Foekema-Kreidler 50cc-Racing
Latest update Sep 14, 2008
This page will show you record attemps made with 50cc from the past but may be more interestic even today.

Buddfab new 50cc world record 233km/h
The Buddfab did succeed in driving a new world record. John Buddenbaum of Sunnyvale California piloted the Buddfab Motorcycle Streamliner to a two way; flying start; one mile average speed of 144.966mph (233.300 km/h). This performance exceeded Jan Hubertsʼ Kreidler powered streamlinerʼs 1981 FIM record by over 5mph. John used a turbocharged fuel burning 50cc Aprilia RS50 (Moto Minarelli AM6) modified with Metrakit pro race engine parts.
This is a fantastic result for USA motorsport.
FIM World Records are awaiting certification of the paperwork.

Nebulous 4 of Jack Costella
A very beautyfull streamliner is build by Jack Costella en driven by Dugan. They could do the record too, so we are exited about the future of 50cc records and ofcourse this project.

Land Speed Record Vehikel
A project of the emloyers of Boeing which started in 1999 but is not finnished yet. It seems they have stopped the project, which is very diapointing. I know some details did not make me confident, but this could be changed. But any way, they didn't continu. May be someone else will take over the beautifull streamliner, you never know.

Worldrecords page of Anders Elsberg from Denmark

FIM website, look under events/records

Thanks to Micheal Puig USA:
Hi Luc, 50cc gas record made by Team Nebulous 47mph.
Yes, its a record because nobody has done a streamline gas record before. Just go out and make a record.... too easy, You should think about it. The record is yours for the taking...

Enjoy this, dangerous for kids

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