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Feedback (1998 - 2000)
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Craig S. wrote on December 12, 2000:
"It's not too often you find a website dedicated to a show that was short lived but had tremendous potential. I remember when I was 12 years old when I first saw the show and was totally in love with it! My parents and I would anticipate each episode! Your site has opened my eyes to some things I didn't know about the show and confirmed things that I already knew. I find myself coming back time and time again to your site to see if anything new has been added. Kudos to you!"

Sean G. wrote on December 9, 2000:
"You've made my Day. I loved the site! Talk about a WayBack machine! I'm a member of that group of people who was charmed by the movie/series when it ran on TV during my youth. To an 11-year old boy, Salvage 1 made space travel seem atainable. As a test of my younger brother's memory, I sent him the URL of the audio file and he recognized it instantly! Perhaps the movie will be made available on Video through the collective power of nostalgia."

J. Mike B. wrote on November 11, 2000:
"God praise the net! I was born in 1970 and remember Salvage 1 as nothing more that some show that I enjoyed, no, loved from my youth. Absolutely NO-ONE of my age that I have ever asked remembers it. And I have just found one site on Google and downloaded the theme tune. Now, in my experience, receiving information, themes, pictures etc... from these shows as an adult merely serves to ruin the memory as a child, but as no-one else has any recollection whatsoever, here I am. Thankyou for putting the time and effort into your site. It is much appreciated."

Mike B. wrote on November 2, 2000:
"Just wanted to let you know how much you made my day. I was driving home today and suddenly Salvage 1 popped in my head. I don't know why, but for some reason I just started thinking about the show and how much I liked it. I was around 15 at the time it aired and I watched every episode. Well, when I got home I thought maybe I would get lucky and someone would have a web-page devoted to the show. Shure enough, there it was. Thanks. It brought back a lot of memories."

Jeannine S. wrote on October 29, 2000:
"When Salvage 1 came out, I was 13 years old. I loved the show, not for its sci-fi element but because I had an incredible crush on Joel Higgins. I used to count the days between shows just because I wanted to see him. Looking at the pictures on the website, I can see why-what a cutie (and he's still pretty cute at 57!) Thanks for the memories."

Pete H. wrote on October 28, 2000:
"Thanks for the web site. I remember the programme from when I was young but no one else seems to know it. I was beginning to think I had dreamt it. It certainly has not been shown in England for a long time."

Dan J. wrote on October 24, 2000:
"Great website, just fabulous!! Back in the dark old days before VCR's, I taped (with an audio tape recorder) a couple of episodes of Salvage and played them over and over. I still have them. "Shangri-La Lil" was my favorite, and in 1989 I made a special trip to Chino, California to see the B-25 that portrayed "Lil" (now "Photo-Fanny" with the Air Museum). I can still quote most of that episode from memory. I never did see the pilot... All the best, and thanx for the trip!"

Richard P. wrote on October 19, 2000:
"Holy cow, talk about trippin' back in time. I remember watching the first episode with my cousins when I was about 11 yrs old. I remember after the show ended, we ran to his room and pulled out his box of Lego and made our own versions of the Vulture. That show inspired alot of imaginary episodes that we would play out with Lego. Heheh... Thanks for the trip down memory lane!"

Derrick F. wrote on September 21, 2000:
"Like most of the others who have provided feedback here, for a long time I thought I was the ONLY one who remembered SALVAGE 1. Thanks for providing a webpage done with such skill and fondness.
It's a damn shame that the Sci-Fi Channel doesn't rerun this enormously entertaining show or better yet, it isn't remade. Can you imagine what SALVAGE 1 would be like with today's special effects? Thanks again for rekindling my wonderful memories of one of my favorite
TV shows!"

Brian D. wrote on September 18, 2000:
"Great site! Thanks for taking the time to make it available to us all. I was ten years old at the time and still remember nearly every episode."

Dan D. wrote on August 28, 2000:
"I have been racking my mind and my friends, at least they used to be until they think I flipped out. Nobody knew what I was talking about when I asked if they remember a show were Andy Griffin launced a rocket ship made from junk. Thank you for some hard facts. I was 12 when this show came out, what a concept show, I love it."

