Download the Vulture Computer Model

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Flyby Movies
I created these short flyby shots of the Vulture using the
3D model available on this page. Click on the titles below to download.

Vulture Flyby
6 seconds .mpg
239 kb

Earth Orbit
7 seconds .mpg
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3D Computer Model
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The Vulture was the spaceship used on the television series Salvage 1. This 3D model is based on blueprints found in the "Salvage 1 Poster Book" printed by Starlog Press in 1979. There are some sample pictures of the rendered model below. Feel free to download the Vulture model for your own use. It was modelled in Moray 3(shareware) and rendered with POV-Ray (freeware). Both programs are needed to use these files.

Vulture 3D Model Pics
Click on the images for larger pictures
All images on this page copyright George Leonberger.
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