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Rev. Moon's Film Inchon, with Laurence Olivier and Jaqueline Biset

INCHON - Moon's Movie

~Welcome to the Movies!
Have some popcorn and pull up a seat! Well, almost no one in the world saw the Movie INCHON, it was panned by ALL the critics, and was in theaters for about a week....but many chances do you get to watch a movie that the 'messiah' produced?

~It only took 5 Whole Years, several big name Hollywood Celebrities, a crew of 250 Technicians, 3000 Actors (mostly extras), 18 Tanks, 12 Armored Personnel Carriers, 24 Jeeps, a Plethora of Explosives and Special Effects ... oh, yeah, and 48 MILLION DOLLARS! And Sun Myung Moon had his First (and last) Big-Time Hollywood Movie!

~Now finally they could show the film at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival. Well...not yet. Rev. Moon had some Suggestions for Improvements to the film, first. Improvements to what? Why, the opening credits of course! It only cost another $300,000 Dollars to do that, and the Promotional Book for the Movie, assures us that it Improved the Film Substantially. Hmmm.

~With all that money, and famous Actors: Ben Gazzara, Jaqueline Bisset, Laurence Oliviet, Richard Roundtree and others, why didn't I see the movie? The answer is: Apparently no one else did either! The Film was panned by Critics unanimously from the very beginning! It debuted in a few select markets and promptly Folded shortly thereafter.




Parade Magazine wrote: "the biggest loser at the box office in America was Inchon, produced by the Rev. Sung Myung Moon's Unification Church and starring the late Laurence Olivier, who didn't know what the film was all about except that he was being paid $1 million to play Gen. Douglas MacArthur."

Jack Kroll of Newsweek commented: "The worst movie ever made...a turkey the size of Godzilla"

Peter Rainier of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner: "Quite possibly the worst film ever made...stupefyingly incompetent"

Richard Schickel from Time Magazine: "As military spectacles go, one of the sorriest in military history".

~It was a dismal Failure! "No!" Sun Myung Moon insisted. It was a great success. Only in the world of "Unificationism" could a nearly 50 Million Dollar loss be called "Victorious". But then Sun Myung Moon wasn't working for those funds himself was he? It was the multitudes of followers, working street corners hawking candy, and the higher ranks, running the Industrial Factories, and the other Business Enterprises that keep Moon flush with cash, that were funding everything.

A $1 Million Dollar Sweepstakes was offered to entice film goers into the theaters, and still, no one went!

~Why though? Why you might be asking, would a so-called Religious leader, be mixing it up with the Hollywood types, and making Movies that cost 48 Million Dollars?

God !

~Yes! God himself had told Sun Myung Moon to create this horrible movie! Yes, it took Five Years and 48 Million Dollars, but so what? God and Moon were both pleased. I don't know if God also gave his blessing to the Million Dollar Sweepstakes that even failed to bring Movie-Goers in, but hey... Moon tried everything didn't he? Besides, Moon told his followers: I must be crazy to make a Movie with no Movie Making Experience, that cost that much money, right? Why else would I do it if it weren't God's will?

~Well, there you go! That's all Moon's followers needed to know. They had worked hard for Moon in the rain and snow. It was 48 Million Bucks down the drain, some have lost their health or even died, in the sometimes harsh conditions raising this money for Moon...but it was... God's Will!.

Special Advisor Moon

~Moon is listed in the Credits as Special Advisor. Perhaps Special advice was neccessary, to lose that much money? I guess you and I would have lost twice that much? It's just money anyway. What is that compared with the Messiah getting to see his name on the Big Movie Screen?

Click To View The Movies Credits ~Here is an Actual view of The Film's Credits. Click the image to the right to bring up the Large Size.   Click To View Inchon Movie Credits

INCHON MOVIE - Souvenir Book


~In what they call the Souvenir Book for the Movie, there is another interesting story. As you may know if you have read some of my pages on Moon -VS- Christianity, it is Moon's contention that the Biblical Promise that Jesus will come again from Heaven appearing on the clouds, is foolish. Moon believes that clouds really mean people. Moon says that all Christians that believe Jesus can appear in the sky are Foolish (His words). And yet once again, as I have pointed out in other articles, Moon completely contradicts himself. In one section of The Souvenir Book to the Movie, there is a Photograph, that the book claims is ... you're way ahead of me! Jesus On The Clouds!

Moon claims Jesus cannot appear on clouds, then shows a picture of it!

~Moon's Movie Book, claims that this picture is actually Jesus appearing over the clouds of Korea During The Korean War! It is suggested that this was a showing of Jesus "love" and "concern" for the nation of Korea, and His protection of it. Sure, wonderful. But Mr. Moon, you have many times said that Christians who believe the biblical prophecy of Jesus appearing on clouds are Foolish! You and your members giggle at the idea that Jesus Christ will return on the clouds! I guess it was only Foolish for Christian Believers, but when The Nation of Korea is involved...Well.... then it is perfectly OK for Jesus to appear on clouds?!!

~Once again, Moon shows that it is contempt for Christianity, and not Theology or some New Truth that makes Moon say the things he does, all the time Contradicting himself whenever "convenient". Writing this, I am very sad. Sad because as an Ex-Member I know exactly how hard it is working simply to raise money for this man, so that he can then waste it on Pet Projects that soothe his enormous Ego. I am sorry for the members that are still denying to themselves that this is not a man of God, but a selfish man, that uses people to maintain the very wealthy Lifestyle that he enjoys at their expense.

~What was that you said? "Well, at least Moon's Movie-Making career is over now!" Ummm...don't hold your breath on that one! Apparently 48 Million Dollars was not enough to blow the first time! Moon has told his followers that he has "Two More Movies" to make before he dies. God told him to do it! The next one is to be about the Life of Jesus (No, it wasn't - The Last Temptation of Christ). In fact, in the Souvenir Book to the Movie, it says that Moon promised the SAME PRODUCER of the Inchon Movie, A BILLION DOLLARS for his next Unsuccessful (yet Providential) Movie about Jesus! And the last one? Didn't you figure that out? The last Movie God told Rev. Moon to make is about: Rev. Moon. Who knows? That Unsuccessful (and Providential) Movie may only cost TWO-BILLION!

Are you a member of The Unification Church still?
Get out while you still have money left!



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