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Umm, I didn't get around to doing this page yet. It's supposed to be about where you can find dramas and SataSuMa on tape, but since I moved and have lost tons of time, I can't update this right away. Try looking on the links page for discussion groups who will trade VCDs or MPEGS or video tapes with you.
On the other hand, however you can also try Kinokuniya. Shingo Mama's Johnny Press makes all sorts of cookbooks and photo books of those boys, and in addition to that there are a number of independent publishers who do the same thing. Shingo Mama makes a debut on the SMAP live DVD collection (as well as Takuya Mama, for goodness sake) and other variety programs like Domoto Kyoudai. I lived in Hungary and if there's a shop in Hungary with a store that rents SataSuMa Shingo Mama videos, there's sure as heck one where you live. Check the yellow pages for Japanese video rentals near you, and don't bother checking places like Blockbuster cuz they won't have it.

Other info is this: no, they don't make a Shingo Mama doll. The photograph on the pics page is a beautiful make-shift creation using a Ken doll, dollar-store black Barbie wigs and a very good hand at sewing. I looked in oddity-shops here in Tokyo (like Harajuku, Ochanomizu and even Kouji Machi) but it just doesn't exist. There are other weird Shingo Mama things, though, like notebooks, stickers and uchiwa fans.

More to come later, if I ever get around to it.

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