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Paul Temple and the Conrad Case

Broadcast from 2nd March 1959.
Produced with Peter Coke and Marjorie Westbury.

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1/ The Man From Munich 2/ Concerning Elliot France 3/ Hotel Reumer 4/ A Visit to Insbruch
5/ A Dry Martini 6/ Concerning Captain Smith 7/ Coffee for Miss Conrad 8/ Person Unknown
Paul Temple, radio's most popular sleuth, returns with his glamorous wife Steve.
Return to a sophisticated world, where Paul and Steve sip well-chilled cocktails where Sir Graham Forbes of Scotland Yard always sends for Paul when the going gets tricky, and where Paul's incisive mind picks up every one of the carefully strewn clues.

In the Conrad Case, the chase takes Paul and Steve to Bavaria to help find Betty Conrad. The only clue is an unusual cocktail stick found in her finishing school bedroom....

From the cover of the original BBC Radio Collection issue.
Covers - Left the original 1989 issue, Right from the late 90's reissue.

 Paul Temple
Peter Coke
Marjorie Westbury
James Beattie
Sir Graham Forbes
Richard Williams
Herr Breckshaft
Jeffrey Segal
Mrs Weldon
Virginia Winter
June Tobin
Elliot France
James Thomason
Hilda Schroder
Madame Klein
Dorothy Holmes-Gore
Denis Harper
John Bryning
Elsa Countess Dekker
Joan Matheson
Dr. Conrad
Rolf Lefebvre
Joyce Gunter
Dorothy Smith
Fritz Gunter
George Hagan
Captain Williams
John Bennett
Inspector Vosper
Hugh Manning
Inspector Digby
Peter Wilde
John Hollis
Betty Conrad
Jane Jordan Rogers

Prepared.  11 April 2001.
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