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Moon's Unforgivable Sin

Is Adultery Part of TRUE LOVE? ~The central theology of The Unification Church, is the concept of "True Parents". These words do not mean to a Moonie "good parents" or "responsible parents". It is a concept concerning their view on the original purpose of creation as well as the role and function of the messiah. In fact, the words "True Parents" are synonymous with the word "Messiah". Adam and Eve were to have been the first human "True Parents", but because of their sin, which Moonies believe was a premature sexual relationship, they were unable to fulfill this role. God then waited and worked for thousands of years to bring a second chance to establish "True Parents". Jesus was to have fulfilled this role, Moonies believe, by taking a bride and establishing the first family with children born free of original sin. Because Jesus was killed before being married, this couldn't occur and Jesus was able to establish "spiritual" salvation, but not "physical" salvation. And so God supposedly has waited another several thousand years now for Moon and his wife to come and fulfill this role of "True Parents" or Messiah.

~Now that we have a background established, I would like to provide, particularly for current members of the Unification Church, some information which will show that Moon cannot be the "True Parents", even using only his own theology to defeat him with. I would like to confirm that this concept is entirely unbiblical and opposed to the truth of the Bible concerning the nature of God and the Messiah and sin in general. I will discuss some of these issues in the last part of this critique, but for now want everyone to prove that Moon is not even following his own established doctrines and philosophies, but instead has repeated in his own family life, the very sins that he claims that Adam and Eve committed. Certainly a man proclaiming to bring a "new" truth, should be able to follow and establish for all the pattern of that "truth" in his own life. Conversely, if he cannot do that, I would call that grounds upon which to dismiss any such claims as "dishonest" and "fraudulent".

Adam & Eve's Sin & Moon's Sin

The Problem as Moon sees it:

~Adam and Eve were to have multiplied children of goodness and become the Lord's of Creation, by following God's commandment "not to eat" (Have a sexual relationship) until they had permission or God's blessing, to consummate the marriage and produce children. Moon contends that Adam and Eve should have both grown to perfection, and thereby become one with God "before" they had children. This would have produced children of goodness, reflecting God's nature without original sin and therefore without the need of a savior.

~To understand this well, we need to review a few concepts of the Divine Principle teaching (Moon's theology). Man is originally created to grow through three stages of growth: Formation, Growth and Completion. Adam and Eve fell before they had perfected themselves in the second stage, or growth period:

What is the growth period?

D.P. Principle of Creation
(2)Indirect dominion Pg.55

"All things reach their PERFECTION through the dominion and autonomy of the Principle itself, by going through the period of GROWTH (indirect dominion)"

~So, if you are not "perfect" you are either in the formation stage or passing through the growth stage. Moon teaches that Adam and Eve fell in the Growth Stage, they were cut off from God and had no mediator to return to God. They were unable then to reach perfection and instead produced children with sin.

~Moon says that he now has accomplished what Adam and Eve and later Jesus, failed to do, which is to reach perfection and become one with God, and produce children free of original sin.

What is Moon's definition of perfection?

D.P. Consummation of Human History
Section 1 Pg. 101

"A man of perfected individuality becomes ONE BODY in UNITY with God.

The man who has attained ONE BODY with God ...comes to have deity and can by no means commit sin: naturally HE CANNOT FALL."

~Now, if we were to discover that Moon did indeed "fall", we could conclude that he is unqualified to become the "True Parents" according to his own established definitions, because he said that a perfected individual "Cannot Fall" and if Moon fell, then it would mean that he had done so during the "growth" period, which would then repeat what Moon claims was the "Fall of Mankind" and the origin of suffering in the world. If he were to repeat that, he wouldn't then be much of a messiah, would he be?

~To understand whether Moon fell or not himself, we must understand the original "Fall" and see if it applies to Moon in any way:

What caused the physical fall of man?

D.P. Fall of Man
(2) Physical Fall Pg. 79

"Adam and Eve SHOULD have become husband and wife eternally centered on God AFTER their perfection."

~I emphasized the word "after" above to make a point. From the above statement it is clear that the correct order of things, in God's plan for man according to Moon, is as Follows: First Adam and Eve, or any man and woman "Must" perfect themselves, which as noted above means to become one with God, perfect, without the possibility to fall. Then and only then would they produce children, otherwise they would not be producing God's lineage, as Moon calls it, but satan's lineage instead.Therefore, you only become husband and wife" AFTER" the perfection of Adam and Eve or you are engaged in an unprincipled sexual relationship called the fall!