Ed H. wrote on August 25, 2000:
"Thanks for taking the time and effort to put up this page about Salvage I. It resolved some nagging questions about the show that a friend and I were having. I remember very little about the details of the show but know that it meant a lot to me and inspired me at the time (I'm 34 now). Thanks again."

Rene N. wrote on August 24, 2000:
"Hi, I was looking at your web page and it brought lots of good memories back, more then you probably want to know. I was also quite young when I saw this with my grandpa who since passed away."

Douglas A. wrote on August 4, 2000:
"Memories of the show and the spirit that they inspired have been with me for years. The very idea of taking on something that most would dismiss as impossible, of seeing a dream come through while smiling the whole time and enjoying it was probably one of the hallmarks of my chilhood. Seeing it happening on the screen before me, with approachable people, will always be some of my fondest memories. It's very easy to become cynical these days with market-oriented garbage on the TV. Thanks for the reprieve."

Jon N. wrote on June 15, 2000:
"Outstanding site. A friend and I were discussing Any Griffith this morning, as he had a complicated heart surgery and we both enjoy his work, and I mentioned a "crazy" series that I watched in the 70's with him in it. My buddy had never heard of the show and thought I wasn't remembering the cast correctly. Thanks for vindicating me :) "

Phillip B-M. wrote on June 13, 2000:
" Hi, thanks for having such a great site. I was about 10 when it was shown on the tv channel ITV in the UK. It was a time in my life when everything was fantasy to me, I genuinely believed that anything could happen if you stuck to science and technology - an attitude that helped me in later life ! I could not properly remember the name of the show but I was talking to a friend who couldn't remember it at all, then I found this site called (or something) and went through their a-z of tv shows, this linked me to the IMDB which sent me here. All the information I could ever have hoped for, it was the "Dry Spell" episode that I remembered the most, odd really given that it wasn't even shown in the US (I obviously didn't know that until now). Anyway, thanks again for making this little kid remember a show that he loved. "

5-29-00 Shane S. wrote:
Wow! What can I say the many others haven't said already! I was 9-years-old when the pilot first aired. It was the first and last time that I saw it. I loved every minute of it. I tried to catch as many episodes as I could after that but I certainly didn't see every episode. I'd love to see Salvage 1 again. The Sci-Fi channel should show this series!
I think it's unfortunate that some people have written to you saying that the concept is farfetched. I guess they just don't pay much attention to space science news. Back in the mid-nineties there was a SSTO (single-stage-to-orbit) test vehicle called the Delta Clipper built using old discarded SDI technology (not parts, that I’m aware of anyway). And it actually worked! It was just an atmospheric test vehicle but it could take off, hover and then land again on it's tail. No parachutes necessary!
Now there is a whole new generation of private rocket companies developing SSTO systems in an attempt to cash in on the growing need to put satellite payloads into space at a lower cost. If you think the Vulture is wacky, then take a look at this:

The Rotary Rocket Company’s Roton is the farthest along and has the most money behind it. Now the Vulture doesn’t seem all that crazy, does it?

Speaking of the Vulture, check out this proposed design:

Notice any similarities in design? Take special note of the striking resemblance of the Michelle Bravo capsule to the Vulture’s. Even it's dimensions are similar.

You can find out more about what’s happening in the world of private space technology at the X-Prize website:

As you can see, there may be a few people out there that took the show a little more seriously than some of the other viewers. The Vulture may never fly but something very much like it (if not in design at least in spirit) may in the near future!
I just downloaded your 3-d animations of the Vulture fly-bys. They are so cool! Imagine that, somebody doing some quicky animations in their spare time with free, off the shelf software and getting better results than the orginal FX in the series! And people think the idea behind the Vulture is crazy!

Jim S. wrote on May 26, 2000:
"I found your site after my curiosity was piqued when in conversation with Rob Maine, one of the special effects directors for the show. I had all but forgotten about it until he had mentioned that he worked on it, so I did a quick search and your page was front and centre! Great job! Lots of cool info on the page too! I'm glad to see that there are people who make web pages of such obscure subjects, as some of us (me included!)tend to thrive on nostalgia like that! Keep up the good work!"

