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Marcus O. wrote on 06-08-05
Hi there, I was just watching TV land tonight and the Andy Griffith show and said to myself I must find out the name of that show I watched as a kid about the junkyard guy that build a space-craft to go to the moon and college/salvage junk. I've said this a number of times about finding out the name of that show but this time I made the effort and jumped on-line to search for shows that Andy was in. I found your site with the salvage 1 name and logo. I remember every episode up the the 2 part episode about the ice-berg in season 2. By the way I am from Ireland and I saw it air on Saturday mornings with my brother as a kid. I now live in California. I wish
that the studio would release these on DVD too ... I'd buy them in a
heart-beat. Anyway I just wanted to say cool site and thanks for it as it took me down memory lane big time.

Anthony L. wrote on 06-04-05
Thanks for keeping one of the many decent shows of
the 70's alive.
I remember Salvage 1 when I was in high school and
love the show especially the opening theme music.
Now a days the shows that are on the air aint worth a
pluge nickel and in my view should be banned for the
filth they are teaching our youth these days, they
should go back to shows like this one where your
imagination can take flight and to quote the narrator
of the show "who knows what they will do next" and
where you didnt have to wonder what they are trying to
put in your head.
Again thank you for a visit to a much more enjoyable

Joe wrote on 05-05-05
Once upon a time there were only three networks on TV.
 On one of these networks they had a dream. The dream of a simple junk man and his lofty idea to salvage the moon.
Salvage 1 was born.
I remember this wonderfuly fun show of my youth and would like to express my gratitude for your work on a great web site.  I am in the construction industry and I too have an old cement truck mixer lying around our yard somewhere...every time I see it, ( yesterday, for example), I  would recount the televisoin tale of a crazy junkman who recruits an astronuat, an explosives expert, and builds a rocket ship to the moon in his junk yard - all the while ,thwarting
the FBI.  (all to the blank expressioned, open jawed faces of my employees  - who never believed me)
Salvage one gave past viewers the insperation to reach for and acomplish their dreams, with a little hard work, a lesson sorely missed by the reality based  garbage comming from the networks today. Ahh youth, 'tis surely wasted on the young. :)

Joe S. wrote on 04-26-05
I do remember the show with great fondness.  I was 12 when the movie premiered and disappointed that the show was cancelled.  My friends and I would use our legos to create our own adventures and such.
I don't have anything to share withyou except that during a TV trivia game, I used Salvage One as a topic and no one could guess it.  Anyway, I was awarded the "King Stumper" that night after the facts were verified that the show did indeed exist.
Thank you for bringing back great memories.  Have a good day and a better one tomorrow.

John J. wrote on 04-29-04
Thanks for the site, sure brought some me some smiles and grins while reading the character bios and episode summaries. I remember being ten or eleven and visiting my Grandma, and when it was TV Time at night there was one TV so it was usually Lawrence Welk or some variety show. I just begged her to let me watch Salvage 1, but as soon as she heard me talk about rockets she didn't care. One time I mentioned the magic words "Andy Griffith." Heh. "Oh, I like Andy Griffith! He's a fine man! We can watch it." So from then on, we'd watch "That New Andy Griffith show with the rockets."

Max wrote on 03-30-04:
I was in a meeting today and quoted Skip in his explanation of fuel consumption as an analogy for how I want a certain project to go. If you remember, Skip and Harry are in a race car and Skip explains to Harry how Nasa (the Apollo mission) blasts of and then coasts to the moon. His new theory was to remain consistent and naturally excel. Well, when I got home I did a search wondering if there was a way to see Salvage 1 again. I found your site and it was great. I had forgot all the wonderful enthusiasm I had for this show and the values I have laid to rest in the last 20 years. Your Site (and the memories of Salvage 1) have reminded me how important it is to
have a dream. Thank you for keeping the dream alive.

Jeffrey S. wrote on 03-08-04:
I have to say going through your website was a treat- I lived for the show when it was on- and I was an adult in the physiological sense of the term. Sadly, the show came on when Star Wars, and the revival of Star Trek occurred, while at the same time "real space travel" was politically
unsound- sadly, a show as visionary (and down right FUN) was not going to attract advertisers. If Star Trek could teach kids to dream of the future, Salvage1 could teach them how to dream with what they had in front of them- right now. Delightful job on the website- I just wish we could put together a compendium of the shows and pilot- even Airwolf is coming out!
Thanks for your efforts-

Ryan from London wrote on 02-20-04:
Hello..Have finally checked out the website..its Dad made me Model of
salvage one out of Chicken wire and covered in Paper mashe...about 2 ft tall
..that was back in 1979-80 ish...

David S. wrote on 01-15-04:
Hello to you. I remember the show somewhat. I was about five when the show came on television. I was living with my grandparents in McAlester, Oklahoma at that time. To let you know, my grandfather was a BIG time sci-fi junky. So, in that, I became one too.
I have only faint images that come to memory from the show. Not enough that would be worth describing. But, I remember that it had a sort of Star Trek feel to it. I also remember my grandpa making a big deal about some new Andy Griffith show and when he did that, it was truly a family night. He did the same when they had Logan's Run on the air.
Anyway, aside from watching Salvage and Salvage 1 (I am not sure if I saw both or one), I remember those were my good times.

Brian R. from Taiwan wrote on 01-26-04:
Before I discovered this site, I thought I was the only one who loved/remembered this show. I am so happy to know that I'm not alone! To me, Andy Griffith is not "the guy from Mayberry" or "Matlock", but "the guy from Salvage 1". The other day, I was stopped at a traffic light and
saw a huge magnet carry a load of reinforcement bar and then drop it. I remembered the beginning of the show where a load of metal is dropped onto the camera. Whenever I see an auction, I always remember Harry suddenly bidding "twenty-five thousand dollars" for something at an auction (if I'm correct). Any time I hear the word "vulture", I always have a happy flashback. Also, on very long motorcycle rides, the theme music always comes back to me--even after 24 years of never hearing it! I can't think of any other song that has stuck with me for so long. Ah, the freedom and simplicity of being nine years old! Thank you for such
an excellent site!

Cosi B. wrote on 12-26-03:
Hi and greetings from Australia.
Salvage 1, aired in Australia early to mid 80's. I loved that show, the characters and the story line of determination and building on that dream was inspiring.
While I was searching for information on the show I noticed that four shows apparently did not air "Round Up", "Harry's Doll", "Dry Spell", "Diamond Volcan".
I'm not sure if they did make it to Australian T.V. The web site is great, keep adding to the site
I'm sure you will get more people adding comments.

