Psalm 119:11, 105
Delight Thyself In God
Psalm 37:3,4,5

Psalms with Music
~ make a joyful noise unto the Lord ~

Blessed Is The Man
Psalm 1
We Are On His Mind
Psalm 8:4
The King Of Glory
Psalm 24
Trust In The Lord
Psalm 37:3,4,5
God Is Our Strength
Psalm 46:1
God Is Mine Helper
Psalm 54:4
For The Lord Is Good
Psalm 100
Give Thanks Unto God
Psalm 107:2
O Praise The Lord
Psalm 117
Hidden In My Heart
Psalm 119:11,105
God Looks After Us
Psalm 121
The Lord Bless You
Psalm 128

New Testament
~ bible verses put to music for all to sing ~

For There Is One God
1 Timothy 2:5
You Shall Receive Power
Acts 1:8
Crucified And Slain
Acts 2:23
Repent And Be Baptized
Acts 2:38
By Grace Are Ye Saved
Ephesians 2:8,9
God So Loved The World
John 3:16
Deny Thyself And Follow
Luke 9:23
I Will Give You Rest
Matthew 11:28
Cometh Out Of The Mouth
Matthew 15:11
Go Teach All Nations
Matthew 28:19
Work Together For Good
Romans 8:28
Thou Shalt Be Saved
Romans 10:9

~ of family, friends, places I've been ~

Peter Bart Was A Poet
Song About a Trainman
Ridin' The Range
Brian Hill and Big Red
Gary The Blindman
Mr Banjo Gary Bridekirk
Jeddo The Farmers Paradise
I Tip my Hat to You All
Thank You Lord For Johnnie
Mom's Thoughts of Dad
I Love My Johnnie
Mom's Devotion to Dad
My Wonderful Mother
A Song of our Dear Mom
The Point Edward Song
Their Centennial 1978
Roseburg U.S.A.
A Small Michigan Town
My Friend Russell Abram
Thank You my Brother
Sarah Beth Lang
Loves Her Old Grandpa
More Like Mother Teresa
She was a Dear Saint

~ more true stories in song to tell ~

A Canada Song
Let's Sing About It
A Friend Like Edie
Who Liked my Songs
Americana Restaurant
Bob and Betty Dong
An Old Fashioned Waltz
Them Good Old Days
Friendship Club
Esp. for Terry Jetty
Happy The Clown
Ken Dupuis of Sarnia
It's Pat That's Who
I Love You (sure do)
Someone We're Seeking
Vote for David Boushy
Special People
Howard and Roy Cary
Susan Loves Me
Sister Sue's Wedding
Expression Of God's Love
Kenny Dupuis Tribute
You're Special Marie
Happy 75th Birthday

~ written esp. for friends and family ~

It's Pat That's Who
Kenny & Patty
Kathy Got Rich
Rich & Kathy
Love Her Faithfully
Abby & Lynn
Love Is The Key
Peter & Val
Lynn And Abby
Abby & Lynn
My Lovely Texas Star
Rick & Lee
Only Wish 4 Christmas
Ron & Betty
Stay With Me
Rick & Lee
Susan Loves Me
Les & Sue
Too Young
Gerry & Irene
You And Me
Kenny & Patty
You Are Here
Kenny & Patty

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That'll Be The Day
True Love Ways
You Make Me Feel So Young

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