KB wrote on May 13, 2000:
"I was in one of my more nostalgic moods the other day and while I was reminiscing I started to think about TV shows from my youth. I vaguely remembered a show called "Salvage" that had appeared for only a brief time and which had really stuck in my mind. Looking back I couldn't remember who starred in the show, only that it had something to do with a spaceship built out of scrap. I was only 8 years old when the show first aired, so I don't think I knew who Andy Griffith was at the time. But I was at an age where I was fascinated by space and science fiction and the idea that just anyone might build a spacship out of junk really captured my imagination. Anyhow, I decided to do a search on the Net and was impressed when your site came up. It is nice to see that not all fleeting experiences are swiftly forgotten, and I commend you on your wonderful tribute. Although I suspect that the show's thin credibility probably would not fly any better in today's TV market than it did back then, I do feel that it was one of the more imaginative shows ever conceived and it certainly left a lasting impression on me. Thanks for the memories! "

DG wrote on April 22, 2000:
"I have fond memories of the original Salvage pilot. The series that followed was sometimes good and sometimes forgettable, but I will always remember the movie. And I only saw it once in my life. It's a simple story: a little man has a big dream, and does whatever is in his power to attain it. Most of us work 9-5, trudge home, and kick back with a beer in front of the TV. We all had dreams when we were kids. Where did they go? So when I see somebody reaching for his dream, with both hands, I give him three cheers - even if he is just a character in a made-for-TV movie. Thank you for your web page dedicated to this movie and series. "

JM wrote on April 18, 2000:
"Wow! This is great. I just mentioned this show to my boss and a co-worker, even though I had not remembered it for years. They thought I was either lying or crazy. "Andy Griffith in space, never!" was their response. In an effort to vindicate myself, I went in search of a site that might have some information about this great albeit forgotten show and I found your site. Not so forgotten after all.... Good job! You have brought back a lot of great childhood memories for me with this site as well as proving Andy did make it into outer space after all. "

CK wrote on April 7, 2000:
"When I first saw your site, I couldn't believe that anyone actually remembered "Salvage I" and cared enough to make such a wonderful website dedicated to it. I remember watching "Salvage I" when it was originally on in the late 1970s, and then TBS used to run the two hour pilot movie in the late 1980s. As good as it was, and I don't mean to insult you, or your fine website, but I feel I have to say that the concept for this series was quite farfetched...and I guess its hypocritical of me to say that since i have a website dedicated to the Jupiter 2 from Lost In Space. Salvage I, from what I remember of it, was during that era of such classic programming as "BJ and the Bear," and "The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo," etc...and so I don't have quite the same fondness for tv series from that era...while I thought the original tv movie was okay for its time, I don't think it quite holds up today, or would hold up today, and it certainly isn't something Andy Griffith remembers very fondly either. However, I did think your 3d work of "the Vulture" was really quite impressive."

TS wrote on March 11, 2000:
"HI! Thanks for maintaining this EXCELLENT site on this show I remember so fondly. I just recently finished searching the channel guide to our TV station "Space: The Imagination Station" here in Canada. It does not air there but I am considering writing to them about it. I'll include your URL as ammo! Here's hoping we will one day see the Vulture fly again..."

B wrote on March 11, 2000:
"...came across your site for the old tv show Salvage One. I was only fourteen years old when it first aired, I thought it was a pretty cool show , but I haven't seen it since 1979 or so. I am also a serious model builder, and would like to build a scale model of the Vulture, your site might have just inspired me to go ahead with that plan."

MW wrote on March 3, 2000:
"Thank you...For an excellent site on one of my all time favorite shows. A friend of mine actually worked on the pilot episode providing the lunar rover and space suits for the show .. later on he did technical consulting on From The Earth To The Moon .. so he's kind of an interesting guy. I'm going to try and convence him to look at the site and contribute a story or two about the filming to you".

KM wrote on February 14, 2000:
"I loved Salvage One and wish some day that it would replay on cable so I can record the show on video. Some where in my storage of many things I have audio tapes of every episode from when it first aired. Any way why I am writing you. I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work. I found you page as I was searching for information on The Vulture. I am planning on making a scrached built model of her and I was very happy to find the first site I came to had all the information I needed"..."the photos and some of the graphics you have on your site looks to be all I need to get started on my model. I just wanted to thank you, Your site saved me allot of time and work. Great job".

