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Paul Temple and the Lawrence Affair

First Broadcast on the Light Programme from 11 April 1956 - 30 May 1956.
Produced with Peter Coke and Marjorie Westbury.

1/ The Little Things 2/ Salty West 3/ The Handbag 4/ Return to Downburgh
5/ A Present for Steve 6/ News from Sir Graham 7/ Another Suspect 8/ Return to London

While the Temple's are staying in the fishing village of Downburgh, Steve gets the uneasy feeling that she is being watched by a man at Fisherman's Point. A pleasant boat trip turns into a nightmare when their craft gets shot at - and the boatman himself is later discovered drowned at sea. Back in London, the daughter of the head of CI5 has disappeared, and Sir Graham brings the matter to Paul's attention. Could there be a connection between this and the events in Downburgh? In finding out, Paul and Steve find they are in peril once again.

From the BBC Radio Collection CDs issued 5 May 2003.


 Paul Temple Peter Coke
Steve Marjorie Westbury
Sir Graham Forbes Lester Mudditt
Inspector Vosper Arthur Ridley
Inspector Ivor Manning Wilson
Charlie James Beattie
Salty West Brewster Mason
Brian Dexter Simon Lack
Johnny Teako Brian Haines
Linda Teako Belle Chrystal
Ernest de Silva John Gabriel
Julie de Silva Marjorie Mars
Mary Gardner Dorothy Holmes-Gore
Freeman/Burford Allan McClelland
Bell/Barker Hamilton Dyce
Sgt. Thomas Gordon Davies
Mrs Purdie Molly Rankin
Bob Gardner Leonard Trolley
Sir Carlton Ross Richard Williams
Sylvia Ross Cecile Chevreau
Stan Walters Denis Goacher
Foster Geoffrey Hodson

Other parts played by Gretta Gouriet, Annette Kelly, George Merritt, Jeffrey Segal, James Thomason, Michael Turner.

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