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Jack Klinger (Richard Jaeckel)
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Jack Klinger was the FBI agent who always suspected Harry Broderick of bending the rules a bit too much. He was always trying to nail the Salvage team with some charge, but he admired their achievements deep down. Harry never took Klinger's threats very seriously and they had a sort of friend/ foe relationship. Though he was zealous at his job, he was a likeable enough character.

Richard Jaeckel and David Hasselhoff from "Baywatch"
Jack Klinger was played by veteran actor Richard Jaeckel who appeared as hard-edged characters in many motion pictures. Born in 1926, his acting resume goes back to 1951. Since Salvage 1, he was in "Airplane II-The Sequel" in 1984 and "Starman" in 1984. His TV credits are extensive, and include regular roles in "Spenser For Hire", and "Baywatch" (1991-1992). Richard Jaeckel died of cancer in June, 1997.


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