You Know You're a Huggy Heathen When...

collected by Ingeborg S. Nordén, Marion Ingham, and other Heathens in cyberspace


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You know you're a Huggy Heathen when...


*  Your favorite deity's violent aspects are downplayed or absent in the lore (Baldr, Frigg, Forseti, Njord, most of the goddesses).

*  If you know runes, your favorite is related to friendship or happiness somehow (gebo, wunjo, mannaz, dagaz).

*  You rank hospitality, generosity, and loyalty to friends above other Heathen virtues (though that doesn't mean you ignore the rest of them).

*  You share pictures of small children and pets (your own or a friend's) with other Heathens.

*  You exchange "cute things the kids said at our ritual" stories with other Heathens.

*  You wear socks/underwear with Heathen designs on them, or you sleep in a Heathen-themed T-shirt.

*  If you decide to get tattoos, they're inevitably cute ones (e.g., hearts or teddy bears).

*  You can't get the mead smell out of your plush carpet.

*  You seat sumbel guests on tuffets, easy chairs, or an overstuffed couch that requires extra strength to get up.

*  You have done at least one of the following when hosting a ritual:

*  Used a plush toy pig for oath-taking at Yule

*  Offered hot cocoa, coffee, or a similar "cozy" drink to sumbel
guests who couldn't handle alcohol

*  Encouraged kindred members to hug
*Dwelt on the "warm fuzzy" aspects of the deity you wanted to honor, or felt uncomfortable when that deity HAD none. (A Huggy Heathen, unlike a "fluffbunny", is willing to admit that Tyr and Odin aren't cuddly--but still feels uncomfortable invoking them.)

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