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ABC Middle East Brief facts prior current conflic

"palestinians", History

Jerusalem, FACTS

ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

'palestinians' in Israel, natives or ALIENS?

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"

Arab 'Palestinians' Lose!
Back to Square One & Worse!
The initiated UN's offer of 1948 of a two state vision, that was accepted by Israel (at her newly reestablished state) but was rejected by Arab leaders, is still on the 'Roadmap' table with no real advance.
The Arab leaders' that chased the Arab 'Palestinians' out of the territories (in 1948) in order to use them against the non Arab Muslims = The Israelis.
The obvious reason was Arab Leaders passionate Anti Jewish racism & ethnic cleansing aims, the same reason the Arab Muslim Mufti leader made that pact with Hitler earlier, the same reason Arab Muslim 'Palestinians' Massacred the Hebron Jews in 1929.
The same reason that Iraqi Arabs perpetrated the pogrom of 1941, via the Mufti's incitement & libels.
 So Where are the Arab 'Palestinians' holding in 2003/2004?
Same as above with no change!
Inner peace:
The same diabolical bitter unhappy-Hate in textbooks, in Mosques, at universities, in Mainstream media, etc.
It is a cheap myth that many in the media 'buys' as if that 'society is tough and resisting,' in reality, it is tired!
A minority that carries out desperate massacres (with the cheering of the majority) in order to show that they are "strong," is showing a crumbling confused group.
No wonder they try to beg for cease fires after each massacre on Israelis, their leaders'; are in disarray and & badly 'need' of regrouping.
Could not have been any worse!
Self-made 'Victimhood' image:
If they were successful at the beginning of the Intifadah bloody violence, they look uglier & more the aggressor with each baby-targeting Homicide-bombing.
See the truth!
Do not be blinded by Arab 'Palestinian' declarations in English to media, they never reflect any honest feelings & reality in their 'society,' they were always looking at everything moving, as a tool for propaganda, Arab Muslim 'Palestinians' play to the cameras, and not with the real true-feelings, while Israel is a very open society, with a disproportionate far left criticizing vocal majority in it's mainstreeam media, it is impressively resilient (even though 42% of it's kids being traumatized by bombings) despite it's transparent media, street etc., Israelis keep smiling & going on with their lives everywhere, after most of it's cities being attacked by Arab Terrorists.
We have seen false-images of Saddam & N. Korea's brutal dictators' people cheering them too.
Back to square one & worse!
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