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Peter Brown in Salvage
With lots of screen shots!


About the Show
Mike Lloyd Ross | Cast and Crew
Salvage 1 was created by an electronics design engineer named Mike Lloyd Ross who switched careers to work on industrial training films. Both his technical and film backgrounds came in handy when he was inspired by a small article in the paper about the equipment left behind on the moon by the Apollo astronauts. The idea for Salvage 1 took root. Although Mike originally intended his story to be a theatrical film, TV producers Harve Bennett (of Star Trek
Skip and Mel
Skip and Melanie
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movie fame) and Harris Katleman saw the potential of a television series based on Mike Lloyd Ross' concept. The original story premise premiered as a two hour pilot film on January 20, 1979 and the series was quickly sold to ABC as a mid-season replacement during the 1978-1979 TV season. The pilot film is an absolute delight and introduces the main characters of Harry Broderick (Andy Griffith), fuel expert Melanie "Mel" Slozar (Trish Stewart) and former NASA astronaut Addison "Skip" Carmichael (Joel Higgins), as well as FBI agent Jack Klinger (Richard Jaeckel).
Because of the hectic production schedule of a mid-season show, there were some problems with subsequent scripts. The cast soon found themselves trying to improve some of the stories and trying to flesh out the characters. Despite the rush, 12 one hour episodes were aired from January to May, 1979. The series never pulled strong ratings and since it was merely a mid-season replacement, some of the episodes were preempted by local programming where I lived. During the Summer of 1979, ABC did not announce the return of Salvage 1 for the new Fall '79 season, but did order the production of 13 more episodes to be ready as a mid-season replacement for the first ABC series that got cancelled. A new child character was added as a regular to the show (played by Heather McAdam) and the scripts written to accomodate a possible move to the Sunday 7pm Eastern time slot, a slot usually geared towards children and a death blow for any show but 60 Minutes and Disney.
Vulture's cockpit
Inside Vulture's cockpit
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Even though production of the second season of Salvage 1 was originally scheduled to start in the summer, filming did not start until the fall, keeping the stars and production crew waiting for months. The cast grew dissatisfied with ABC's indecision and with the declining quality of the scripts once production finally began. After filming seven hours of the second season, ABC decided to officially cancel the show.
Originally intended to be the second seaon premiere, "Hard Water" parts 1 and 2 (the iceberg-towing episodes) aired in
Harry at Vulture's hatch
Harry at Vulture's Hatch
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November, 1979. The other four episodes of Salvage 1 that were filmed were never broadcast on ABC, however they were seen in the UK.
It may be just as well that the second season died early. The entire format of the show was taking a more juvenile direction with less emphasis on science fiction elements.In the 1980's, Salvage 1 reappeared several times as CBS Late Night movies, featuring the original pilot and both parts of "Golden Orbit" and "Hard Water". The latter two were heavily edited to fit time constraints. In the late eighties, the Nostalgia Channel showed all the episodes including the four that were never aired in the U.S. The pilot episode has resurfaced a few times on Turner Broadcasting and the Lifetime channel.


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