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Well, I researched everything on this page myself. Some of it came from magazines, some of it came from video and television, and some of it came from word of mouth. While I can't pass on most of my sources, there are a few link online (not many) which touch on the topic of Shingo Mama and his endeavours. There may be more, but as of now all I will be posting are English links and the obvious link to the official Shingo Mama page.

Shingo Mama's official website
http://www.shingomama.com/(Japanese only)
English Language Shingo Mama Pages

Shingo Mama intro

Shingo Mama mailing list! For those of you interested in learning more about Shingo Mama than this page can give you, try joining a mailing list of Shingo Mama fans. This one here is under development!

Does anyone know any more? Please mail me!!!

English Language Shingo Katori Pages (no Shingo Mama Info)

Shingo Katori Webworld http://www.katorishingo.com/

New Smap World http://members.tripod.com/%7Esmap_hyojung/

Shingo Katori Webworld http://westwood.fortunecity.com/milan/556/2.htm

Mr Green http://home.pacbell.net/mm33/SMAP/

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