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Is Adultery Part of TRUE LOVE? ~Almost from the founding of his Unification Church in Korea in the 1950's, The Rev. Sun Myung Moon has been plagued by rumours and allegations of engaging in sexual relations with his followers. And not only Moon himself, but some of his children as well. Moon's eldest son, who at one time seemed to be the heir apparent of the Moon empire, recently was divorced from the wife his father had matched him with. During the trial, Nan Sook Hong (Moon) claimed that her husband Hyo Jin was addicted to pornography and had affairs with other women. Much of this information is detailed in a Robert Parry article: Generation Next

~There was a book by Pak Chung Hwa who was one of the earliest followers of Moon in the early days called The Tragedy Of The Six Mary's. In the book, Pak alleges that Moon's early teaching was that the new messiah must have sex with 6 "Marys" in a ritual that would cleanse the womb and make it pure. These women who must be married would then have sex with other men and the process would multiply until all people were "saved" in this way. Pak claimed though, that Moon wouldn't stop at the six as he originally stated, but turned the theology into a kind of rotating sex-club for himself, which upset Pak, particularly he claimed because sometimes these encounters produced children and Moon allegedly left the women to fend for themselves with no support from Moon.

~Later, Pak rejoined Moon's movement and wrote another book called Apostate in which he recanted much of the first book. Having since passed away, the truth may remain with him forever. According to article's by respected journalist Robert Parry, government intelligence reports recently declassified affirm much of the accusations against Moon. In an exchange that I had with him recently, he expressed "While it is certainly possible that all these people are lying and only Moon is telling the truth, it is highly unlikely." Indeed. I have received numerous correspondences with members and former members on this subject, and they generally say similar things.

~More recently, there have been allegations that Moon has even had an affair in his third and current marriage with Hak Ja Han who is called "True Mother" and is considered , along with her husband to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The comments that have been made in emails to me and also as the topic of discussion on at least one of the private List Serve discussion groups of Moon's followers and ex-followers is that this "affair" was actually a condition for Moon's wife to become perfect as Moon claims to be himself. If true, I would put this towards the top of the list in a book called "Amazing Lines That Men Have Handed Women". In any event, the affair was said to occur in the home of Bo Hi Pak, long time Moon right hand man. Moon allegedly asked Bo Hi Pak to raise the child as his own, which he did, naming him Sammy Park. Some of these allegations are affirmed by Madeleine Pretorious, a recent defector of Moon's movement and a confidant of his son Hyo Jin Moon. Her testimony is that Hyo Jin confided that Sammy Park came to him one day and pronounced that he was Hyo Jin's half brother. The rumours of this affair and of Moon's "love child" have not escaped members of Moon's church, and may in fact be part of the reason for the exodus of several long time followers and leaders within the movement.

~Certainly I cannot verify whether any of these things are true, but it is notable that even some current members believe they are. And when compared to the scandals that have plagued Moon from the earliest days, the reality of his having failed at two previous marriages, as well as having a child out of wedlock before even divorcing his first wife, plus what I feel is his obsession with sexual innuendo in his "sermons" to members, there begins to amass strong circumstantial evidence. Moon is a man who sees everything in sexual terms

Moon's Obsession With Sex

~In Moon's theology, the very origin of sin lies in a sexual relationship between Eve and Lucifer. Eve's taking the "forbidden fruit" in fact is a metaphor of her sexual relationship with satan according to Moon. So for Moon, it is premature sex that initiated all that would be called evil in the world. Moon's speeches are peppered with sexual innuendo as well. He makes many comments about women's anatomy. For example :

May 5, 1996 Belvedere -- Int. Training Center
Translator -- Peter Kim

"In order to have a relationship with your husband you have to be married. Women who refuse to marry will be condemned to death. If you were to survive, the universe would eliminate you. This is the truth. In that sense, following Father's teaching this morning, can we find a true original woman in the American secular world? (No.) Is there even one single woman who qualifies to meet Father's criteria? Does a woman with small hips have a good chance of bearing many babies? Do you American women prefer large, fully developed hips, or small, nice looking hips. Do you women prefer to have a slim body or a fat, well developed body? This question has something to do with our ability to bear children. Logically speaking, if any woman has small hips she is supposed to have small breasts as well. But usually it is the other way around. Even though women have small hips they have large, fully developed breasts. This means they are unbalanced. Whatever is unbalanced will eventually be eliminated by the universe."

~It is revealing that Moon generally makes no comments on men's anatomy. Why not? If Moon is only giving practical teaching from heaven, wouldn't men's anatomy be just as important? The conclusion then is this: Moon is fixated on women's anatomy. He is proclaiming himself to be without temptation or sin, but the reality is something different. More than just a sexual interest, I would say that Moon's commentary on women in particular will also take a "degrading" tone. Moon often degrades women in his speeches. And why not? He blames them primarily for the "fall of mankind". Eve was an adultress. She not only had a sexual relationship with satan, but then compounded her sin (according to Moon) by running to Adam and tempting him into a sexual relationship which passed satan's lineage on to their children. Moon never degrades men the way he does women. In one speech, he said that if a husband and wife needed to go to the restroom at the same time in the morning, that the husband must go first (the husband is over the wife). He goes on to say that if the wife can't wait, then she can go into the bathroom and go on the floor while the husband is there. He further states that after she messes up the floor in this way, she must clean it up herself. He says The husband must not help her to clean it up!. Besides just being a bizzare topic for a "sermon", it shows Moon's detest for women.

Why Does Moon Despise Women?

~This is the conclusion I have come to: Early in his life (according to his speeches), Moon believed he was the messiah and should re-unite North and South Korea. He was imprisoned several times in both Koreas, for his ministry (although one source suggests that he was put in prison once for Bigamy, not preaching). Moon's mother apparently didn't accept her son's belief that he was the messiah. A story he relates in a speech is that once when in prison his mother came to bring food to him there and asked him to stop his ministry for his own well being. He told her that if she wouldn't accept his mission and support him in that then he didn't want her to ever visit or see him again. This may have been the last time Moon ever saw most of his family in North Korea. He believes that they were executed because of their relation to him, and tells another story of walking out of the house in North Korea with his mother trying to hold onto him, and begging him not to leave. Leaving them alone and later believing them to be executed would be a tremendous guilt of conscience for most of us. If Moon feels no guilt, he would be a very cold and dark individual indeed. The other possibility, is that as long as he continues what he has told others is his purpose in life, he can justify his parents and siblings executions and never look back. In fact, in this way, anyone would be expendable for the supposed furtherment of God's will. This I believe is the way Moon lives, and what he requires of his members.

~Moon was very angry at his mother and often in some men this translates into "hatred of women". I saw it in my step-father as well. I think that ultimately, Moon's despising women comes from his relationship to his mother, and his disappointment in her. That then feeds into his theology of Eve's sin, and then there is one more element that provokes this "hate" nature in Moon. Believing the stories of affairs against several of his wives, with young university students in Korea and with his own church members, it is clear to me that Moon is weak in the area of marital fidelity. Rather than seek help on this problem though, he transfers it to Eve (women in general) and blames them. It is not Moon's fault that he has committed adultery, it is fallen Eve, who tempts men and suduces them. Moon is a tortured individual who has a theology of "absolute purity" and yet doesn't measure up to that as the messiah who teaches it, as the ultimate example he is supposed to be as the author of the doctrines. And so to resolve this conflict, a theolgy comes into play that only applies to Moon. The theology of sexual deviation as "God's will".

Adulterers & Harlots - God's Hero's?



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