~Why is that important? Because as a former member, in the 40 day training in NY for learning Moon's teachings, we were taught that Moon had in fact had three different wives. We were told that the first two had not fulfilled their own personal responsibility in becoming the True Eve or restored Eve, because they did not follow Rev. Moon as the messiah and instead lost faith in him until finally he married his last and current wife Hak Ja Han, who became the perfected Eve and whom he has produced a large family, which is called the "True Family".

~Most members in fact support this "explanation" of how Moon can have had three wives and still be the Messiah, with a supposedly "True Family" that is the root that all the world's families must engraft to, in order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

~The responsibility is passed off as "These women had their own responsibility to follow Rev. Moon, he cannot be blamed for their failure...." That is true, however there is one point which has been left unanswered: Moon had children with at least one of the other wives! In fact he himself admits to children from a previous marriage in several speeches which I have in my possession. The question then is: Why did he have children with someone "Before" the perfection of both spouses? Even if one believes that Moon was perfect, how could his wife have been if she left him? And it is clear from the above comments that "both" must be perfect before having children. Once again:

D.P. Fall of Man
(2) Physical Fall Pg. 79

"Adam and Eve SHOULD have become husband and wife eternally centered on God AFTER their perfection."

~After "THEIR" perfection. Not after "HIS" perfection. Now according to the above statement from the DP teaching, Moon and his potential spouse should not even become husband and wife until "after" their perfection. But Moon not only married two other women, he consummated at least one of the other marriages and produced a child from it. That means that Moon produced children with sin. If he hadn't then, that wife would have been the True Eve and he would have formed the "True Family" with her. This was not the case. Moon got divorced from her and married again. This means that Moon in fact repeated what he claims was the "Fall of Mankind", because he too, like Adam, got married before he and his wife were perfect, and like Adam this resulted in producing children with original sin.

~There is no avoiding this conclusion, that Moon failed by his own definition. Some members have told me that Moon has said that it is only after marriage that the husband and wife become one with God and reach perfection. Even if that were so, it would mean that Moon contradicted himself in the DP, by saying there that perfection comes "before" marriage. And whether perfection should come before or after, is really immaterial when it is only common sense that he should never have had children until the "perfection" part had been worked out first. This would of course avoid divorces (Which Moon has had) and producing children with original sin.

~Moon didn't do that. Another member told me that the woman actually depends on Moon for perfection and that as the messiah, he has the right to forgive sin for his spouse. So he (Moon) is perfect, but they are not until through Moon as their mediator they have achieved perfection. OK, but even so, if Moon has a sexual relationship with a woman who is not perfect, one with God, he is engaged in a premature conjugal relationship that he says is called the fall. According to Moon's own philosophy, when people have sex together, they inherit the other's fallen nature. In other words, Moon claims there are Spiritual Elements that are transfered from the partner you have sex with. This would mean that if Moon slept with someone that wasn't perfect (Sinless) then he would inherit their sin himself through the sexual relationship, In that case, Moon would no longer be a Sinless Messiah, because he just received the woman's sin nature!

~Further more, Moon claims that the whole purpose of the Messiah, is to establish God's Lineage which Moon claims is a Blood Lineage not just a spiritual lineage. How do you get "God's" blood? Through the Messiah, Moon, of course. This is why members drink Moon's Holy Wine which the church teaches contains the Actual, Literal, Physical Blood, of Sun Myung Moon. (This is what THEY teach, not my opinion - Read more on this in my article: Moonies and The Occult) In this way, Moon is said to be the "Tree of Life" which produces Sinless Children through Moon's Blessing Ceremony. But Moon himself has admitted that he had children in a previous marriage with a woman that was NOT who the Moonies call The True Mother (Moon's most recent wife). The children Moon has produced from at least one other relationship (Others say Moon has children from at least Four different women) are NOT called The True Children as Moon's children with his last wife are called. It is pretty obvious that Moon's OTHER children were not born WITHOUT Original Sin. The question is: How can a "True Tree" produce both Good and Bad fruit? How can Moon be both the father of Satan's Lineage AND God's Lineage? The answer is: He should never have consummated the relationship, if it will produce children with original sin, but he did. Which means what? He thought the woman he was married with was perfect and was beginning what he thought was the "True Family". That alone shows that he himself was not one with God, or he would have perceived that the woman was not. He did not perceive that, because he was not perfect , and he had a sexual relationship with her that produced children with original sin.

Moon Broke His Own Principles!



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