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Addison "Skip" Carmichael (Joel Higgins)
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Skip was an ex-NASA astronaut who sat warming the bench for years while others made their space flights. He was a loose cannon at the space agency, which won him no favors from higher-ups. He ended up as a used car salesman before Harry Broderick recruited him for the moon salvage mission. It was his "Trans-Linear Vector Principle" that helped make the flight possible. Skip was always ready to jump into a situation without weighing the risks...that included relationships. He and Melanie apparently had a fling in their earlier years at NASA, a relationship he lightheartedly tried to renew, despite Mel's resistance. Perhaps it was this penchant for risktaking that made him an excellent pilot.

Skip was played by Joel Higgins. Joel was born September 28, 1943 in Bloomington, Illinois. Prior to Salvage 1, he was known for his role as Bruce Carson on "Search for

A more recent picture of
Joel Higgins
Tomorrow". Since Salvage 1, he has played the father in the 80's sitcom "Silver Spoons" and has appeared in various TV movies. He was seen a few years ago in an episode of "Home Improvement", playing a surgeon who operated on Jill Taylor. He has long been known for his many stage performances in musicals, such as "Damn Yankees in 1998. His stage acting and his singing voice (which he used several times in "Salvage 1") are widely acclaimed. He also wrote the book and lyrics to a well-received musical called "The Fields of Ambrosia". Joel's singing can be heard on the 1996 original cast recording of "The Fields of Ambrosia" and occasionally on CD's by actress/recording artist Christine Andreas.

Joel Higgins and Ricky Schroder in "Silver Spoons"

Joel Higgins in "The Fields of Ambrosia"


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