RF wrote on February 09, 2000:
"Hi, I found your page on a whim and really enjoyed the nostalgic trip. I remember "Salvage 1" as one of my favorite shows when I was a kid...thanks again for the nice tribute to a fond memory from my childhood."

RS wrote on February 04, 2000:
"Just thought I'd say thanks for filling in the blanks. I loved watching Salvage 1 when I was about 8 years old. But I can't remember an awful lot about it. My favourite episode was "Shangri La Lil" - well I assume it was as that episode makes up the bulk of my memories of the show. It is great to see your site as I am now able to (a) confirm the existance of the show that I began to think was just part of my imagination and (b) bring back some memories of the show that I didn't know I had!!!! I have never seen any reference to it here in the UK since."

DS wrote on January 27, 2000:
"Wow, has it really been 21 years? I really enjoyed your web site about Salvage-1! In my opinion it was one of the few truly original TV shows to ever appear on TV - it inspired my imagination for years to come. It was a long time ago, but I think I liked the original two hour movie the best. I wish I knew where I could get my hands on a copy of it. Your feedback page shows I'm not the only person who fondly remembers this series. Thanks for the look back!"

CE wrote on January 25, 2000:
For who knows what reason I remembered this TV show when I was driving today and thought, "I wonder if there's even a web page about this?" Sure enough!! That's very cool...and even half a season; I don't even remember it being that short?! Must've came on after the Hulk or something!"

SK wrote on January 22, 2000:
"Thank you for having a site dedicated to one of my favorite TV shows... My Salvage 1 memory is the scene in "Operation Breakout." I had these on audio tapes so I remember every one. There is a scene where Harry, Mel and Skip break out of a jail cell to rescue Jack Kinger. They get to the edge of the compound only to find it crawling with troops and dignitaries to witness Jack's execution. And the miracle happens.... They walk out into the compound singing "Amazing Grace." No one fires a shot, no one reacts. It was like the angels were watching over them. I didn't get emotional about it at the time, but nowadays, when I am sentimental, I do. I can remember that scene, and it brings tears to my eyes... I love this site and plan to visit it again. I enjoy the 3d renderings of the Vulture and wish that somehow the series would be revived. Interesting that since the series premiered, we still have not gone back to the moon. Almost the same cynicism exists about the space program and given the recent failures of the past months with the Mars Polar Lander and the orbiter that was to accompany it. Thank you again for having such a great site and putting such thought and effort into bringing back one of my treasured memories of my childhood...Oh I forgot to mention. I was in Oklahoma City about 15 years ago and I drove by a salvage yard and I looked and saw an F-84 fighter in the yard and I couldn't help but think of this show. It was so interesting. I could not help but think of this dose of reality for my favorite TV show."

DM wrote on November 19, 1999:
"Thanks for providing a site on the Salvage TV show. I was 11 at the time. I defintly remember the moon episode and the one about the antartic. Two scenes that stand out in my memory is Skip explaining how the navigation using a sports car & the launch scene with all the neighbors sticking their heads out the window. You have done a great job."

RS wrote on November 18, 1999:
"At last!! A Salvage 1 page!! So it DID exist!!! I remember this being my favourite programme when I was six years old - I used to draw pictures of the Vulcan all the time at school. Unfortunately only one or two memories of the episodes still exist for me. One was a show that featured a scary robot (well I was 6 at the time!) and I think another started with somebody trying to shift a piano up a staircase - and failing! Strange what sticks in your mind! As I grew up I occasionally mentioned Salvage 1 in discussions about old TV programmes. NOBODY had ever heard of it!!! Now I know from all your messages that I am not alone - many people have also had this frustrating experience! Can anyone confirm when the show was screened here in the UK? I guess it must have been around 1979/80? I wonder if I will ever see it again - and would it be as good as I remember?!!!"

