First Dutch Sprinter Foekema-Kreidler 50cc-Racing
Latest update March 3th, 2009

European Classic 50cc Racing
Website van de in 2008 gestarte classic 50cc competitie

All classic 50cc motorbikes sites
Look here if you are searching anything about classic 50cc motorbikes

S.I. Racing
Heavy Duty Dragracing with topfuel supertwin bikes

Elsberg-Tuning from Denmark, 50cc roadracing
Anders Elsberg: "In an attemp to widen the interest for these wonderfull little racers Ive made this site"

Falkner Livingston Racing
The new Bonneville World Recordholder of 50cc production bikes

The Landspeed Record 50cc Boeing
It seems the project has stopped?

Bonneville Record Website

'Explosion' Dutch Dragracing Organisation

Mopedsprint organisation Jubbega Holland

Timemeasurements for sprintevents, test your reactiontime

German Dragracing site

Sprinting site of Carl Wadkin Snaith

Jamathi website

50cc racing Museum in Lexmond (Holland)

Nick Leeflang 50cc racing services

Rockanje Racing event website

German Kreidler site

Classic Racing website from Japan

Dutch Kreidler site

Bebo Racing 50cc Kreidler site

Sheldon's 50cc Kreidler racingsite

Classic racing in the Centennial Classic TT 1998

The oldest 50cc magazin in the world.

Linksite to other 50cc sites

Linksite to tuningsites

Linksite to motorracingsites

50cc racing-team in the UK

Classic Lightweight Racers in the UK

Andy Flint racing in the British 50cc endurance race series

Int. Endurance 50cc Brommerrace in Vaals
Zondag 30 oktober 2005 Kartingbaan Vaals

Foekema Watersports

Linksite classic 50cc bikes

Heavy Duty Dragracing

50cc LSRV in preparation for a new WR

Lexmond 50cc Motormuseum

Photo send and made by Christoph Lange from Germany
He wrote "Looking foreward to the News,
that you will be official Holder of World Record...."

A very special Yamaha 50cc factory racing engine,
built for Grand Prix racing, but never used for it.
Because all Japaneese factory withdraw in 1968. See

Luc Foekema on his 4-speed Kreidler in 1966 Uden

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