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Paul Temple - the War Years.
    The War years were something of a lean time for Paul Temple serials on radio. Mr
Chamberlain declared war on the 3rd of September 1939, and Hugh Morton made his 3rd and final appearance as Temple a matter of weeks later in November and December in the serial News of Paul Temple. Unlike the previous serials, the episode count had reduced to only six, with the final episode going out on 18th of December. Only one serial was broadcast in the next five and a half years, that being Paul Temple Intervenes from the 30th of October to the 18th of December 1942 with Carl Bernard as Paul Temple. V.J. Day arrived on August 15 1945, and a month later on the 13th of September, the Temple serials returned with Send for Paul Temple Again, this time with Barry Morse as Paul and Marjorie Westbury making her debut as Steve.

    Aside from the 1942 serial, there were two other incidences of Temple during the War. In each case, single 60 minute plays adapted from the earlier serials - Send for Paul Temple and News of Paul Temple. They were produced by Martyn C. Webster. Carl Bernard played Paul in the first in October 1941, which may have lead to his casting in the later serial. Richard Williams, who had a long association with series, including playing the part of Sir Graham Forbes in the late 50s, made a single outing as Paul in July 1944 in News of Paul Temple.

    It appears that these outings were drawn simply from members of the BBC Radio Drama Repertory company, not uncommon during the War. Also, it should be pointed out that these are the printed listings from the Radio Times, and noted that listings were more subject to change and less reliable during the War.

    A number of the actors returned many times to the series, notable examples include Grizelda Hervey who featured in both the Madison's, both Vandyke's & the first Gilbert to name a few; with Arthur Ridley playing Inspector Vosper; & Duncan McIntyre as Inspector Kingston in both versions of Gilbert.

Send for Paul Temple
Single Broadcast on October 13 1941.
Paul Temple
Carl Bernard
Thea Holme
Sir Graham Forbes
Cecil Trouncer
Supt. Harvey
Cyril Gardiner
Chief. Insp. Dale
Ivor Barnard
Insp. Merritt
William Trent
Dr. Milton
Ivan Samson
Diana Thornley
Grizelda Hervey
Edgar Norfolk
Anthony Holles
Allan Jeayes
Horace Daley
Arthur Young
Miss Parchment
Amy Veness
Sgt. Leopold
John Bryning

News of Paul Temple
Single Broadcast on July 5 1944.

Paul Temple
Richard Williams
Lucille Lisle
Sir Graham Forbes
Laidman Browne
Rex Bryant
Lewis Stringer
An editor
Arthur Ridley
Iris Archer
Grizelda Hervey
Mrs Moffat
Molly Rankin
David Lindsay
Basil Jones
Laurence Van Draper
Alexander Sarner
Major Guest
Cyril Gardiner
Mrs Weston
Gladys Young
Ernie Weston
Preston Lockwood
Ben Collins
Frank Cochrane
Duncan McIntyre
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