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-MEMBERS Testimonials


~This Section is very special. It is a place where others, like myself, have shared sometimes very deep parts of themselves. Sometimes after leaving the Moonies, all a person wants to do is "forget" that they had ever made that mistake. Many people have no where to turn when they leave. They are afraid to let others know this part of their life. But I want you to understand, that this is also one of the reasons the Moonies have indoctrinated the numbers of people they have over the years. While it is true, that most who join the Moonies will eventually leave. It is equally true, that the years they lost will NEVER be returned to them. Some are lucky, and were involved for only a few years, maybe even only months or weeks. But many others committed the greater parts of their adult lives. Giving up their families. Their money and possessions....futures. I want to personally say, that each person that has a story here, is a hero. They have chosen to use their experiences in a positive way to help others. It is a great feeling to be able to share things you kept secret, sometimes for years. Some of you reading this, know what I am talking about. I encourage you also, to add to this growing section, with your own experiences. These are people's lives teaching us now. Not doctrines, or philosophical musings. Real people, sharing real experiences. I hope that this section will be a great benefit to others, in seeing the true nature, of high-control groups like the Unification Church.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a beginning. Several other people have promised to send their stories in, and I believe that many more will follow, so check back often!


Danny Harth

~Danny was a faithful MFT Member (Mobile Fundraising Team). This was without doubt, the worst "mission" one could perform for the church. They worked long days, almost every single day of the week, and often with only 3 or 4 hours sleep each night. They travelled in vans, from city to city, and sometimes forgot which city they were in on any given day. Danny suffered emotional and physical abuse that he candidly shares with us. He is also a colorful fellow, that speaks quite frankly sometimes. So if you have delicate ears, beware. But I think you will appreciate his sincerity and desire to be so honest with his story, holding nothing back. It is often a sad story.

Gordon Neufeld

~Gordon is a native of Canada. He was in California for a visit. He thought he was there only for two weeks, but the two weeks turned into a decade after meeting up with Unification Church members that invited him to dinner, but never told him they were disciples of Sun Myung Moon, and that they were really befriending him to recruit him into the clutches of the Moonies. He was young, in between jobs and lonely. All these elements increased his vulnerability to recruiters with hidden agendas. This is a strong lesson on deceptive recruitment techniques. Gordon, is now often called upon to write articles and lecture on his experiences. His section, is rather large, because in addition to his testimony, I asked permission to post several of the articles he has had published in the major media. You will find his story and his writings educational and thought provoking!


~Sveta is from the former U.S.S.R. She is very open about her life with an abusive father. In many ways, it was this abusive father she sought to escape from and replace with a "true father". Having lost my own father when I was only in my 20's, I can relate with this. So can many moonies, who thought they had found a "new family". For Sveta though, she replaced her abusive father with a young abusive leader in The Unification Church. It was so fearful, she thought to move to Moscow to escape. Maybe even more damaging than this, is the guilt and fear she suffered for years after leaving. She was afraid to meet new people, for fear that it was the Moonies trying to trick her back into the cult. This is one of the very painful side effects to a group like Moon's. Read her story, and you will see what I mean.

Bill Taylor

~Bill Taylor is an X-Member and an online friend. You can sometimes catch him on alt.religion.unification where he gives intelligent and interesting dialogue. I have found Bill to be a very honest and sincere person, and with a desire to see others (everyone) become better people. He admits to witnessing the abuse and control in The Unification Church, but has still come out of it with positive experiences, and indeed has no regret for the time he spent in the Moonies. Nevertheless, he has grown past the need to be controlled, and has come to regard Moon, as one of the most selfish men he has ever seen.

Brenda Henry

~Brenda has a very interesting testimonial. She had dreams and spiritual experiences that originally made her believe that God wanted her to be a member of the Moonies. To her surprise, God lead her in a totally different direction instead. After joining the Moonies, she had a chance meeting with Elton John and was invited to his band's rehearsal. There, she got into a discussion with one of Elton's band members that was a Christian. She thought she was witnessing to him about Moon, when in fact, he was introducing her to the Son! He showed her through the Bible that Moon's teachings were against the obvious lessons of scripture. Her story gets more interesting as she also meets Hal Lyndsay, who answered many more of her questions personally about God and The Bible. Hal is the best selling author of the book "Late Great Planet Earth". Hal also mentions Brenda in one of his later books. God certainly has been walking with Mrs. Henry, and she is writing a book of her experiences to help others and share what she has learned. There are links to her website and information on the book she is writing on the page with her story. Use the links at top left.

John Guzman

~John joined the Moonies through a front organization The Creative Community Project in San Francisco. He joined with his korean girlfriend, but of course almost immediately they attempted to break their relationship and separate them. John expresses how he had been on a spiritual quest, but the Moonies were not pleased at all that he kept his Bible with him and would ask them questions based upon scripture. Finally he realized there was something wrong, and he and his girlfriend and her brother left the group. He later married his true love, and never looked back at the Moonies. Contrary to Moon's promises of child deformity and other threats, John has only been happy every since.

Bora Uzima

~Bora joined the Moonies in Africa, in her native Democratic Republic of Congo. Similar to John, her attachment to the Bible was frowned upon, and her questions remained unanswered by her new "family". They promised the answers would be revealed later, but they never were. Worst of all, she began to see that in many ways, the rites of the Moonies resembled Witchcraft which was heavily practiced in her homeland. Eventually, she came to believe that the force behind Moon was darkness, and not God. She left, gave her life to Christ and became a Christian.



Danny Harth
Gordon Neufeld
Bill Taylor
Brenda Henry
John Guzman
Bora Uzima
Harlan Simantel
Natalija Velikorodina
Todd Harvey


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