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Yes, my home page looks and feels different now: it's gone from a rune teaching site in the late 1990s to a general Asatru site six years later, so I thought a name change and a facelift made good sense. (I have a "Ten Basics of Heathenry" article here, for those of you who aren't familiar with Asatru at all:  if you can't find what you need to know in there, take a look at the links section.)

Most of the text on this site is my own, protected by copyright; if it's adapted from someone else's work, I will say so. Feel free to mirror my work on your own sites and translate it into your own languages--as long as you retain the copyright notices, and add a link from any translation to the English original. Of course, I don't pretend to have all the answers to your questions about Asatru; if you can't find what you need here, please check the links section at the bottom of this page.

The graphics and sounds came from various places in cyberspace, mostly as gifts from friends. If I am using your copyrighted material without permission, please let me know so I can give you proper credit and keep them here legitimately: as often as Heathens talk about honor, it would be wrong not to practice what I preach!

By now you're probably thinking: "OK, already...when do we get to the good stuff?" Here it is! (Some of the old links have been disabled or removed; if I plan to put up a new version of a page, the list below should make that clear. Please be patient with me, and enjoy what's here in the meantime.)


IMPORTANT NOTE to Would-Be Missionaries:


The contents of this site should make it clear that I practice Asatru exclusively.  Even though I will readily accept that non-Germanic deities and spirits exist, I feel no obligation to worship those beings or to agree with the theology of their followers.  My loyalty is to the gods and wights described in early Scandinavian tradition and lore, and no others:  though I respect non-Heathens' religious freedom, I will reject attempts to convert me to any other belief system.  (This includes Christianity, Islam, Satanism and atheism--but is not limited to those four.)


IMPORTANT NOTE to Neo-Nazis, "Odalists" and Other Racists Hiding Behind the Heathen Religion:

My religion does not teach white supremacy, anti-Semitism, or racial bigotry of any other kind.  If you believe that Hitler supported a Heathen revival in Germany, check out the links section for some refutations (and quotations straight from the so-called Führer himself)!


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Ingeborg's Asatru 101

(articles for curious non-Heathens and new converts--not to be confused with the "Asatru 101" currently available at another site)


*Ingeborg's Unofficial Asatru FAQ [expanded version coming in mid-April 2005]

*Ten Basics of Heathenry


*Who's Who in the Lore (a series of articles from my old online class; if you have any suggestions on who should get the next article, please drop me a note)








Asatru and Christianity

*Born-Again Heathen (my conversion story)

*Busted! (rebuttal of an anti-Asatru gospel tract) [Swedish translation coming in late March/early April 2005]

*Sects, Lies and Asatru (rebuttal of an anti-Asatru site; now available in English and Swedish)

*Something Old, Something New (comments on a "Christian influence on modern Asatru" paper)

*To Hel with the Devil? (why Asatru and Satanism are incompatible)





The REAL Reason for the Season (original article on Yule misconceptions)

*  How the Church Stole Yule (holiday "anti-glurge" for Heathens)

*Santa's Wisdom Teachings (interfaith inspirational story)

*Who Is Ostara Anyway? (original article on the goddess and holiday of that name)


 Heathen Song Parodies

 (The original songs/artists are mentioned on the pages for the individual parodies; repeating that information here seems like overkill in my opinion.)

*Look What They’ve Done to Our Lore, Guys

*Old Norse Is Insane

*People, That’s Not Asatru!


*Using My Religion

*We Are Heathen


Other Heathen Humor/Diversions


*The Asatru Code v1.8.1 (with help from many contributors)

*At the Stop Sign (how would we REALLY act?)

*The Heathen Chicken (my take on a Usenet classic)

*I Am Heathen (beer-commercial parody; most North Americans my age should know the original)

What Kind of Heathen Are You, REALLY? (Version One and Version Two:  both hosted offsite, as Geocities doesn't support forms on its free pages)

*Recipe for Satire ("Fundamentalist BS Cookies", adapted from an original posted on a support list for former Christian fundamentalists)

*You Know You're a "Huggy Heathen" When… (from various contributors online)



My Heathen E-Lists

*Folkvangr (Vanic mysticism, sacred sexuality from a Heathen perspective)

*Huggy Heathens (the lighter, friendlier side of Asatru life)

*Svithjods Sed (topics related to Swedish Heathenry, past and present)

*Verdandi Fellowship (liberal/modernist Heathen discussion); if you're interested in joining the real-world version of VF when we go public, check out our mission statement first!


