"Palestinians" = LIES

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Washing Jihadi Crimes With "Palestinian" Crimes?
Butchers' attempting in Washing Jihadi crimes with "Palestinian" Crimes
That song, that excuse, that hymn of "poor" 'Palestinian' victims, has been used by the most vicious butchers around the globe, from the Arab Muslim Hitler - Saddam Hussein, through "apologizers" for the massacre on 9/11, through, massacres on youth in Bali, or by the attackers on rescue workers in Iraq, etc.
In fact the bloody Jihadi mass murderers would often want us to see the US as telling Israel what/how to defend it self, preparing the road for attacking Americans, incidentally the Iranian hijackers in 1979, "forgot" to use this card, maybe there were more honest than today's Jihadists.
Getting really "in" to the 'successful' excuse momentum, Stepping over of course the reality of guilty -- rather-- 'Palestine,' self inflicted "Palestinian" parents & leaders on their kids through the most brutal child sacrifice known to mankind today, like using them as human bombs or human shields for adults terrorists.
Imagine a mass murderer trying to wash his hands clean via admitting to one more murder ... exactly what "washing" Jihadi crimes on the innocent via 'Palestinian' crime is.
While they try that, Don't lose sight on the real aggressor!
The problem is that this insinuating subliminal message by Jihadi butchers manages in blinding -- for the moment -- many in the West, the notion of: 'Oh, they have issues, there's a bitterness in the Arab Muslim world because of 'Palestinians' , is able of overshadowing the reality...
Never mind that this is just a flag of excuses to murder for those that have an issue of radicalizing/Islamizing the entire world, but -- while  hearing it, just by mentioning it -- we should not lose sight of the real aggressor in the Israeli 'Palestinian' peninsula, the real guilty "Palestinian" side, that cult of self planned victimhood, through most vicious parenthood on earth, [or tricks to create drama, including adding dead bodies to anti terrorists operation sites, inflating by ten times as much the number of dead, radical Palestinians killing kids and pinning it on Israel, like Muhammad Al Dura and kids in Rafah tunnel & other occasions of "unexplained' deaths by their officials, or the very sophisticated saturated photography industry they have at their disposal, whether the women there are actors as being caught on occasions, or weeping on the mentioned death culture that leads to their kids' death], should never be looked over or hidden away, or in any shape or form be ignored, failure to do so, is not only encouraging the Jihadi murderers in desperate search of excuses, but doing a disservice to the very victim we are now being drawn attention to: "Palestinian" kids, and to Israelis.
Never reward that death cult by "feeling" for the resulted death/injuries unless we point the finger at the orchestrators of it all.
It is more than safe to say with all honesty, that "Palestinian" self made "victims" have it's great share at so many atrocities made in their 'name'... 

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