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Section On Divine Principle Teachings

A very small sampling of the Voluminous Unification Literature ~In an advertisement for Unification Church members to purchase various magazines and books full of Moon's speeches, a quote from Isaiah 40:8 of The Bible tells us much about the Moonie's position on Moon's spoken and written words:



"The grass withers and the flowers fall,
But the word of our God stands forever."

~It is not The Bible that is for sale from the Home Office, it is:

The Divine Principle
Outline of The Principles, Level 4
Home Church
Blessing and Ideal Family
God's Will and The World

The Online Moonie Bookstore: HSA Publications

~If I were to go on, the list could go into the dozens. There is in fact a 15-Volume Set of Books referred to as Hoon Dok Hae which I believe loosely translates into "Community Reading". This 15-Volume set purports to contain words from Moon on "Every subject Father ever spoke about." And this may be somewhat close to the truth, as Moon's words are transribed and then translated from virtually every venue he speaks at! Why?


"The grass withers and the flowers fall,
But the word of our God stands forever."

~Moon's words are "God's Word" for the Moonies, not The Bible. As I write this, I am completely aware that members will tell me: "Craig, we believe The Bible also, that it is God's word, that it is truth." Yes, I realise that this is what is claimed. But I am far more concerned with what is REAL, than what is CLAIMED. Having been a member in good standing for many years, and having been trusted to teach DP lectures, and now having been a serious student, and teacher of The Bible for several years, I feel qualified, understanding both sides, to say: "No, The Bible is NOT God's word for The Moonies, but Rev. Moon's teachings are."

~I say this for several reasons. First, because The Bible is ALWAYS brought into question when a Moonie is shown very clearly and convincingly that the words in The Bible are in contradiciton to what Moon is teaching. The response (Which is not unique to Moonies, I might add) is: "Yeah, but MEN wrote the Bible. You don't think they made mistakes?" As a Christian, "No." I don't believe there are the types of mistakes that Moonies believe there are. But here is the real issue: Ok, you believe that MEN are fallable, as regards the recording of God's word. Then doesn't it stand to reason that Moon could be wrong or mistaken? NEVER! This is not a possibility for Unificationists. Moon is the Messiah. God incarnate. He cannot be wrong.

~So, we can see, a distinction is made. The Bible can be wrong, but Moon cannot be! Here we can understand readily, that the advertisement found in a Moonie publication, tells us very competently where Moonies stand. Moon's words are God's words. In fact, in The Introduction to The Tradition which is a book based on Moon's teachings, which explains tradition and basic Moonie protocol that is to be followed regarding worship, religious rituals and also doctrinal positions, it is stated by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, one of the top Moonie leaders:

The Tradition, x / Introduction

"As in all aspects of our life of faith,
True Father's words have final authority."

~Final Authority - In ALL ASPECTS of their life of faith. Moon is The Final Authority. Not God's book, The Bible, not even God Himself. That is something that is very dangerous. In fact, I would venture to suggest that even God shows more patience and leniency than Moon does. Jesus asked his followers to come and follow Him, true. But there was more of a two-way relationship. Even though, we believe as Christians, that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, there are situations where the disciples argued with Jesus (No one argues with Moon) situations where they questioned whether something Jesus said would happen in the future, really had to happen, etc. Moses, when God asked him to go to Pharoah, complained to God, making many excuses why he wasn't qualified for the job. If this had been Moon, first of all, the response would have simply been "Yes, Father, I will do what you ask.". But if the leader was foolish enough to argue with Moon, he would not remain a leader very long. Does Moon demand more obedience than God does? I say: YES! He absolutely does! Moon asks for a blind obedience, regardless of a person's conscience. God will work with our fears and doubts. When Moses said to God that he wasn't very articulate in speech, to have to deal with a Pharoah. God simply said "Bring your brother Aaron with you." Even God is not on the EGO trip Moon is on! Moon on the other hand has said:

June 22, 1980 Belvedere
Translator -- Bo Hi Pak

"Once you are accustomed to this basic pattern of life then you don't have to pray so much because everything you do is prayer. Once you pray, God will just reply, "Go ahead and do it." Now and then you would pray to make sure that what you are doing is what God wants and the universe wants; then you can pray for power if you are worn out.

In your case you can tell me that since I know so much more about prayer than you that I should do the praying and you will just follow what I say. That attitude and action are as meaningful as your individual prayer."

~Was that amazing? In a speech entitled: THE NECESSITY OF PRAYER, Sun Myung Moon instead actually tells his followers that they don't have to pray, if they are following Moon completely. He tells them that doing what he says, is " meaningful as your individual prayer.". This is not what the Bible teaches. But let us put Moon to the test, and see if his words which are "God's words" are "infallable words" or do they have error? I believe there are gaping errors in Moon's philosophy, and I expose some of them here.


The Three Blessings

The Three Blessings

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John The Baptist

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Was Mary A Virgin?

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