Brian P. wrote on 12-01-03:
WOW! I can't believe I found this website. I was fourteen years old when this show came on and my good friend next door was twelve. We watched every single episode. For years, people in our neighborhood dumped leaves and unwanted junk on the wooded corner lot about four houses away from ours. We sifted through that treasure and used it for gokarts, sleds, and anything else we could dream up. We used old plywood and studs to try to construct an airplane and even a tractor- trailer. Well... like I said, we tried. We probably started doing those things when we about 8 to 10 years old. Like most kids during the 70's, we had a club for everything. We had clubs for Smokey and the Bandit, the rock group KISS, a space club after seeing Close Encounters of the Third Kind, an army club (our very first club), and the mother of all, our Salvage 2 - army, air force, racing, model building and rock band club. As you can see, once Salvage 1 came on everything we did was incorporated into different divisions of our Salvage 2 organization. We carried on with that until I (the older of us) was about 16, I guess. Yeah, we were a little old for that but, our objectives matured us. For instance, we built nicer models and went for flight lessons in a real airplane. I guess it all paid off. I spent four years in the Marine Corps and I have been a Nascar Winston Cup mechanic for the last eleven years. I guess you can tell Salvage 1 meant a lot to us. Thank You very much.

Dave R wrote on 11-30-03:
Strange how things stick in one's memory. I only remember the Salvage One pilot in the UK.
Reality often follows fiction though.These guys have less equipment than they did!
Get this too.... hybrid engine using bi-fuel and solid booster tyres!!!
(I kid you not!) I'll relay your website info to them.

Gregory S. wrote on 11-10-03:
Finding your site was GREAT! I have been asking people about this show for years. Trying to find some eps on the net. I figure, if they are out there, I will find them. Well, still looking, but your site at least lets me know I am not alone.
I have started a letter writing campaign to TV Land and the Sci-Fi channel to get the shows and air them. Please join in along with everyone else that wants to see this show back on the air. I agree that ABC totally screwed the pooch with this show. It could have been something really great.
Your site reminded me of a lot I had forgotten. Thank you. Seems that all the good FUN shows get the boot. If that show were on today (new) it would be HUGE. Sci-Fi has made a huge comeback. Heck, the Sci-Fi channel could do it. Have the original cast do a new movie where they turn over they bring the ship out of mothballs for a rescue mission. Of course, they (at least Andy) would be a bit old to fly it, but they could bring in the new crew (cast) to take over the project.
Think about it. Would have to be better than the upcoming Battlestar Gallactica which I was soooooooooooooooooo excited about until I saw they are changing almost the entire cast to women. All the main characters will now be women playing the parts of the men from the original series. This just SUCKS! So lets get SF to make a new Salvage One series and do it the way it should have been done by ABC back then.
Thank you again for the GREAT site. I will be visiting often.

Rich R. wrote on October 27, 2003:
Wow Great Website,
Like all the other people have mentioned, I was about 8
when I first saw the pilot episode for the show. However I did not see it when it was originally aired. Nor did I know that there was even a show. The first time I saw it was about 1991 when I was about 8 or even younger. My father had this movie on Beta. I never even knew that a series
followed I thought that the show flopped after the premier. I wish I could get a hold of some of the episodes to watch. It was my favorite movie and I could watch it over and over
again. It still is my favorite movie...I am so glad I found this site.

Emyl L. wrote on October 15, 2003:
Used to love the show as a tot. What I would give to see the pilot again!
To this day, whenever some new engineering project comes up at work with a seemingly insane time table or goal, I often recite outloud the mantra of "Gonna build a spaceship, go to the moon, salvage all the junk up there, bring it back and sell it." Collegues that have been around me for a while know what I'm referring to, as I've explained the source before. Although I waited some time before I filled them in, as all my life it's been my own private little joke for attempting the impossible.
New co-workers who aren't in on it just stare at me as if I'm insane. :)
I just sounds SO easy when you say it like that, doesn't it?
Great site. Thanks much!

Chris K. wrote on October 9, 2003:
Something inside me this morning made me think of Salvage 1.........
I was 10 when saw the movie on tv and then the series became my favorite....I wish i could remember more............that show inspired me to be creative...aman creating this amazing shiip from got to know that the Phoenix from First Contact had to be an offspring................Any way I made drawings and designs when i was a kid modeled after Salvage 1.......I wanted to thank you for this web site, and will be engulfing myself in its treasures...........thank you for salvaging this for guys like me...........

Tim M. wrote on September 16th, 2003:
One of the moon rovers used in Salvage I is on display at the Michigan Space and Science Center. It's a prototype made by Boeing. I just found this out as I was moving the item to a newer dispaly area.
Great site!

David D. wrote on September 2, 2003:
Greetings from Indiana!
I started high school the year Salvage premiered. I liked that show very much & was a faithful viewer. Thanks for bringing back some good TV land memories!!

Dominick P. wrote on August 31, 2003:
I want to thank you for your Salvage-1 site……I must agree that it must have been hard to follow up the two-hour movie with story lines as good as going to the moon. I was only 14 years old when it aired and I would love to share my great enthusiasm for the movie with my children.
Thanks again for this great website.

Gayle B-P wrote on July 5, 2003:
I was looking up old classmates and came across your site when checking into what happened to Patricia Stewart. She and I went to school together in France at Dreux American High School in 1964. She was acting in high school plays back then. Pat (Trish) played Sabrina in Sabrina Fair. I played Girl #2. She was such a charming person and I remember her fondly. She was nice enough to sign my play bill and say my small part was memorable. She had class even at that age. When I moved to California and took a few acting lessons, one of my acting teachers, Bruce Glover, had her picture in his collection of actor 8x10's. I don't know if she took lessons from him, but the picture was of her in an airline stewardess uniform. I remember her short lived TV show and enjoyed seeing her in the part of Mel. I hope she is doing well.

Nick wrote May 26, 2003:

Paul wrote May 22, 2003:
You just proved to my friends that I'm not crazy. I have been trying to remember the name of that show (Salvage One) for about a year now. It just came to me as I was trying to fall a sleep. I ran to my computer to do a search to see if anyone had any information on it. Your site exceeded my wildest dreams. You have the actual opening segment, sound clips, TV Guide pages and even ABC promos, way to go!
I was 13 at the time this aired, it was one of the few shows my father and I could sit and watch together.
Now if someone could only help me remember another forgotten short run TV show. It was a comedy about a guy in a spaceship that flew around and picked up Floating space garbage.