Rob Maine wrote on October 9, 1999:
"You did not include me in the list of credits. I shot all the VULTURE miniature shots for the series with my own special effects system which I still have. Most episodes had to have all the shots done in a week, which was unheard of at the time. I worked for Castle and Bryant who designed the titles and I got screen credit on several episodes. You have a shot from the title sequence that looks like the one I shot as a test to show the producers on Christmas Eve 1978. They used it. I also did several other shows including SPACE ACADEMY, BUCK ROGERS, and movies like...BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, SPACE CHASE. I have production photos of my special effects setup for SALVAGE and stills of me with the VULTURE. I also have a videotape of most of the effects I did for GOLDEN ORBIT which was largely shot with front projection and not bluescreen as most people thought ( saving 20,000 dollars). I may be putting up my own website with some this stuff."

MH wrote on September 26, 1999:
"I like the website. I can only really remember a couple of episodes. The pilot, obviously, and the one where they farm clouds. I notice you have "Dry Spell" as unaired. Well it was certainly shown in Britain at least once probably in the early eighties on channel 3 (ITV). I know it's not much but at least you know it went international."

DD wrote on September 14, 1999:
"I just discovered your sight today. Great job! I remember this show when I was a kid and loved it. I even had the movie on audio tape which I listened to many times."

P wrote on August 11, 1999:
"Hey thanks for the Salvage One site....really well done....I've been trying to find info on that show since it first aired...I thought I was the only one who actually saw it....I got to your site through a keyword search of a site called tvparty...I've tried off and on for a year or more to find info on Salvage One..."

MJ wrote on August 1, 1999:
"I guess I'm not the only one who watched Salvage 1....I love the show and never missed it.....I also had a crush on Trish Stewart..(hey I was 14 at the time)..."

MY wrote on July 12, 1999:
Wow, someone else who remembers the show... It was, and continues to be one of my favorite TV shows.... I have an episode or tow on tape... always wasnted to see the unaired episodes! Wish Sci-Fi would pick it up!
I remember having a wonderful conversation with Mike Lloyd Ross. I was about ten, and called Columbia studios and asked to be put through. Somehow I did, and he actually took the time and spoke with my for about a half an hour... I was so jazzed. Then, he sent me all sorts of cool stuff! Some slides, a press kit, staionary.... I also got copies of the entire musical score, I was trying to get my then High School band to play the theme (Which I always thought was a good tune). I know I still have that stuff, though god knows where. Also, waaay back when at a San Diego Comic Con, There was a guy there who had the actual flag that was used to fly on the moon... the prop flag. I had it in my hands, and was ready to turn the money over, but decided against it... $85 was a lot of money to me at that time! Of course now, I hate myself for not buying it. Plus, I remember actually seeing the vulture several times, they had it stored in a back lot for a while, and you could see it pretty clearly. Then they dissassembled it for the Iceberg episode, and didn't put it back together... or so I hear. Finally, as a high school graphic arts project I made T-shirts that had the Vulture logo on the front pocket, and on the back it said 'Jettison Salvage - We go anywhere!'"

RD wrote on July 2, 1999:
"I absolutely love your Salvage 1 page. I thought I was the only one who would remember such a show, but was delighted to find your web site. I remember most of the episodes listed, but was unaware that there were unaired episodes. Boy, I wish someone would release them on video! Thanks again for a great page!!!!!!"

EW wrote on June 18, 1999:
"This is one of those things that has been eluding me for a long time. I remembered an American TV series about a rocket made from scrap and for some reason thought it was George Peppard that was the lead role. At first, the Internet Movie Database wasn't any help because I was searching for the wrong actor, but I happened to do a search for 'scrap' and there it was! Salvage 1 !!! A quick Altavista pointed me to your page and the memories flooded back, it was a relief that somebody had taken the time and effort to put up a site. Thanks very much, I can now sleep at night!"

CC wrote on June 12, 1999:
"I remember Salvage 1 from my early teens, although it was short lived it remains a true classic. The series is well remembered by myself as part of my youth. A truly cool page."

RP wrote on May 28, 1999:
"Thank you for your web page of Salvage 1....I was good friends with the producer Mike Ross when we were in the navy...We would hitchhike from Frisco to his home in Hollywood on weekends back in the middle fifties...It was a sad day when his wife called me to tell me of his death (in the 80's)...thanks again for the great memories..."

