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These are some audio clips from the show you might enjoy!

General Clips
Promo for the first episode (.wav 134kb)
Salvage 1 will return (.wav 47kb)
Pilot/Movie Opening theme (RealAudio 2:09)
sound iconThe Salvage 1 Series Opening (.wav 347kb)
sound iconSalvage 1 Credits (RealAudio :20)

Clips from the Pilot Movie, "Salvage"
sound iconGonna build a spaceship... (.wav 33kb)
sound iconYou don't look like a nut... (.wav 44kb)
sound iconA cement mixer?... (.wav 54kb)
sound iconIs it legal?... (.wav 39kb)
sound iconWe have ignition... (.wav 80kb)
sound iconI don't need a computer.... (.wav 19kb)
sound iconThe Vulture has landed!... (.wav 30kb)
sound iconAirstrike... (.wav 80kb)
The salvage business is kinda dull... (.wav 29kb)
sound iconIt comes once in a lifetime... (.wav 44kb)

Clip from "Energy Solution"
This clip is from the beginning of the episode...Harry and Skip are singing while driving around looking for an open gas station. One of my favorite moments...
Midnight Special (RealAudio 2:17)

Clips from "Operation Breakout"
Junk Mail (RealAudio :49)
Under Arrest (RealAudio :45)
Been an Honor (RealAudio 1:03)
Amazing Grace (RealAudio 1:30)

Clips from "Golden Orbit"
TelCom 1 (RealAudio 2:25)
Up Front (RealAudio 1:08)
Good Hamburger (RealAudio :43)
1st Degree Salvage... (.wav 62kb)
Escape Velocity (.wav 334kb)


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