Roy wrote May 11, 2003:
Thank you!!! For Years on and off again I would wonder about the "Junk Rocket" Show when I would be sitting around talking about old tv shows. This one Always came to Mind, I could NEVER remember what the name of it was , or anything, I just knew Andy Griffith was in it, and it had an old Junk rocket. Well after searching the net for a bit I came across your web site, and all of my nagging little questions were answered!! I can now know it was called 'Salvage 1" the Ships name was the Vulture. Thank you. If you notice a slight increase in people visiting your site, it is because I posted a link to it on one of the message boards I frequent, where we were talking about old shows here is the link to it if you would like to see the discussion.
Again, thanks a ton!

Mike wrote on April 27, 2003:
i remeber being really hyped (i was 9) seeing the trailer which went something like ' a rocket, fly it to the moon, salvage the junk up there, bring it back and sell it.' id completely forgotten about tis series until i found this site (makes me feel old). i too (only slightly) remeber the iceberg episode. Didnt they stap the rocket fron the spaceship on it and tried to steer it to where ever?

Kevin H. wrote on April 22, 2003:
Wow, what a site! I must have been 11 when the pilot first aired. I have been doing several different searches to find old tv movies and shows to introduce them to my daughter who is eleven now, and stumbled accross this memory-jogger. She loves what I can find! We have watched together what I can manage to find on tape. No matter how "bad" they say this show and others are, I would much rather watch shows like Salvage 1! Thanks for taking us back with a great website! Job well-done.

Jon M. wrote on April 21, 2003:
I can't believe someone was able to get hold of this much info about Salvage I. I loved that show. I was just sending an email to to considering showing the movie and series. Then I got curious if there was any info out there on the web. Your site had way more than I
could have expected. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

Mike B. (UK) wrote on April 4, 2003:
reading your great website has brought a lot of childhood memories flooding back.i actually only remember the image of the vulture and mermadon,and never new that there were two series' made,but i was only seven and living in Leeds,England at the time!Keep up the good work,and lets hope there's a dvd release sometime soon!

Matt J. (UK) wrote on March 29, 2003:
I remeber watching tis programme when i was 7 years was only today i decided to do a web search and wow i found your site, it is ashame hardly anyone remebers this programme, i remeber many a sat morning i think it was after saturday swap shop with noel edmonds on ITV .
It was great series that fired the imagination, and showed if you had determination you could achieve anything

Craig R. wrote on March 27, 2003:
WOW... Great Website!
It's funny, many times I'll be trying to solve a problem or looking for an answer to an important question. Sometimes there will be a solution or option that I don't want to consider. I'll keep putting it off, trying to find a different solution. Then suddenly, I will realize that I am deliberately
avoiding that last option, and I actually refer to it as "the drive shaft." My wife looked at me like I was crazy once when I described something as "the drive shaft."
Remember in the episode of Salvage 1, "The Bugatti Treasure," they were looking for the treasure in the car, and the (gal? or guy?) didn't want to cut open the drive shaft because it was the only place they hadn't looked yet, her reasoning being "if its not in the driveshaft, its not in the car." She didn't want to face the truth if it wasn't what she wanted.
To me, through my life, any answer I didn't want to face was "the drive shaft," and I referred to it that way.
I think it's amazing how a simple thing like that in a television show can stick with me for decades. A lesson, (albeit a semi-insignificant lesson), from a show that obviously touched my life and had an impact. I too was only about 9 to 10 years old at the time. I too think about the show once in a while. I too decided to do a search and found this AWESOME website dedicated to it.
I think it speaks volumes to the impact this show has had on many of our lives. Keep up the GREAT work and have a GREAT day!

Jim wrote March 6, 2003:
I really enjoyed your site. I was 14 years old, growing up in a small western Pennsylvania steel town when this show came out. I recently started collecting DVD's of my favorite "sci-fi" shows of the 70's. Gerry Andersons Space 1999, U.F.O., Thunderbirds, and yes Close Encounters. I would luv to see Salvage 1 again.

Sam wrote on March 2, 2003:
great site, cant believe im not the only one who remembers this show, this was my favorite show back in grade school...especially shangri-la lil, im in the process of restoring a b25 mitchell. the b25 that im in the process of restoring is one that i own independantly, currently i am finalizing payment on the aircraft and will be dismantling it soon for transport to where i live.
its in poor shape, alot of corrosion, but the frame is good, also it doesnt have engines, it was just a static display, but theres a guy in ca who is going to sell me some engines, we ll see, its going to take a while, but, one reason i want ted to get the shangri-la vidio was cause i was thinking about painting the plane like that one, im not sure who owns lil, or if its even still flying or still painted that way.

David W. wrote on March 2, 2003:
What a revelation to find this shrine you've built to SALVAGE 1! And to discover that it's haunted not just me, but thousands of others round the world.
I must have been 11 or 12 years old when I first saw it, like the rest of this vast brotherhood who've found you, but in all the years since then, I've met with blank stares when I'd talk about this show about the junkman who sent a rocket to the moon. I've hummed that theme song in my bed until I wondered where it came from: with your Salvage Title download, now I know.
Bless you for hosting it!
You might be interested to know I found your site by keying "iceberg towing realplayer" into google. I'm an independent filmmaker in Australia: this was research for a script I had been writing on the idea, which I thought I had invented, but it seems that Mike Lloyd Ross invented it first. Along with building a backyard rocket, which a friend and I have both made independent films about, and each thought we were the originators of! (To see my take on the idea, see "Telelearning" on It's such a pity Mike Lloyd Ross himself is dead, as it appears his story genius has inspired my career, along with very many others. But it's good to see his legacy's in safe hands. Maintain the flame, man!

Garry K. wrote on February 4, 2003:
First of all your "SALVAGE 1" web site is incredible!
My sons were talking about the recent COLUMBIA catastrophe and mentioned how it would be a good idea for NASA to figure out a better way to get our Space Shuttles home without burning up on re-entry.
Immediately the thought of "SALVAGE 1" came to mind. I told him about the other engineering "out of the box" brainstorming solutions that Broderick and Carmichael devised to slap together their salvage trip to the moon.

