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Andy Griffith's complete filmography.

Chapter 13
An interesting account of a Hollywood extra who was on Matlock.

The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club
In-depth site about the 1960's TV show.
A fascinating look at some of Andy Griffith's lesser known
TV series of the 1970's. (Besides Salvage 1!)
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Harry Broderick (Andy Griffith)
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Harry, owner of Jettison Scrap and Salvage, was a junk dealer with high aspirations. He was wily enough to sell Arab oil derricks to the Israelis. Seemingly a man driven solely by profits and hoping to reap millions from the moon, deep down it was the adventure that thrilled him. In the two hour pilot film, when he realized Melanie the fuel expert would be going on the moon mission instead of him, disappointment flooded his face. Without a word, he simply went outside and looked up at the moon. There was more there than a love for money. Harry was a wily businessman and knew how to put together a team and he wasn't above bending the rules a bit. After the moon mission, Harry couldn't go back to business as usual in the salvage yard. "The salvage business is a bit dull", he said. He and his team came up with many adventures to keep busy.

Andy Griffith as "Matlock"
Harry Broderick was aptly played by Andy Griffith, best known for "The Andy Griffith Show". His portrayal of Harry gave a sense of craftiness with a soft edge, particularly in the two hour pilot. Griffith was pleased by the series during the outset. "When I get into something, I tend to marry it. Who knows where it will go. I think it works very well, but like anything else on TV, it needs that magic combination of good minds...and luck."
Unfortunately, luck and viewers were not on the show's side. In later years, Andy Griffith starred in a much more successful series, "Matlock".

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