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The Consortium For Independent Journalism ~Robert Parry is an award winning journalist that has broken some major news stories throughout his career. He now operates an Independent News Organization called "The Consortium". In the tradition of journalism from years gone by, Parry is interested in attacking the tough stories. Known for his professionalism, Parry does the hard work that good investigative journalism requires, like painstakingly pouring over legal documents and IRS records obtained through The Freedom of Information Act. His hard work pays off in getting stories that no one else does, and with a depth that covers an issue from the bottom up.

~His focus on Political Issues, led Parry inevitably to Sun Myung Moon and his many front groups. Everyone in Washington DC knows about Moon's Washington Times Newspaper and various political and educational front groups, but Parry dug deeper and brought to light information previously known only to the principle parties involved. The only other News Organization that can come close to Parry's fascinating series on Moon, is the venerable Washington Post, which is detailed next. Immediately below is a summary of The Parry Series on Rev. Moon. An education on Moon's global empire is not complete without reading these enlightening articles by Robert Parry.

Dark Side Of Moon

Consortium Article:
Buying The Right

~Moon has entrenched himself in Conservative Politics. From his support of President Nixon in the middle of the Watergate Scandal, to the reported multi-millions payed to former president George Bush to tour through South America extolling Moon's "vision", see how this all started and where it's going.

Consortium Article:
Drug Allies

~Even rank and file Unification Church members could be somewhat shocked at the alliances Moon has developed. It becomes clear that Expediency and not Morality is at the heart of Moon's agenda. Bo Hi Pak and other Moon operatives are shown to have had connections with ruthless drug lords in South America. Parry shows that this is not new for Moon, as he had also cultivated relations with Organized Crime figures in Japan too! These are not the actions of a messiah, but an opportunist!

Consortium Article:
Generation Next

~Moon's eldest son Hyo Jin Moon, was clearly being groomed at one time to be the heir apparent of the Moon Organization. Moon has been forced to change direction, now building an image for his wife to fill his shoes after his death. This flies in the face of Moon's theology, which states that the positions of elder brother and younger brother are finally restored through the messiah. This has not happened because Moon's son has shown himself to be all too human, with a history of cocaine addiction and substance abuse, court testimony from his now ex-wife of adultery and spousal abuse and an uncontrolled streak of violence and hatred of his own parents. First hand accounts of Hyo Jin's sins are recounted here. Names are named, and the dark secrets of not so "true" family revealed.

Consortium Article:
Hooking George Bush

~This was one of the first articles in this explosive series, that led to more and more discoveries, as the dirt covering Moon's hands could not be hidden any longer. Why did George Bush betray the American People to support a convicted criminal like Moon? As I have discovered, and all Christians must learn, politics is a dirty business, where money is god. A person who claims faith in Jesus, should have his faith placed no where else. Particularly in politics. As a life-long Republican, I am personally incensed at my political party's alliances with an anti-american cult leader like Moon.

Consortium Article:
Truth, Legends and Lies

~Mainstream America knows very little of the self-proclaimed messiah Sun Myung Moon. Parry goes back to the very beginning and shows us who this man Moon is. Moon's origins and religious experiences and meticulous rise to fortune and power are chronicled for us. A thorough history of Moon. Absolutely Must-Read!

Consortium Article:
One Mother's Tale: Moon & an NYU Freshman

~This is where it always leads. The incredible contradiction of a man who claims to be the savior of families, who instead is the driving force of breaking them apart. It happened to me, it happened to countless others, and here is another story to add to the list of crimes that Moon will someday be held accountable for. Moon calls a member's real family "satanic" whereas Moon is the "true father" and Moon's family is the "true family". But blood really is thicker than holy-wine, and time and time again, these so-called "satanic families" come to the rescue of their loved ones, to free them from this twisted man Moon.

The Washington Post

Washington Post: The Cult Controversy ~As members of The Unification Church, we were told that The Washington Post was satanic. A tool of the devil. No doubt some Conservatives have felt the same way. But I am one Republican that will be forever thankful for The Washington Post's journalistic integrity and no holes barred reporting of Sun Myung Moon and his organization. I now know why Moon calls this venerable paper "satanic". The Washington Post is nearly unequalled in it's gripping accounts and revelations of the Moon Empire. When many news agencies have backed down under pressure from Moon groups and stopped use of the term "Moonie" which Moon himself has used in dozens of speeches to refer to his members. The Post would not buckle under the PR Scam, and still calls Moon "Convicted Felon Sun Myung Moon" which is in truth, what he is. I can only say "Thank You" and suggest you read every article (and there are many).

Washington Post Article
The Cult Controversy: Sun Myung Moon

~The Washington Post has one of the best sections of archived News articles dealing with the threat of Cults. The link above will take you to the Main-Page dealing with The Unification Church, but I suggest that you peruse the entire section on Cults. Find out about David Koresh and Charles Manson and Jim Jones. See how very truly, these cult leaders are nearly identical in psychological make up. Sex with followers is common across the board, as is unbridled and unchecked power that leads to increasing abuses and eventually self-destructive behavior of the leader, who always seems to want to take his followers with him. These are dangerous people, and Moon is no better and no different in my experience. Moon has simply been more successful and discreet than his cotemporary cult gurus, but inevitably, as it always does, it will come to a head. Moon has already purchased huge tracts of land in a remote city in Brazil, where he is establishing developments and agricultural projects to become completely isolated and self sufficient. This is EXACTLY what Jim Jones had done. Both created a "Garden of Eden" in remote areas of South America, both requested that their followers migrate to these "paradises" and both were "messiah's" who were rejected by the public at large, only to desire complete isolation from legal authorities, and complete control over their followers. The link above takes you to the Main-Page on Moon which lists many articles of importance on The Moon Movement.

Washington Post Article
Kahr Arms

~What is a purported messiah of peace, doing involved in Gun Manufacturing? The Unification Church issued a PRESS RELEASE to deal with the recent discovery, to claim that the Church itself has no connection to KAHR ARMS, but Moon-watchers claim that Moon's son Justin Moon's being at the helm of this Handgun Manufacturer alone, means that Moon or his money is involved. But as we have seen with Moon, with friends like drug-lords and war criminals, making weapons designed only to kill people, would be right up this "messiah's" ally.

Washington Post Article

~A two article series on Moon's business ventures and exploits. See why the private investigator that broke the Kahr Arms story said "Moon no longer looks at the church as the core organization, The movement's business part is the enduring part." A wonderfully accurate piece of wisdom in my view.

For More News Articles on Moon and his Empire, visit the Moon-Links section, under "News Articles". The link to Moon-Links is on the Menu-Bar at the top of your screen.



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