Gil A. wrote on January 20, 2003:
I was 12 when i was watching this show in the Philippines ... i dont know why the episode regarding the MERMADON sticks to my head .... guess it reminds me of a few 60's sci-fi series - 'The Avenger' - the Cybernauts ..... i'm not sure of the episode title ...... and 'The Wild Wild West' - where JIm West Battles the Doll Maker ..... again i'm not sure of the title .....
Thanks to Your Page - it does bring a lot of childhood memories - i used to dream a lot watching the six million dollar man, man from atlantis and of course SALVAGE 1 !!

T.M. wrote on January 07, 2003:

"Hello, I realy enjoyed your site. I was about 10 years old when i saw this show. I think this is best Sci-Fi for me. This show was televised even in japan.(I'm japanease) But title of this show was "Spece cleaning corp." in japan! though, I had to spend a lot of time to find out real name "Salvage 1". Furthermore I have thought this show is movie,
because this show was televised on saturday movie program.
I afraid that there is no video of this show. this is true?
Anyway. thank for your great site."

Brad D. wrote on January 01, 2003:
"I have been a big fan of the Salvage 1 series since I first saw the pilot episode when I was 9 years old and am pleased to see that there is a website devoted to what I still believe to be a fantastic show. I realy enjoy your website and have found it to be very useful for a project I am currently working on. I am a diehard scratchbuilder and am currently building a 21 inch tall replica of the vulture. The pictures of the vulture on your website have come in handy as far as good reference on certain details of the ship as I would like to make the model as accurate as possible. Great work on a great website!"

John B. wrote on December 28, 2002:
"Today, while driving home from the mall, I remembered an old TV movie called Salvage 1 and did a search on the Internet. I was delightfully surprised to see your website. THANKS FOR DOING IT!! I wasn't even aware that they made a short lived series after the pilot! Again, great website."

Ron S. wrote on December 27, 2002:
"Yes, that ill-fated show which first aired on ABC in 1979, was clearly a classic and could have been a hit. I believe if they had released the series into Syndication like Roddenberry did with Star Trek, it would have stood the test of time. Who knows? Its nice to see someone salute the show."

Mark wrote on December 09, 2002:
"Yes I do remember that tv series. I thought that I was the only one who liked it alot. To me its a show that can boost you up because if you believe in a dream enough you can make it happen."

John wrote on November 12, 2002:
"What else can I say? Excellent site! Thanks for all your time and hard work!"

DML wrote on November 01, 2002:
"I loved this series. I must have been 8 when it aired in the UK, again like many others I have found that I am the only one of my friends who ever remembered it. I loved its naïve optimism, I’m sure the show captured the possibilities of an optimistic and adventurous future given the outlook on technology and space faring. Only the other day I suddenly started humming some music that sounded like a waltz….I couldn’t place it, and then…bingo! Salvage One came flooding back. For some reason I particularly remembered the Iceberg episodes (some kid came up with a cross current that would shift the planned route off course) and the Manderly Mansion (using the vulture to burn a hole in the ozone layer!). Fantastic website, so warming to read about others who remember this show that I was so fond of ……it all seems so long ago! Finding this site was a true nostalgic pleasure, I suspect that it takes a certain type of person to remember Salvage One."

Donna S. wrote on October 27, 2002:
"I can't tell you how much I love your site! Salvage 1 was such a terrific show, I remember practically jumping up and down with excitement before it came on...I was about 10 or 11. And SKIP!!! I had his name written all over my notebooks at school....he was my first crush! LOTS of daydreaming there...GREAT memories connected with this show....especially for a kid with a wild imagination ( I also loved Star Trek ). Thanks for the site."

Jeff C. wrote on October 12, 2002:
"What an awesome site. I have been looking for info on this for years.
My Dad and I always watched the show together. I clearly recall the opening movie, the haunted house episode, and the episode featuring the sattelite. Last year I read a comic book by David Yurkovich called Threshold that made a salvage one reference."

Neil B. wrote on September 13, 2002:
"Interesting that the episode about the racehorse is labelled on your
site as unaired, as we got to see it in England. Having said that, no
one else here remembers this great show, and thats to this site, I can
now tell them that I wasn't imagining it! Now if only someone would put
it on DVD :)"

Johnston wrote on September 11, 2002:
"Wow! Your site is great. I have been searching for information on this show for over a year. I remember fondly the episode, maybe it was the pilot, when Skip was explaining to someone sitting in his corvette how NASA goes to the moon and then shows how the Vulture was going to work. I never forgot that screen. I would sure like to see this show again."

PG Enterprises wrote on August 24, 2002:
"For some reason, I was sitting on the couch and it just came to me, "Whatever happened to Salvage 1"? I got in here right quick and found your website. Thanks for bringing back a memory of long ago. I was only 7 when Salvage 1 came out and it was my favorite show. Me only being 7 at the time, I didn't realize that the show was maybe "not so good". I didn't care, I watched it every week, anyway. Thanks so much for having this site and helping me to relive a small part of my childhood."

Scott H. wrote on August 10, 2002:
"I just found your web site, and can not believe that someone other than me remembers the show, "Salvage One." I have been asking for years at sci-fi conventions, and have just gotten blank stares. It got to the point where I was afraid to ask anyone anymore. Just the other day, I got the bright idea to type Salvage One into Google's search engine. Imagine my surprise when I saw your page pop up. I am 34, and don't remember how old I was when it aired, but I remember it very fondly."

Ken wrote on August 09, 2002:
"I just found your site and wanted to thank you for helping to keep the
memory alive. I remember when this show aired and was very upset when it was canned! Keep up the good work!"

Deb W. wrote on August 08, 2002:
"What a wonderful web site you've put together - thoughtful, well-organized, chock-full of stuff that totally brings back memories. An outstanding tribute to a series that never really built the audience it should have had. Thank you. In any case, thank you for your wonderful web site - I've bookmarked it, and I plan to share it with other folks I know will be happy to find it!"

Mike L. wrote on August 04, 2002:
"Thank you so much for all the information on Salvage One. I was a Salvage One nut at the time and I tried to explain the show to my wife after watching a Andy Griffin show Biography. And she could not remember it at all. It brought back a lot of Fond memories."