WE wrote on May 25, 1999:
"I thought I was the only one who remembered this show! I was, maybe 13 when I came on, but I never forgot it! Although I had forgotten individual episodes over the years, I was deluged by a flood of memories as I read your episode descriptions. Tucked away in the back of my mind are the memories of every episode! Isn't the brain amazing? Equally amazing is the the WEB...thanks for the trip down memory lane."

ELB wrote on May 9, 1999:
"Well, I've had pretty good luck finding sites for all the old crap I used to watch on TV in the seventies and eighties, but this one show has always eluded me until now. I was eight when it aired, and I didn't remember the show's name, the stars, the theme, or the plot of any episode but the pilot. I only remembered a couple of fragments of the voice-over in the theme, and the very general idea that a junk-yard owner built a rocket and went to the moon. But a few times a year over the last couple of years I'd hit Alta Vista and try +"went to the moon" +"home-made rocket" +junk and variations and hope I'd get lucky. Guess I finally got lucky."
My experience has been similar to that of many of your other visitors who've left comments here... any time I've brought the show up... even to my dad, who watched it with me way back when... my sanity is questioned. And I still can't get over the fact that Andy Griffith was the star. I guess when I was eight, he wasn't anybody special. :-) Thanks for bringing back those memories."

TL wrote on April 25, 1999:
"Hi! I LOVE your Salvage 1 page! It was my favorite show when I was 12 and I've never forgotten it either. What a rush to find a whole page devoted to the show, 20 years later! Thanks for the memories!"

RJ wrote on April 17, 1999:
"The Funky things you remember from your childhood...
Great Web site. Like many other I remember enjoying this show as a kid.
I distinctly remember the last episode. The last one that was not aired. Here in San Jose, CA, the TV guide's description of the last episode regarded recovering diamonds from a volcano...I was very upset when it was not aired."

RK wrote on April 13, 1999:
"I really enjoyed your web page. The pilot for Salvage 1 came on while my best friend and I were in the midst of a 2-year long project to build our own space flight simulator in his father's barn. It really inspired us..."

DC wrote on February 26, 1999:
"I can finally rest at ease. For several years I had wondered if I was going crazy because I could remember this show with Andy Griffith in which he build a spaceship out of garbage and flew to the moon, but nobody else knew what I was talking about. As with some of your other commentators, I was mocked by my friends about its very existence. I was thrilled to find your site and spent an hour listening to the sound files and remembering all about the show. Thank you for helping me realize that I am not crazy (at least as far as the existence of Salvage 1 is concerned.)"

JP wrote on February 12, 1999:
"I found it very hard to believe that anyone else even remembered this series, let alone dedicated such a MAGNIFICENT web page to the subject.
I have only dim recollections of the series, though, for some reason, I could hear the theme music in my head even before downloading it."

TD wrote on February 07, 1999:
"Well, it's when I find a site like yours that I tell myself: I LOVE THE INTERNET!
Yours is the first site I found concerning Salvage 1. A show that seems to exist in an alternate reality since of all my TV loving friends, I'm the only one that remembers it.
Anyway, I haven't looked at everything on your site yet. But I just wanted to thank you for putting it up. I was especially pleased to find the .wav of the theme music! I'd had it in my head for years without being sure it was really that. Well, to my own great surprise, I remembered it pretty much entirely.
So, thanks again! This made my night!"

MR wrote on January 24, 1999:
"Excellent website. This brought back great memories of a program I thought no one remembered. In fact, everyone I talked to about this show had nothing good to say about it. However, I for one always said it was inspirational and quite intriguing. As with one of your other fans in the 'Feedback' section, this show led me into model rocketry and other science-type hobbies." "Again, GREAT JOB ! Keep up the good work!"

DM wrote on December 30, 1998:
"Just wanted to say thanks for your site. I enjoyed the show when I was around 11 or 12. It spurred a whole interest in me for building my own model flying rockets and even trying a few times to create my own fuel source (needless to say that quite a few rockets burned up or blew up). Andy Griffith was always a favorite of mine and the rest of the cast were great as well. Well, thanks for the memories and best wishes."

