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Dmytro Sepetyi

The Mind as Subjectivity: the Mystery of the Self


…materialism is the philosophy of the subject who forgets to take account of himself.



Many people, including a past self of mine, have thought that they could simultaneously take consciousness seriously and remain a materialist. ...this is not possible, and for straightforward reasons. ...One might say: You can’t have your materialist cake and eat your consciousness too.

David Chalmers





Book 1. Zombies, Computers and the Absolute Spirit

Part 1.Untenability of Materialism

1. The Basic Concepts: Physical and Mental (Matter and Mind/Consciousness)

2. The Soul Theory against The Brain Theory. The Knowledge Argument and Representationism

3. Kripke’s Argument and the Zombie Argument

4. More about “the Same Thing Seen from Different Points of View”

5. The Computer Analogy. The Problem of Understanding: the Chinese Room and “Aboutness” (Intentionality)

6. Dialectical Materialism and Materialistic Emergentism. Supervenience and the Hard Problem of Consciousness

Afterword. Materialism as a Form of Scientism

Part 2. From Solipsism to Idealism

7. Does Physical Reality Exist Outside the Mind?


Dualists Against Their Will: the Philosophy of Mind of R.Tallis, R.Sperry, T.Nagel, J.Levine, C.McGinn, G.Strawson


Book 2. The Ghost in the Machine Against  Laplace’s Daemon

Part 3. Dualism and Panpsychism: Alternatives and Problems

8. The Problem of Personal Identity

9. Varieties of Dualism and Panpsychism

10. Epiphenomenalism and Interactionism. The Problem of Interaction. Also: The Problem of Other People’s Minds

11. Splintered Mind, Russellianism and Determinism

12. Karl Popper: Criticism of Materialism and Epiphenomenalism; the Theory of Three Worlds

13. The Moral-Practical Aspect: the Problem of Responsibility

14. Problems of Dualistic (Pluralistic) Ontology

Part 4. Death and Immortality

15. Near-Death Experiences

16. Kant’s Version

17. The Problem of Death and Immortality in Philosophy, Religion, and Psychology

Afterword. Spiritual Foibles of the Present: "the Fear of Religion", Necrophilia and Spiritophobia


Metaphysical Realism versus Transcendental Idealism

Susan Blackmore: Materialism as Illusionism





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