Ty wrote on July 30, 2002:
"I found your page through Google and it found some good TV memories. Although it has been a long time since I have seen this show, the theme song was always memorable.
Somewhere I ran across the theme a few years back and kept it. No one except maybe one other person I know remembers this one at all. It was a favorite of my Dad's as well. My compliments to your really good work on this page."

Simon G. wrote on July 23, 2002:
"I've just happened upon your Salvage 1 website, and would like to thank you for bringing back many happy memories. I especially enjoyed watching the opening titles, which I hadn't seen for over 20 years! Salvage 1 was aired here in the UK during 1979/1980 (I think) and I remember rushing home from school to catch every episode. Sadly they have never been repeated and now I have two children of my own (6 and 8 years old) I would like them to see it too (they are big fans of Thunderbirds, Space 1999, etc). I have just contacted The Sci-Fi Channel here in the UK asking them whether they had considered repeating the series - they have shown all sorts of 70s/80s series such as Six Million Dollar Man, Planet of the Apes, etc. Anyway, thanks again and keep up the good work!"

Brian S. wrote on July 20, 2002:
"Your page is awesome! By viewing it you really show your love for Salvage 1. I was 10 when it first aired and have been trying to rewatch episodes for years. I even went so far as to call the local TV stations and ask them to show some on late night TV. I was told that it would be too hard to do or they just plain couldn't. I've told my wife about this show several times and with as little info that is out there on it, It's hard to prove that it even existed. Thanks for taking the time to creating that page! I bookmarker it as a favorite place and will visit it often! Take Care!"

Jim P. wrote on July 08, 2002:
"Thanks very much for putting up your Salvage 1 web site. I also fondly remember the show and, until now, often thought I was the only one. Thanks again."

Jim F. wrote on July 01, 2002:
"Killer web site! A guy that I work with started telling me about this show that he remembered and it sounded way too good to be true. Your website has proven him correct and has made me and many of my friends green with envy that he is lucky enough to have even a memory of this show in his head."

Scott T. wrote on June 19, 2002:
"This show came out during my junior year of high school,and it's just one of those things you'd forgotten you remembered. To me, it was just one of those goofy-fun shows. I didn't realize there were that many episodes-I only remember about a half-dozen or so, and the pilot movie. It's too bad Estes didn't go ahead and make the flying model(I have built and flown many rockets since the mid 1970's),or at least a scale model...neat site you have here."

Doug B. wrote on June 18, 2002:
"I think your website is cool, and I am excited to see so many more people who enjoyed Salvage 1 then I originally thought. Youv'e obviously put a lot of time and consideration into your website."

Clark L. wrote on June 07, 2002:
"Congratulations on a great site. I've had a link to you on my HobbySpace web site for some time (
Hope it has brought you some traffic.Unfortunately, I've never seen Salvage 1. I sure wish the SciFi channel would give it a showing
one of these days. I saw in your history of the show that Ross was inspired by a story about the Apollo equipment left on the Moon. I was wondering if he was also influenced or aware of the plans during the late seventies of Bob Truax, a well respected rocket designer (, to build a reusable "Volks-rocket" that would send a passenger on a high-altitude sub-orbital trip? The other day I came across an article about Truax and his plans in an old seventies space activist newsletter (1.1MB)
It mentioned interest by the TV networks in televising his launches. Unfortunately, he never got the funding to build a vehicle. His ultra low cost approach, including the use of equipment salvaged off of the Atlas, X-15, and other vehicles made me think of Salvage 1."

Brian P. wrote on June 05, 2002:
"I really enjoyed your website and I loved Salvage 1 on television. Where I grew up at the time, we still only had one TV in the house and if my parents did not want to watch something, then you did not see it. Fortunately they enjoyed Salvage 1 as well."

Avenger wrote on June 02, 2002:
"Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I was thinking of the show and decided to do a web search and boom there you were. The site looks great and thanks for the hard work bringing back the memories."

Brian wrote on May 31, 2002:
On your web site you invite memories of "Salvage 1," so here is mine. I, too, have never forgotten "Salvage 1," which I saw shortly before my 13th birthday (based upon the January 1979 date on your web site). I had thought it was a few years earlier, but I'm sure you know better than me. Until this evening, I had no idea that a television series had spun out of it, but it sounds as if it may be just as well that I didn't see it."Salvage 1" (the 2-hr. movie) has been one of only three movies that I consider to have shaped the person I am today. Following the airing of this movie, I regularly day-dreamed about building a manned rocket. After a year or two, however, I decided it would be more likely that I might someday build a vehicle to explore inner space, and I have never abandoned the dream to build my own submarine ( is a great site for this interest). I have been an avid SCUBA diver for twenty years as a result of "Salvage 1" (indirectly) and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" (more directly; both the movie and the novel - like the professor in "Back to the Future," my favourite science fiction author is Jules Verne). Although I was only a little less than 3-1/2 years old at the time, I have a memory of what I believe to be the live broadcast of the Eagle landing (my earliest memory is from barely past two years of age), and I saw the Apollo 13 spacecraft on the pad one week before launch during a visit to Cape Canaveral (Kennedy) when I was four. I have continued to follow the manned space program to this day, have met several of the astronauts who walked on the Moon, and have become a somewhat accomplished amateur astronomer, having
spent most of my working life in the astronomy industry. I've been involved with the development of several computerised telescopes (check out for the latest). Much of this interest, if not started by "Salvage 1," was fueled by it. Anyhow, I'm pleased to see that I'm not alone in my affection for "Salvage 1," and am glad that there is at least one web site devoted to it. Thanks for the site!".

Scott wrote on May 27, 2002:
"Hi, I stumbled into the Salvage 1 website, I must say you've managed to put together a great site despite the fact that there seems to be very little in existance about the show. Thanks."

Mark wrote on May 20, 2002:
"I can across your site while adding links to I was amazed at your site. Salvage One.. boy that is a blast from the past."

Brian wrote on May 01, 2002:
"Hey. I was 11 when I first saw Salvage 1 and it's followed me ever
since. I just remember it being the coolest show in the world and not
understanding why it was canceled. I mean, the dude made a spaceship out of junk and was constantly giving the metaphorical finger to the Man (NASA, the Feds, whoever)! Fueled my anti-establishment bent.Anyway, I decided to do a web search and here I am. Funny, I had no idea Andy Griffith was in the show - didn't remember the actors, just the show. Thanks, and thanks for the site."