VN wrote on December 26, 1998:
"Thanks for this wonderful sight on Salvage 1. I was a little younger than you ( about 10) when the show aired and I never forgot it. A lot of the details got lost in my head over the years ( including the title), but the show was always on the fringe of my imagination."
"Some nights (at work), we tend to play trivia games. On the subject of TV sci-fi, I found myself defending the very existence of the show. This is particularly difficult when you can't recall the title. When I presented the fact that Andy Griffith was the main character, I was outright ridiculed.!! Now I can return after Christmas shutdown with the info in my head as well as a few great pictures and schematics. I can't wait to start dishin' crow. Thanks again."

DP wrote on December 21, 1998:
"We were just shooting old movie quotes back and forth here at work. I remembered this show. I too have very fond memories of it! Of course no one else knew, or remembered anything about it. (as usual) It floored me to find your site (complete with the opening music!) You've done a GREAT job here! "

TP wrote on December 14, 1998:
"Thank you very much for this. I have asked people for the last 10 years what had ever happened to "Salvage 1" and they looked at me like I had three eyes. "Salvage 1?!? Never heard of it!"
Thanks again!!!"

M wrote on December 9, 1998:
"...I've just seen your Salvage 1 page and found it great.This series ran here in Brazil in 1980/81and it was one of my very,very favorite."

AC wrote on November 22, 1998:
"Great site. I did not expect anyone to create such an elaborate website for a show that vanished after only a few episodes nearly 20 years ago. Every so often I search the web for an obscure show I'm not sure anyone else remembers, and I usually get a pleasant surprise, but this one really blew me away."

SR wrote on November 19, 1998:
"I think I've always remembered Salvage I because I grew up poor and had to hunt around for parts and make do for anything I wanted. Sure, being a poor kid isn't that great, but the figuring out and hunting around was kind of fun. Which brings me to my great Salvage I type story. (I am very proud of this)
At work (A library) we are expanding into a new building. With a new building we get new shelving, including some shelving with verticle dividers in it to separate loose magazines. Well, when I saw the old shelving being thrown out, I ask for, and got, permission to salvage the verticle dividers (Plastic panels, good stuff.) I knew I could sell them to American Science (1,800 of them). AmerSci offered me a ridiculously low offer for them. So I found another company that paid me a decent amount for them. The punchline? I sold the plastic panles to the company that is manufacturing the NEW shelving for our library."

EC wrote on November 10, 1998:
"I have fond memories of Salvage 1, and discovering your web site was a real delite. I was in 7th grade when Salvage 1 was on television, and it quickly captured my imagination and aspirations. I've been searching the web for 2 years now, and your website is the first to meet my needs as a Salvage 1 fan.
Its been a while, but I do remember certain episodes of Salvage 1 such as the initial movie, the episode with the old car with something (a map?) in the tailpipe, the haunted house episode, and the iceberg/rocket engine episode. But I only remember faint details of the episodes."

D wrote on October 30, 1998:
"I've thought of this show many times over the years. My fondest dream is that one day I might make it into space." "Thanks for the great site - it sure brought back those memories and a great big smile!"

PDM wrote on October 10, 1998:
"I just visited your site and let me say Yippee! I never thought that I would find anyone that remembered that show as much as I did. As a kid that show meant the world to me. I even wrote to Andy Griffith and he wrote me back. I grew up an abused child and used television as an escape. I loved this show so much that I built a miniature replica of the Jettison Salvage Scrap yard...I also built a replica of the Vulture. I hooked it up to some fishing wire and a reel so it would fly. Back then I didn't have a VCR so I would tape the show on audio cassettes and then reenact the episodes in my junkyard. I even made the satellite Telcom so the team could go and Salvage-1 it. I still have every TV Guide add for the show. The saddest day came when, in a rage my mother threw me into the miniature and destroyed most of it. The Vulture never flew again. Luckily I got passed all that and grew up and out of that life. I am an actor currently working at Universal Studios. And years ago when I started there as a Tour Guide I met Andy Griffith on the lot at the old Viacom offices. He was rather impressed and confused that anyone remembered that show. ...this is by far one of the best sites I've seen. And thank you again for this slice of my childhood."
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