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PLEASE NOTE: Only the names have been changed so as to protect privacy. Also, please note that not all the letters are kind (or even civil) and especially, from hardcore current members of the Unification Church, there may be vile language in some emails, but I wanted to offer a complete sampling of all the voluminous mail I receive on a daily basis. Thanks for your interest. :-)

Denmark Flag

~Hello Craig..

I'm a 14 years old girl from Denmark, who writes a projekt about the moonies at school. I found you'r Homepage throug a search-program called Yahoo... When I first heard about the moonies I thought they made half of it up. But when I read you'r story i realised that it was real. I understand that rev. Moon, is a sick man, who doesn't want anything but money and power. I wonder, if it would be all right to use your story in my projekt? I would be very happy if it was possible, cause this is the best story I have read. It is written in a language easy to understand, and it goes so deep, that you can almost feel rev. Moons evil. Isn't he evil?? I get the impression that he is, or is that all wrong?? Well, I wont take more of your time, I would just tell you that your homepage is great.


Mette Suzanne

Ps. If you would like to help with my projekt my e-mail is
I would be very happy if you would allow me to use your story.

My Response To Suzanne's Question Of Whether Moon Is Evil:

Dear Suzanne,

My mother divorced my "real" father when I was two years old. I almost never saw him after that. When I was in my 20's I found his phone number and called him after not talking with him for probably 10 years or more. I thought I had a chance to have a father again, but he was murdered a few months later and I lost my chance again, to have a "real" father.

Moon teaches that he is here to save families. He tells people that he is their "True Father". I really needed a father and I knew how painful it was to have a broken family, so I trusted Moon, I wanted to help him save families , including my own. But when I joined with my wife, we were seperated and made to live in different states. We were told that Moon would probably divorce us and marry us to other people. My wife's parents got her out of the cult when they heard that. Moon did not save my family , he broke it. I gave Moon my marriage, and my car. I worked in the snow all day almost every day to raise money for him. I found out recently that his son is a drug addict. His son's ex-wife said that Moon gave his son one time a million dollars in cash. She said that he spent half of it on drugs and presents for other women (even though he was married). That is what members are enslaved for. Surely Moon knew his son had a drug addiction. What kind of father would give his drug addicted son all the cash he needed to continue using drugs ?

You are right. Moon is a truly evil man. I lost my first wife , but God gave me a good Christian wife now that loves me. God gave me my freedom and a new chance in life. Please don't ever believe people who promise things they can't give. There are no magic spells or superheros that will save us , but there is God. And there is nothing that a man can do, that God can't. God is all we need. And God is always there for us. :-)

Australia Flag

~Dear Craig,

My name is David, I've been reading your experiences in the Unification Church. I was a member myself for 6 months in U.K. before I was abducted by my family members. At that time I was very resentful of them but now I am glad they did. One thing I do not understand about the Unification Church is why do members have to go out and do fundraising and witness to people on a full time basis? If Rev. Moon is only a great deceiver then what does the future holds according to the Bible? I would be most grateful to you indeed if you could email to me to tell me your opinion. I am currently studying in Australia.


Canada Flag

~Dear Craig,

I was a member of the Unification Church for 10 years, from 1976 to 1986. I saw a brief news clip with you in it on the day of the mass wedding in Washington, D.C. last year. You were protesting the wedding and the news clip singled you out for a "sound bite". I was glad that you and the others were there to raise a discordant note. I wanted to protest the wedding too but it wasn't feasible for me to get there.

I now live and work in Calgary, Alberta. I have written a number of articles about my experiences for the Vancouver Sun, and I could send you copies of these if you are interested. I suppose the main reason for sending this message is to get in touch and to express my appreciation for your outspoken opposition to the Unification Church.

Best Wishes,

Canada Flag


I sometimes see your postings on alt.religion.unification. I have to do it at the library because I don't have home internet access. I'm a former 23 year UC member from Canada. You mentioned in a recent post that one of the True Children will be doing an expose on SMM. Which of the children? I'm very interested. Did you get my post about Robert Perry's article? If not, I'll send it to you again.

Also, I've been noticing your "sparring" with and I tried to send a private comment to each of them, but neither of their e-mail addresses are real. You might ask them why. I was particularly disturbed by LSA, because he was confusing the relationship with Father and the young Church sister in Bo Hi Pak's home around 1970 that gave birth to Sammy Park (at least that is what my elder Church contact friends tell me) and a reported relationship with Young Oon Kim in the 1950's. The 2 issues are totally unrelated. Regarding the Sammy Park story, in Robert Perry's article, Perry quotes Madeleine Pretorious as saying that when she was Hyo Jin Nim's assistant, he told her that Sammy approached him one day and told HJN that he was Sammy's half brother. I think Madeleine Pretorious would be be a fairly reliable source.