Chris M. wrote on April 22, 2002:
"I wanted to write and let you know that I really enjoyed your website for the Salvage 1 project. I hadn't thought of the show in so long but a buddy of mine wrote to me today with your
website address attached. I can't begin to tell you how much I looked forward to that show when I was young. I'll have to show my kids when they get home from school today so they can see what dad watched when he was a kid. Keep up the good work with the site."

MJB wrote on April 16, 2002:
"Great! I see a common theme here. Seems just about everyone here was 8 when this show came out, and all you get is blank stares when you ask people if they recall the show. Only on one occassion did someone recall the show. I myself remember little about the show other than I was always eager to watch it. For the life of me I could never remember the name. I always thought it was junkyard 1. However, just the other day, the name Salvage 1 popped into my head. So I decided to look it up, and here we are. I would really love to see some of those episodes. Anyway, Thanks for the stroll down memory lane."

Mike W. wrote on April 03, 2002:

Jeff M. wrote on March 28, 2002:
"I enjoyed your site: it's extremely well done. For some reason I thought of Salvage 1 the other day, though I was only 8 or 9 when it came out. I tried to see if I could stroll down memory lane on the web, and lo and behold, there was your site. Good Job!"

Mike W. wrote on March 26, 2002:

Jonathan L. wrote on March 09, 2002:
"Re: salvage 1 website. Thanks for this trip down memory lane. Salvage 1 was shown here about 78/79 if I recall. Which made me about 8 or 9 at the time and an avid watcher. I can vaguely remember thinking the Vulture was so cool. Of the actual episodes, I remember the Japanese prisoner one, and the haunted mansion/alien presence one. Happy memories of a simpler time. God bless the internet!
JL - Chester, England, UK

Tony T. wrote on February 13, 2002:
" I just visited your website on Salvage One and I must admit, it is very well presented. I haven't seen the show in years, but after looking around your site brought back such great memories of the show and the times that surrounded it. Good stuff!"

Mike H. wrote on February 11, 2002:
"There was talk of Salvage One on RMR (the Rec Model Rockets) so on a lark I decided to check out the link I'll be damned when I saw the pictures of the ship. You see I used to work at Estes ( a model rocket company) from 91 to 97. The house that used to house the R&D department (which earlier has been Vern and Gleda Estes home - the founders of Estes) had been sold and was about to be moved. Before they hauled it away I went through the things that were destined for the dumpster (being an old time model rocket fan) I found a curious rocket. It was bit beat up, missing a few pieces and I thought perhaps it has some parts value (ok, ok Salvage value) so I claimed it. Well now that I visited your web site, I now know what the rocket is -- Salvage One. It is about 11" high. Powered by an 18mm engine. I am not sure if this was a comp model (non-flying) or an actual flying prototype (it seems to never have been flown and does not have the characteristic burn markings of something that has flown). It still packed away in a box. I will dig it out of one of the boxes and take some digitals. It will be in the need of some serious restoration . Perhaps Estes had toyed with this when the series came out but then shelved the model when the series died. Well I am glad I took a peak at your sight. Best regards..."

Evelyn B. wrote on January 20, 2002:
"I will always remember the show it stretched the imagination and boldly went to the beyond without spending a lot of cash to get there."

Steve B. wrote on January 12, 2002:
"OH MY GOD!!!!! I remember being quit young and sitting down religiously to Salvage 1. It was my first exposure to sci-fi and it has shaped the rest of my life! The only problem I have, is that no one else in England remembers or admits that they remember it. All I have had is funny looks, and micky taking from my so called mates. Even my mother, who I know used to sit and watch it with me, denies remembering it's existence. I was begining to think there was some sort of goverment (or alien) cover-up against me (ha ha). Thank you for proving my sanity, and thank you for the hours of revenge that I will have on everybody, when I force them to come to your site and sit through ALL of the audio clips (evil ha ha). Thank you, Thank you, (worship), Thank you."

Rob O. wrote on January 05, 2002:
"Salvage -1 was not a far fetched idea and it is still not. As other emailers pointed out the Delta Clipper could do it. The Clipper given the funding, which NASA does not want to release from its budget, could progress, The major factor hindering the Clipper is fuel and distance, it is still basic rocket fuel. Time to build the nuclear engine that needs to be built in space and launched from there. Check ou the prototype in Huntsville,AL.The one factor that still is stifling American ingenuity in the commercial space program is the government. They own the airspace above 60 or 65,000 ft. Boeing managed to get a lossening of this for their new aircraft, which as yet to be built, let alone delivered. This airspace is not really in the FAA control, they are notified when objects are going to be there. The government needs to open this airspace up. Otherwise companies will look to foreign interests to launch. Okay just my rant and .2 cents worth."

Scott S. wrote on December 21, 2001:
"If anyone has old copies of the Salvage-1 shows on tape you can send me a copy and I can convert it to a VCD. The VCD format is compatable with CD-R compliant DVD players (most popular is APEX thru say Wal-Mart) and you can watch the show over and over with no "wearing out" of the tape. The quality is almost as good as the original tape but with none of the wear and tear (store the original and save it for a rainy day). The VCD can also be played on a computer. A previous letter mentioned TVLand but a better place to suggest a "re-airing" is Sci-Fi channel. Someone mentioned a tv show about landing on a planet of giant people. Guess what, that show has been reaired on Sci-Fi (also such classics Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea). I say we all send Sci-Fi e-mails and letters saying we want Andy back where he should be,,, In SPACE !!! Sci-Fi has been very open to my letters in the past and I believe they might have more of an ear than TVLand (Sorry Hogans Heros fans). Thanks again for the GREAT Web site.
[email protected] "

Andrew W. wrote on December 17, 2001:
"You cannot begin to understand how relieved I am to find, after all of these years, that I am not crazy. Like many who have written before me, I too remembered a TV show about a space junk collector, but recieved nothing but blank stares and sideways glances when I mentioned it to my friends. I was a boy of eight when the show premiered, and remember little more than the ship (the illustrious Vulture), and the episode that scared the dickens out of me (the giant ape man reminded me of Bigfoot...a creature of terror to an eight year old!). I remember recreating scenes from the show in the schoolground and at home, each time I transformed into a brave space traveller in search of wealth and glory. Thanks again for helping me reconnect with my youth; your site is very thorough and entertaining.
Best wishes, Andrew W...boy space traveller. ."

