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Welcome to Memory Book, a website dedicated to Ryan's Hope, a daytime drama which ran on ABC from July 1975 to January 1989. RH, which won numerous Emmys, focused on the Ryan clan, an Irish-American family that lived in the Riverside district of New York City and owned a tavern named Ryan's.

In 2000, Ryan's Hope became one of a small list of soaps to be rerun when it joined the line-up of SOAPnet, a twenty-four hour cable network dedicated solely to soaps. Reruns of RH have been going strong on the network for over six years, and the show, along the way, has been capturing many new fans.

Wedding bells rung often in Riverside - especially for Delia! Find out about all of them, from Jack and Mary to Roger and Delia to Frank and Jill, in this new section!
From Poppy to Paige (01.02.06)
Alexandra Neil (Teresa/Poppy) will be joining the cast of One Life to Live in the contract role of Dr. Paige Miller. Neil is no stranger to One Life, as she appeared on the show in 1986 as Jeannie Johnson #3 and again in July 2005 as a wedding planner. She will be the third actress to portray Paige; the role has been previously played by Kimberlin Brown (2004-2005) and Cady Huffman (2005-2006). Neil's first airdate will be January 27th.

In addition to her two roles on Ryan's Hope, Neil has also appeared on Texas, Search for Tomorrow, Another World, Guiding Light, As the World Turns, and All My Children.

Meanwhile, another former Ryan's Hope actor, Roscoe Born (Joe #2) has departed The Young and the Restless. His character, Tom Fisher, was recently killed. Hopefully Roscoe will show up on another soap soon!

Ryan's Hope airs on SOAPnet Tuesday through Saturday at 5:00 AM and 5:30 AM. The show has been airing on the network since January 2000.

Currently, SOAPnet is showing episodes which originally aired on ABC in February 1981. You can check out the 'current' cast of these episodes by clicking here.

October 31, 1986
Johnno clashes with Frank and Jill over Harlan and Lizzie Ransome. Siobhan shares her frustration over Erik with Max. Lizzie and Johnno have an intimate talk, while Frank goes to investigate Harlan's background.
04.04.06: I added a new section to the miscellaneous area - weddings. In addition, I've condensed the opening 4 and 5 area of the site into one section. I now have screen captures of every shot from this opening up. I've also added a screen capture to the temporary replacements of the actress who temporarily replaced Marg Helgenberger in December 1985.
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