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Sun Myung Moon - 1994 ~Sun Myung Moon is the founder and leader of a worldwide religious organization called "The Unification Church" and popularly known as "The Moonies". Although publicly, Moon has announced the dissolution of The Unification Church (UC) as an entity, it still maintains a Website on the Web and offices in New York as H.S.A.U.W.C. (The Holy Spirit Association For The Unification Of World Christianity) which is the formal name of the UC.

~Moon began his ministry in poverty stricken Korea from humble origins and claims a spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ at 16 years of age while in prayer on a mountainside in Korea on Easter. He formally registered his church in 1954 in Korea as "The Holy Spirit Association For The Unification Of World Christianity". He cultivated followers and public criticism and controversy along the way with accusations that he engaged in sexual relations with his female members in the early days of his church as part of his religious rites. He has been imprisoned numerous times in his life for varying offenses, most recently for tax evasion and forgery in The United States in the late 80's.

~He has risen through the controversies and emerged by many accounts, a billionaire business man who has founded hundreds of businesses has invested by his own account over a billion dollars in a money losing but power building Washington Times Newspaper in the nation's capital and is a religious leader who has established The Unification Theological Seminary and maintains churches throughout the world with followers estimated to be 3 million worldwide.

~His self proclaimed goal is to replace Democracy throughout the world, which he has stated is a failed system, and turn the world into a Theocracy with himself as the authoritarian dictator. Having proclaimed himself and his wife as The Lord of The Second Advent, or the second coming of Jesus Christ, he believes that ruling the world is his destiny.

~He has attracted the most attention for his unusual mass wedding spectacles where tens and possibly hundreds of thousands have been married at the same time. Moon Mass Marriage CeremonyAnd until recently with Moon choosing the partners by matching them together and then marrying them in football stadiums and other venues. The public goals of the church are humanitarian in nature, but by many accounts Moon is not a humanitarian but a public menace and a threat to democracy with Charges by our own intelligence agencies of bribery and influencing of American politics and elections. Let's hear both sides of the story, beginning with the early history of Moon and his church.

The Early Days: Sexual Purification

~Sun Myung Moon was born in 1920 on January 6 (Lunar Calendar) in Jung ju province of Korea. His family raised him as a Presbyterian, but some ex-members have testified that his parents had also been members of a sect in the 1930's that practiced "Pi Ka Rum" (cleansing of the womb), which was a purification act whereby the ministers had sex with the female congregants (cleansing their wombs) who in turn had sexual relations again with their husbands which supposedly was to spread this sexual cleansing throughout the world. These reports gained credibility with a book by a former church leader from the movements earliest days called "The Tragedy Of The Six Marys". It is an account that claims that in Moon's early days he taught that 6 married women must have sexual relations with him and then with their own husbands and then with other married men to spread the blood of the Messiah throughout the world. The author Pak Chung Hwa, who was with Moon from his earliest beginnings claimed that he became upset that Moon didn't stop at the required 6, but continued having sexual relations with more female members, turning the rite into a kind of "revolving sex club". Pak later wrote a second book "Apostate" where he recanted much of the information in the first and all the available copies of the book in Japan, where it was sold, were bought up and destroyed by loyal members of Moon's church. A (closet) ex-member told me that some of his friends had visited Pak to question him about the original allegations of sexual acts of Moon, and Pak would not directly deny them (though he seemed to in his follow up book). In any event, he returned to the UC before the advent of the second book and it is questionable whether money was the motivation in the new book. He has since passed away and the secrets may remain with him forever.

~It is my own opinion that the charges of Moon's sexual deviations are accurate. There is far too much information from a variety of sources, including our own intelligence agencies, which are aligned in most details of the events. Not to mention that Moon produced a child with a young University student, Myung Hee Kim, from Yoon Se University. It was another University : Ewha Women's University that was at the center of charges against Moon that he was using his church as a haven for deceiving female professors and students into sexual relationships with him. As detailed in various articles such as The Robert Parry Series :The Dark Side Of Moon there are other such allegations , including a woman who said she was disowned by her husband after having a child from Moon, and was left alone to raise the child herself without even any support from Moon. I personally asked Robert Parry about his series and the accusations of sexual promiscuity against Moon. He told me "It is possible that everyone is lying and only Sun Myung Moon is telling the truth, but that is highly unlikely."

~In the course of my contact with current and former members there is another account (also detailed in the Parry series) about an alleged affair that Sun Myung Moon had with a young church member with the full knowledge of his current wife Hak Ja Han Moon. Reportedly, Bo Hi Pak was then asked to take responsibility for the child and raise it as his own, which he apparently did. I was told by former members that Moon's wife allowing the affair (presumably to restore some biblical event) was a condition for the growth of Moon's current wife to perfection, as determined by Moon. Well, if there was a list of "All Time Greatest Lines Men Have Given Women", I would say this would garnish top honors! Moon's speeches are peppered with sexual innuendo that only seems to have worsened and become more graphic as the time has progressed. Some consider that a sign of mental imbalance in figures such as Moon who are deluded in their worship of themselves as "messiah's" or "historic figures". Moon seems obsessed with sex, even in seeing countries relations with one another as sexual in nature. He has stated that Korea is shaped like the male sexual organ, and so Japan being an island nation with female characteristics wants to control Korea in the same way that he says Eve dominated Adam in the beginning. All these pieces of evidence provide us a clear picture that surely Moon is not the one telling the truth, and the whole world engaged in a conspiracy of lies against him. As I have personally discovered in other matters, it is Moon who is the liar and deceiver. In fact, deception is justified in Moon's theology where he has stated that it is OK to "lie to someone to make them better" and that even "God lies to us very often".



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