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Paul Temple and the Spencer Affair

First Broadcast on the Light Programme from 13 November 1957 - 1 January 1958.
Repeated October to December 1992 to celebrate Francis Durbridge's 80th birthday.
Produced with Peter Coke and Marjorie Westbury.

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1/ My Heart and Harry 2/ Concerning Judy Milton 3/ Introducing Pete Roberts 4/ That Old Intuition
5/ A Surprise for Pete Roberts 6/ Home Again 7/ Dinner at the Stardust 8/ A Party of Four
When young drama student Mary Dreisler is found murdered in her flat, her father instantly sends for Paul Temple. There appears to have been no struggle, no robbery... no motive. The only possible clue is a package that arrives for the dead girl. It contains a gramophone record called My Heart and Harry and attached is a note: `Adored every minute of it - Spencer'.

Who is Spencer? Does the song have anything to do with the murder? If anyone can find the answers, Paul can.

From the BBC Radio Collection tapes issued during 2000.

 Paul Temple
Peter Coke
Marjorie Westbury
Sir Graham Forbes
Lester Mudditt
Inspector Vosper
Hugh Manning
Rupert Dreisler
Brewster Mason
James Beattie
Peter Wallace
Frank Partington
Adrian Frost
Simon Lack
Judy Milton
June Tobin
Clutch Brompton
Lockwood West
Terry Gibson
Isabel Dean
Pete Roberts
Thomas Heathcote
Eric Lansdale
John Graham
James Thomason
Hamilton Dyce
Andre Reynaud
Denis Goacher

Prepared.  11 April 2001.
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