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Originally compiled by STEVE DALY
from information supplied by Nigel Deacon, John Gardner, Penny Fabb &  Steve Daly
Formatting & pictures scanned by Greg Marshall. 17 July 2000.
Most recent revision 16 September 2003
Geneva, Lawrence, War Years, added, Madison updated.

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Thanks to Ian Beard, Stuart Monk & Mark McKay.

ConradPaul Temple and Steve started their 30 year radio career in 1938. What follows is a listing of all the serials and plays originally broadcast on the BBC Light Programme or other domestic services. Many of the serials were made available by the BBC Transcription Service to overseas broadcasters, ensuring that Francis Durbridge's creation still has fans all over the world. In many ways 2003 has been a very good year for the series with BBC Worldwide continuing to issue the serials on CD and cassette, and the advent of the digital radio station BBC7, has given listeners in the UK (and worldwide via the internet) the chance to enjoy again Paul Temple.

The Radio Series
Writer - Francis Durbridge Francis Durbridge Martin C. Webster Producer - Martyn C. Webster
theme music "Coronation Scot" composed by Vivian Ellis
Note - While `Coronation Scot' is recognised as "the" Paul Temple radio theme, the early serials featured a section from the 2nd movement of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade" as the theme music.
"Steve" - Marjorie Westbury (from story 7, has a small part in 5)
"Sir Graham Forbes" - Lester Mudditt from 1938 - 1958
"Sir Graham Forbes" - Richard Williams from 1959 - 1963
"Sir Graham Forbes" - James Thomason 1968
Coronation Scot  - sheet music

All stories are 8 part serials except where noted! Dates are those of the first episode.
Note: September 6 2003:
The two War time plays have now been included in the main list (rather than noted separately) which has been renumbered.

01: `Send for Paul Temple'.  8th April 1938.
        "Paul" - Hugh Morton, "Steve Trent" - Bernadette Hodgson
02: `Paul Temple and the Front Page Men'.  2nd Nov 1938.
        "Paul" - Hugh Morton, "Steve" - Bernadette Hodgson
03: `News Of Paul Temple'.  13th Nov 1939. (6 parts)
        "Paul" - Hugh Morton, "Steve" - Bernadette Hodgson
04: `Send for Paul Temple'.  13th October 1941.(60 minute abridged Play)
        "Paul" - Carl Bernard, "Steve" - Thea Holme
05: `Paul Temple Intervenes'. 30th Oct 1942.
        "Paul" - Carl Bernard, "Steve" - Bernadette Hodgson
06: `News Of Paul Temple'.  5 July 1944. (60 minute abridged Play)
        "Paul" - Richard Williams, "Steve" - Lucille Lisle
07: `Send For Paul Temple Again'. 13th Sep 1945.
        "Paul" - Barry Morse
08: `A Case For Paul Temple'. 7th Feb 1946.
        "Paul" - Howard Marion Crawford
09: `Paul Temple And The Gregory Affair'. 17th Oct 1946. (10 parts)
        "Paul" - Kim Peacock
10: `Paul Temple And Steve'. 30th March 1947.
        "Paul" - Kim Peacock
11: `Mr And Mrs Paul Temple'. 23rd Nov 1947. (45 minute Play)
        "Paul" - Kim Peacock
12: `Paul Temple And The Sullivan Mystery'.  1st Dec 1947.
        "Paul" - Kim Peacock
13: `Paul Temple And The Curzon Case'. 7th Dec 1948.
        "Paul" - Kim Peacock
14: `Paul Temple And The Madison Mystery'. 12th Oct 1949.
        "Paul" - Kim Peacock
15: `Paul Temple And The Vandyke Affair'. 31st Oct 1950.
        "Paul" - Kim Peacock (NOTE: Peter Coke played Terry Palmer in this production)
16: `Paul Temple And The Jonathan Mystery'. 10th May 1951.
        "Paul" - Kim Peacock
17: `Paul Temple And Steve Again'. 18th April 1953. (60 minute Play)
        "Paul" - Kim Peacock
18: `Paul Temple And The Gilbert Case'. 29th March 1954.
        "Paul" - Peter Coke
19: `Paul Temple And The Madison Mystery'. 20th June 1955.
        "Paul" - Peter Coke  (remake of 14)
20: `Paul Temple And The Lawrence Affair'. 11th Apr 1956.
        "Paul" - Peter Coke
21: `Paul Temple And The Spencer Affair'.  13th Nov 1957.
        "Paul" - Peter Coke
22: `Paul Temple And The Vandyke Affair'. 1st Jan 1959.
        "Paul" - Peter Coke  (remake of 15)
23: `Paul Temple And The Conrad Case'. 2nd March 1959.
        "Paul" - Peter Coke
24: `Paul Temple And The Gilbert Case'. 22nd Nov 1959.
        "Paul" - Peter Coke  (remake of 18)
25: `Paul Temple And The Margo Mystery'. 1st Jan 1961.
        "Paul" - Peter Coke
26: `Paul Temple And The Jonathan Mystery'. 14th Oct 1963.
        "Paul" - Peter Coke   (remake of 16)
27: `Paul Temple And The Geneva Mystery'. 11th April 1965. (6 parts)
        "Paul" - Peter Coke
28: `Paul Temple And The Alex Affair'. 26th Feb 1968.
        "Paul" - Peter Coke  (remake of 7: Villain changed from Rex to Alex.)

All the Items 18 & 20 - 28 still exit.
The following titles have been issues in the BBC Radio Collection, originally on cassette - with the newer titles also available on CD.

"The Conrad Case" BBC Audio (Spoken Word - July 1989); ISBN: 0563209852
"The Spencer Affair" BBC Audio (Spoken Word - 8 May, 2000); ISBN: 0563553340
"The Gilbert Case" BBC Audio (Spoken Word - 4 June, 2001); ISBN:  056347842X
"The Geneva Mystery" BBC Audio CD also available on cassette.(Spoken Word - 7 May, 2002); ISBN: 0563536489
"The Lawrence Affair" BBC Audio CD also available on cassette.(Spoken Word - 5 May, 2003); ISBN: 0563494115
"The Alex Affair" BBC Audio CD also available on cassette.(Spoken Word - 6 October, 2003); ISBN: 0563494883

Aditional radio details
The Night Of The Twenty Seventh - 60 minute play broadcast 27th Dec 1949. Plot concerns a dinner party attended by Paul Temple and Steve, Dick Barton, Dr and Mrs Dale, The Man in Black, Philip Odell and PC 49. Written by Edward J. Mason. Produced by Martyn C. Webster.
Radio Scotland Broadcast: Paul Temple And Light Fingers - 20 Minute Program In Series On British Detective Stories - Written By Durbridge And Read By Sandy Neilson.

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