Also, what does LSA or Lakjadee have to say about SMM's relationship with Myung Hee Kim, (often called "Second Mother" by members) around 1953, while he was still married to Song Gil Choi? Myung Hee Kim was the pretty, young Yoon Se University student that gave birth to Hee Jin Nim in 1954 and went to Japan to have the baby. She returned to Korea 7 years later and never married SMM. Most members have heard about the tragic death of this boy in a train accident around 1967. To be fair, the marriage with Ms. Choi was essentially over by late 1953 and they were only married in a legal sense. SMM has said that it that it was difficult to obtain a divorce from Ms. Choi. Fine. But why couldn't the Messiah, who is to set the standard for all future human history, wait before he had his relationship with Myung Hee Kim? No self control? And why is there nothing in UC Church history documenting the "Marriage of the Lamb" Blessing ceremony of Sun Myung Moon and Myung Hee Kim? Even a "marriage under the stars" if a legal one wasn't possible? I mean, isn't this important? And how do members explain these circumstances to Christians or people they are witnessing to or inviting to the DC Blessing?

Ask LSA or Lakjadee to research these questions deeply and speak to their elder Korean and American leaders about these things. I think then, they will not interpret your posts as the rantings of an anti-cult type. I'm looking forward to the information about the "True Child" expose of their Father.

God Bless You,

Japan Flag


Thank you for your story...I feel bad about all the hardships you went through although at least now you seem to be on the right track. Moon is such a monster...unfortunately the general public isn't aware of the situation unless they happen to follow cults or are serious news readers. As you most surely know, Japanese Moonies foot the bill for a large part of Moon's operations and you can imagine their disgust when they finally leave and first learn of how the money was squandered.

Best of luck to you,

America Flag


I appreciate all your postings at the alt.religion.unification newsgroup. It's good to see a person with first hand experience hanging in there, keeping up the challenge to the church's unrelenting stream of propaganda. It is absolutely incredible, when one looks at the larger picture, how, as former members, we can so easily understand both sides of each argument; we know why and how Peter Ross or Damian and the church members, as "good" members, MUST answer each argument the way they do; yet we know what a fraud it is at the same time. For me, I still have not been able to reconcile the images of the "true family" standing behind all those rows of stacked fruit, and the reality of the "true family" as the people I came to know at Manhattan Center- contemptuous toward ALL members, angry, confused, frustrated, egoistic, drug using, violent -- in a word, the most dysfunctional of any family I had read or heard about. I personally endured Hyo Jin's sociapathic tirades and personality flip-flops on a daily basis at Manhattan Center Studios here in New York.

Anyway, be well, keep up the fight and know that cumulatively, truth is more powerful than all the smoke and mirrors being put up by the church. You are not alone, and shortly, more books and high-ranking people from the church are going to be coming forward with their personal stories that will, hopefully, allow a lot of unhappy members to walk away from their repressed lives in the church.

Be well,
Alex Friedman

Turkey Flag

~As an ex-Moonie I got a hearty laugh out of your World Federation of Concubines for World Peace. I truly believed Rev. Moon, and I still believe he had profound experiences in his youth, but that his powerful ego led him off course, focusing everything on himself rather than on his followers. I was missionary to Turkey for nine years, and before that for three years in Bangladesh, and i had experiences with guidance from Rev. Moon that I can only count as valid. But God uses whatever you are deeply connected to for his immediate purposes. I became increasingly appalled at the indifference of the leadership in the Movement to any kind of inspiration from people in the field that didn't fit their immediate political agaenda.

The Womens Federation for World Peace held a conference in Istanbul a few years ago at which Mrs. Moon spoke. The members there had gathered a collection of the absolutely most influencial women in Turkey for the occasion, who were totally committed to the ideals the WFWW promulgates in its literature. Then Mother speaks, and it's all about Rev. Moon is the Messiah, and everyone left before the speech was over. What a horrible waste of an opportunity!!! And I saw the same repeated many times over during my stay in Turkey.

Then there is the ridiculous emphasis on Christianity as the hope of the world. I worked intimately with Muslims during my time in the Church, and managed to gather a number of important people together in Turkey, but they were treated with indifference by the leadership. I sent one man to teach Sufiism at the seminary at Barrytown, a man who today is perhaps the most influencial man in the country as far as keeping the populace enlightened as to the true tolerant and uplifting message of Islam as opposed to the darkness of fundamentalism. He was virtually IGNORED by the faculty there. Young Oon Kim said to me later, "Why do we need a Muslim teaching Islam at the seminary?" Once Father came to Barrytown for a visit. It was a snowy day. This friend of mine had not yet met him, and he went down to be introduced. The regular staff escorted Father from his car and into the building and left my friend standing in the weather. Disgraceful. From then on I could no longer make apologies for the hypocrisy and deviance of the Movement.

From now on, if God has anything to say to me, He can say it to my face. No more "Messiahs" whether contemporary Koreans or Biblical Jews.







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