Robert I. wrote on December 17, 2001:
"hello George! What a great, site you have, i have been looking for material, on salvage1 for a while now and dont seem to be getting nowhere. i recently got married and found out that one of my wifes friends, knows the griffith, familiy quite well, so i will soon be trying to ask her for material."

Pat B. wrote on November 29, 2001:
"Thank you for the cool reference in your site. One of our people was discussing the show, decided to do a net search on salvage 1 and while poking around found your link to us. Very cool moment."
Pat Bahn CEO,

K. wrote on November 23, 2001:
"Greetings! Love your Salvage 1 Page. I was a young kid at the time it first came out. Loved the show. I'm always referring to your page to show other folks who never heard of it. Do you know if it still comes on tv at all?"

John E. wrote on October 03, 2001:
"I never in a million years thought I'd find someone who remembered, and loved this show like I do. I actually have the pilot movie on VHS, I stayed up until very early in the AM recording it off local TV. I am wearing it out after four years as well. It's not a great copy, but it's mine. You have a very nice site, I found it from TV Party, where I was researching the old kids Sunday morning show, Wonderama, with Bob McAllister. But that is another story. I hope this site is able to grow and prosper as more of us lost Salvage fans find you."

Lance B. wrote on September 22, 2001:
"I remember Salvage 1. It was a favorite of mine, though my folks didn't care for it. I enjoyed, and I have always been an Andy G fan You have done a great job on this site and you should be congratulated."

Buddy W. wrote on August 25, 2001:
"This was a great show! I always scan the tv guide looking for the series premier. I'd love to see it again. You should start a campaign on your website that requested visitors to your site to email TVLAND and see if they would start airing reruns of this series. The show seems right up their alley anyway. Great web page! It brings back lots of good memories of the show. thanks."

AJ wrote on August 24, 2001:
"I loved this show as a kid, great website, brought back alot of memories when ABC aired the best damn shows on television!"

Mike V. wrote on August 08, 2001:
"Mr. L, you can add another two cents into the pot of applause for your awesome web site. Ever since I was a boy space exploration has fascinated me, and when Salvage 1 aired for the very first time on television IWASTHERE with Andy and the Vulture. So when I explored the site only a little while ago IWASTHEREAGAIN. Man, those shots look just like the NASA ones in Life, Post and Time magazines. And your fly-bys!!! I especially enjoyed the Trish Stewart interview. What she had to say regarding character differences between her and Melanie are gold...growing, stretching, etcetera...which is what each of us should be doing with our lives. In the same vein that Tito used his character and resources to go up into outer space, I hope that the inventor in Seattle uses his talents and chutzpah to tell the FAA where they can go by blasting off and writing everyman's bold new chapter in history just as Andy did to the FBI. Know what I think? There are other brave Earthmen right now doing the same exact thing, moving forward like the Wright brothers, and THAT'S HOW IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, I'll betcha, AND SOON. Probably a group of rebel scientists and technicians somewhere in the South Pacific. Ditto with my life along the same vein as Ms. Stewart's. Thanks for energizing the spirit within. Live long and prosper."

G.L. wrote on August 05, 2001:
"I remember salvage 1. Me and a friend of mine watched the 2 hr pilot and thought it was great, but we were 12 or 13 and thought man, wouldnt it be great to build one of these things. We even drew up plans and started looking for salvage parts for the thing. We did manage to locate an old cement mixer!!!. Soon after that me and my friend lost touch with each other and I havent seen him in about 10 years. But thanks for the memories and the smile on my face!!!"

Pierre M. wrote on July 27, 2001:
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I knew I wasn't crazy. They said I was, but I'm not. Well, maybe I am, but at least my memory seems to work. Then again, I guess I could be hallucinating this visit to your excellent website. If you'll excuse me, I now have to go look for a tv show about a group of people on a giant planet. The plot thickens."

Brad H. wrote on July 14, 2001:
"Great Site. Thanks much (as others have said) I watched Salvage I when I was 12 and could not get enough. Like some others have said, I audio taped the pilot and listened to it so many times that I could recite it entirely. At one time I had a video copy of the pilot but shortly after getting married my wife taped over it with soap operas (somehow, we are still married). Since then I have been on the lookout for a video release as they have done for Space 1999 and Airwolf but have seen nothing. It would be so great to have a copy again- if I still had a copy I would send it out to those looking, if I ever find one I'll get back. Like most of the others who have written in, I thought I was the only one to remember (and like) this program."

Palmer M. wrote on July 09, 2001:
"I would like to let you know of my appreciation of your website because when I asked people if they had ever seen a TV series with Andy Griffith as a junkman making trips to the moon they all tapped the side of their head and looked as if I belonged in the Looney Bin. I didn't know the name of the show so I took forever to find it searching the internet. I finally put Andy Griffith-Sci-Fi and that got me in the door. I would like to see TV land pick it up if the episodes are still available. I remember it being my favorite show. I thank you again for all the info that you have made available."

BR wrote on June 23, 2001:
"Just a quick note, Nice to see that someone else remembers the series, its amazing what you can do with a cement mixer and a bit of Mono Hydrazine (excuse the spelling !!!!)"

David L. wrote on June 23, 2001:
"Tears well up in my eyes! No one I ask can remember this series, which used to be at a weird time in the afternoon here in Wales. Everytime a drunken tv nostalgia chat starts, the same thing happens: Monkey? Yeah brilliant! The Singing Ringing Tree? Outstanding! The Banana Splits! Mad! Then I say, 'what about Salvage 1? Now there was a show?' To be met with blank looks from my friends. 'Rocket made from junk, icebergs, ghosts and robots? I say, 'You must remember it?' More blank looks. I was starting to doubt my sanity, and then the obvious came to me....Web search! Funny how the obvious can take years to manifest itself.... Needless to say, your URL is winging its way to my friends as we speak!
Cheers for the sanity confirmation and nostalgia trip! Top site, even reminded me of episodes I had forgotten!"

James B. wrote on June 8, 2001:
"I thought I was the only person that saw this show! I loved it so much. I was thirteen or fourteen when it aired, and it really captured my imagination. I used to sit in school and draw pictures of the vulture from memory. If only we'd had a VCR back then. I can't believe that I didn't think to search the web for e show sooner. Your web site is absolutely fantastic, and I couldn't have taken a trip through time any better without the use of a time machine. I would absolutely love to see it once more. I'd build a party around it and invite a bunch of people over to watch it with me. :-)"

Rob H. wrote on June 3, 2001:
"Hello! Loved your S-1 site - when I first started looking for this lovingly remembered show from my youth I thought it would be impossible to find any solid information on it, and here you are! Kudos for a professional tribute to a unfortunatey all-but-forgotten classic. I remember watching it on Friday nights with my mom (who dealt with the subject matter because Andy Griffin was the lead)."

