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Welcome to the breakfast and food page!! Shingo Katori just happens to be a well-trained master chef! (any woman's dream) He's so good, in fact, that he can make a restaurant class meal out of kitchen scraps and leftovers - and that's exactly what Shingo Mama does. In SataSuma, he makes a delicious breakfast out of the nothing in the fridge, and offers us the recipes in case we happen to have the same identical nothingness in our fridge, too.
The reason for this is that SMAP was trained as quality chefs for a particular variety show called Bistro SMAP which is much like the Master Chef show; two teams cook foods with a particular theme in mind and compete for the guest's preference. Being Shingo is also a member of SMAP, he was trained too, but he in particular really took to the cooking. Therefore he continued it in his own way - as being part of the Shingo Mama program. Gee, I sure wish he'd come over and cook for me!

Part of the charm is that Shingo Mama cooks on the camera, so not only do we get his witty comments about the kitchen, food, and method of magic, but we also watch his every step in cooking. In this way you can do exactly the same thing. It is important to remember that the leftovers and scraps he uses to make his meals are not preset, and he makes it up out of thin air without knowing ahead of time what will be available for use. That's what makes it magic. You can also go to the store and buy the ingredients if anything that he makes looks appetizing to you. Maybe you're lucky enough to already have it.
Shingo Mama posts his creations on the official website here. However, all the recipes are in Japanese. While you can use a translation dictionary like Altavista for the ingredients page, the directions are illustrated in a series of pages which depend on pictures, and the text is on the pictures. So, you can always follow along with what he does visually, but unless you can read Japanese, you don't really know what he's doing if you're just going by the webpage.

If I had time, I'd translate every recipe for each week and post it here for your use, but I don't have the time. Your best bet is simply to watch the episodes yourself and try to imitate what he does if you don't understand. It's a cooking show - that is, it's easy to understand what he's doing without the help of a dictionary, usually.

In case you are ever in a Japanese bookstore, by the way, fan publishing circles do print Shingo Mama cook books, and there is a Bistro SMAP cookbook available on official print.

@ Shingo Katori, Masahiro Nakai, Ken Miyake and all of SMAP are copyrighted Johnny's Entertainment. SataSuma is owned by TV Fuji, Japan. Visit the official Shingo Mama website at http://www.shingomama.com. Japanese only. This is a Clockwork Blue website. All information on this website is for entertainment only and is not for commercial use.
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