Other Articles on Asatru


* Basic Blot Outline (a liberal modern Asatru ritual script, co-authored with Volmarr Wyrd and hosted on his site)

* Calls to the Gods/Wights (a list of Heathen invocations/spirit-names, co-authored with Volmarr Wyrd)

*The Hidden Consequences:  Are childfree Heathens wrong?

*Know How to Sacrifice (a liberal modernist's approach to blots)

*The Nine Worlds: a Mini-Gazetteer (from my former online Asatru course)

*Ragnarok (my analysis/interpretation of the lore)

* Skaldcraft 101:  An Introduction to Germanic-Style Ritual Poetry

*What I've Learned as a Disabled Heathen

*Why Freyr? (two essays on my patron:  Part One and Part Two)

*Why I Can't Believe in a Folk Soul [coming in late April/early May 2005]


Asatro på Nordens språk

(original Asatru-related articles, poetry, and rituals in the Scandinavian languages; most are in Swedish unless I specify otherwise)


*Allt uppå Fyris vallar (a hymn to Freyr)

*Blotsång åt min fulltrogne (composed for a ritual feast in Freyr's honor)

*Ett midvinterblot för vår tid  (full-length solitary Yule ritual)

*Frejsblot:  återförenings- och minnesfest (full-length devotional ritual)

*Frejskvädet:  en sista sång (apologetics in verse, to an old Christian friend)

*Lovsång åt Oden (modern Swedish poem to Odin in traditional Norse style)

*Nioårsblotet (full-length modern ritual for the Swedish ninth-year sacrifice)

*…Och det var inte sant (Swedish translation of "Sects, Lies, and Asatru" above)

*  Olsokskvadet (a modern Norwegian poem to the Heathens martyred by "Saint" Olaf Haraldsson)

* Ordskifte med skaldefadern (a modern Swedish debate with Odin, in Norse-style verse)

* Torsblot:  avsvärjelse och bekännelse (a modern Swedish ritual invoking Thor against aggressive Christian influence; especially suited for new Heathen converts)

*Två dikter till midvinterblotet (two Yule-related poems)



Other useful Links

(DISCLAIMER: I don't necessarily endorse or agree with all content on the sites below; these links are provided for informational purposes only.)


*Asatru-U (a comprehensive guide to the basics of Asatru)

*Asatruar community on LiveJournal

*Bad Heathens community on LiveJournal (I co-own this one; for all Heathens who’ve been treated like outcasts by their co-religionists)

*Hitlerism vs. Odinism (essay on Hitler’s misuse of Germanic/Heathen symbolism)

*Hitler's Table Talk (from an atheist site:  lots of quotations from Hitler and associates, which prove that he was NOT Heathen!)

*Huginn and Muninn (a "dedicated" search engine for Heathen pages only)

*Irminsûl Ættir's Asatru Contact Map (search for other Heathens in your area)

*Jordsvin 's Norse Heathen Pages

*New York Metropolitan Asatru Society (not just for NYC locals; lots of good articles on modernist Heathenry in a high-tech urban world)

*Nätverket Forn Sed (liberal Heathen organization in Sweden; not the same as a similarly named Norwegian group, though the two seem to have similar philosophies)

*Odin’s Gift (poetry on Heathen topics, mostly contributed by Heathens)

*Planet Starz (I currently work here; feel free to order a rune reading from me!)

*Sveriges Asatrosamfund (Swedish Asatru Society, a very liberal Heathen group in that country; most of the site is in Swedish, though they do have one English-language page for foreign visitors)

*Translations of the Poetic Edda: English and Swedish

*Translations of the Prose Edda: English (if you know of a free Swedish translation available on the web, please drop me a line so I can add the link)

*Volmarr Wyrd's Asatru pages (some Wiccan and New Age influence, but still easy to read and full of useful information for newcomers to the religion)

*Asatru section of Volmarr's multi-faith ritual collection/knowledge base (elsewhere on the same site)


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