Mike C. wrote on June 3, 2001:
"I found What I was looking for on your web page. I had a memory of this show about a human type robot who lost his memory. In the beginning he was friendly and dosile, but something happened, and his memory came back. His personality changed to hostility. I remember a steel mesh screen came down over his eyes, and a gun barrel came out of a compartment in his chest. The episode was called "MERMADON". I would like to know everything on this episode."

Rodney S. wrote on May 10, 2001:
"I loved your web site, it really brought back memories of the good old times of TV. I was wondering if you would know where I could buy a copy of the first episode of the show . My son is really into rockets and I would like for him to see it and gain from it the same inspirations I did."

Todd L. wrote on May 9, 2001:
"Thanks for creating this site!!!! I loved this show when I was 9 years old. Now a 30 year old, I was racking my brain for information on the show. I had since forgotten the title, the main actors, etc. All I remembered was: A guy builds a rocket out of junk and fly's to the moon. I was asking friends, parents, co-workers, if they knew what I was talking about and they all thought I was nuts. I know I didn't just imagine this show. So, I typed in the show's description in my search engine and POOF! your site popped up. HOORAY!!!!"

Jenny N. wrote on April 20, 2001:
"Hi there! I can't believe I found your site. I've never seen the show, but one day a few months ago my physics teacher started talking about it, and thoroughly confused the entire class. Ever since then my friends and I have been on a personal crusade to find out all we can about the show. Because it has been a running joke in the class, and we are approaching graduation, we are trying to find some souvenier from Salvage 1 to give to our teacher as a goodbye present."

Walker B. wrote on March 21, 2001:
"I was trying to explain this show to some people who SHOULD have remembered seeing it in the 70's - and no one could remember it! I couldn't believe it! They all knew the dukes of hazzard. They knew BJ and the Bear. The knew Sherrif Lobo, they knew Wonder Woman, they knew the man from atlantis. They remembered Airwolf. Grizzly Adams. They even remembered that bad miniseries Winds of War. But NO ONE remembered this show! I watched EVERY episode on TV, and the few reruns they showed (I remember it didn't last long!). The site is OUTSTANDING. Excellent pictures, interviews, episode guides. With most sites dedicated to a show, you get some good information here, some there, etc. But you have the most complete collection at one stop - and it seems like your's is the only site out there! congratulations on a great website. Brings back some great memories. And FINALLY, people believe me! HHAHAHAHAHA!"

Mic S. wrote on March 10, 2001:
"Hi, just wanted to drop a line to your web site, because I myself have been a huge fan of this show since the tv movie and later the series.I've been searching private collectors for copies of the series and finally found someone who carried some episodes on tape.When I received the first tape, the movie,I was some what hesitant to watch at first, because somethings from your past aren't always as good you remembered.To my great pleasure,it live up to my memories.Now I still search for anything SALVAGE-1 either it be ebay or other web site or other auctions sites.The search goes on.Anywho thanks for the neat site you put up and the other fans out there who all agreed that this was one heck of a fun show!!!"

Ken I. wrote on March 5, 2001:
"I saw your web page and it's great. I am glad there is at least one person that remembers this show. I remember the original moon-shot episode as one of my favorite shows of the times."

Damon C. wrote on February 23, 2001:
"I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. But I just did a search on the internet for the show and came across your website. GOD BLESS YOU! I remember watching the pilot in utter awe as a child who used to look up at the stars and dream of going into space. I think my backyard adventures from that moment on consisted of turning anything I could find in to a makeshift rocket. I would love to see those episodes again. Is there any word of ABC releasing the tapes (before they deteriorate) on video. With all the other messages on this website (AGAIN, GOD BLESS YOU) I think we should start the "People Who never Forgot Salvage 1" and petition the network to let us watch these shows again. At the very least, air them so we can tape them on our VCR's. Thanks for finally putting my mind at ease. I always wondered if i had dreamed the whole thing."

Chip R. wrote on February 20, 2001:
"Like you, I was a young teenager when the show ran in prime-time. I had a total fascination with the show and listened to an audio tape of it many nights as I drifted off to sleep before the age of video. At the time, I ventured to write Andy Griffith at ABC with a fan letter, asking various questions on the making of the show. In return I received, an autographed picture of Andy Griffith plus several kodak pictures off of one of the crews personal cameras of backstage filming. Your web-site is great! Didn't know there was any other Salvage fans out there. Thanks again. Keep up the good work!"

Kurt H. wrote on February 16, 2001:
"I have been searching for years to find out what this series was called. I remember watching it as a child but it seems that I was the only one who every remembered it. Thanks to a message board I found the title and came across your fantastic web site. Thanks a lot for keeping the memory of this great series alive."

Henry S. wrote on February 16, 2001:
"I was a huge fan of this show as well, and I just wanted to drop you a note to say that this page is superb. You've done a fine job, and ought to be commended. If there was ever a project ripe for a big budget Hollywood remake, Salvage 1 is it. Afterall, people actually paid to see Armagedon. Let's get Bruckheimer on the phone."

Max P. wrote on January 21, 2001:
"Thanks for having the great "Salvage I" webpage. I went searching for anything related to the show and didn't find a lot. I think I remember that they used a floor shifter from a 70's car to control the rocket ? What great stuff !"

Barry C. wrote on January 10, 2001:
"Imagine my surprise at finding your terrific site! I too recall watching Salvage 1 and the crew of the Vulture as a young boy. What struck me the most was the emphasis on how anything is possible if a person applies themselves! I still mull over the idea of a salvage operation to the moon or in retrieving orbiting satellites before they burn up in the atmosphere. I have even recently e-mailed NASA asking why an effort is not made to either return the MIR station to earth or combine it with the new station. The reply was lame to say the very least! There is a definite lack of inspiration at NASA! I continue to imitate the show's premise by actively researching how to construct a safe, multi-functional, three person submersible made from readily available and inexpensive components. I may never go to space, but I may visit the briny deep! Thanks for the site and keeping our childhood dreams alive!"


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