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Ilene Kristen (Delia), Earl Hindman (Bob), Marg Helgenberger (Siobhan), Helen Gallagher (Maeve), Ron Hale (Roger), Jadrien Steele (Little John), Malcolm Groome (Pat), & Karen Morris-Gowdy (Faith)
Ryan's Bar OnlineMost comprehensive Ryan's Hope site on the internet with large amount of information and pictures. Unfortunately, it has not been updated recently.
Ryan's Hope: The BeginningSite featuring photographs, articles, and more from Kate Mulgrew's original run on the series.
Ryan's Hope @ SOAPnet.comSOAPnet's Ryan's Hope page with a detailed episode guide which covers the show from July 1975 through September 1981. Also features the biggest RH board on the net.
Totally Kate: Ryan's HopeArticles, pictures,transcripts, and screen captures of Kate Mulgrew on Ryan's Hope. Contains a wealth of information on the life and acting roles of Mulgrew.
Wikipedia: Ryan's HopeDetailed encyclopedia article about Ryan's Hope.
Children of Ryan's HopeSite dedicated to the child actors of Ryan's Hope with numerous screen captures and photographs.
Ryan's Hope Home PageFeatures spoilers from the early '80s along with a schedule for upcoming SOAPnet airings.
The Official Ilene Kristen WebsiteFeatures articles, pictures, and video clips of Ilene Kristen's various soap roles on Ryan's Hope (as Delia #1), Loving, and One Life to Live.
The Official Louise Shaffer WebsiteOfficial site for Louise Shaffer, who played Rae Woodard. The primary focus is on her writing career, but there is a RH discussion board on her forum.
Marg Helgenberger OnlineFan site about Marg Helgenberger, RH's third Siobhan.
All About MargAnother fan site about Marg Helgenberger.
Michael Corbett: Official WebsiteThe official website of Michael Corbett, RH's Michael Pavel. Contains individual pages about his roles on Ryan's Hope, Search for Tomorrow, and The Young and the Restless.
Official Kelli Maroney Fan ClubA fan club dedicated to Kelli Maroney, RH's Kimberly Harris Beaulac.
Will Patton CollectionA tribute to Will Patton, RH's Ox Knowles. Contains pictures and articles concerning his RH work.
Nana VisionOfficial site for Nana Tucker Visitor, the third Nancy Feldman on RH.
Willey WorldOfficial site of Walt Willey (Joe #4), who has been playing Jackson Montgomery on All My Children since 1987.
Robin Mattson Home PageFan site dedicated to Robin Mattson (Delia #4), best known for her work on soaps like Santa Barbara, All My Children, and General Hospital.
Dominic ChianeseThe official site of Dominic Chianese, who portrayed the original Alexei Vartova on RH. He can presently be seen on HBO's The Sopranos.
Judith Chapman's Home PageThe official site of Judith Chapman, who is presently on The Young and the Restless. She portrayed Charlotte Greer on RH.
Julia Rose BarrThe official site of Julia Barr, who portrayed Reenie Szabo on Ryan's Hope in 1976. She has portrayed Brooke English on All My Children since 1976.
Nancy Barrett OnlineThe official site of Nancy Barrett, best known for her work on Dark Shadows. She was the short-lived Faith Coleridge #2.
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