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From Poppy to Paige
posted 01.02.06
Alexandra Neil (Teresa/Poppy) will be joining the cast of One Life to Live in the contract role of Dr. Paige Miller. Neil is no stranger to One Life, as she appeared on the show in 1986 as Jeannie Johnson #3 and again in July 2005 as a wedding planner. She will be the third actress to portray Paige; the role has been previously played by Kimberlin Brown (2004-2005) and Cady Huffman (2005-2006). Neil's first airdate will be January 27th.

In addition to her two roles on Ryan's Hope, Neil has also appeared on Texas, Search for Tomorrow, Another World, Guiding Light, As the World Turns, and All My Children.

Meanwhile, another former Ryan's Hope actor, Roscoe Born (Joe #2) has departed The Young and the Restless. His character, Tom Fisher, was recently killed. Hopefully Roscoe will show up on another soap soon!

RH Alumni Update
posted 07.12.2005
Louise Shaffer (Rae) will be appearing on SOAPnet's SoapTalk sometime in late August. Her novel, The Ladies of Garrison Gardens, is selling well, and she has made plans to write another novel.

Malachy McCourt (Kevin) can be heard narrating the story "Two Gallants" on the recently released CD Dubliners. Like Shaffer, McCourt has written his fair share of books, such as History of Ireland, Bush Lies in State, Danny Boy, and A Monk Swimming.

Tea at Five, the play starring Kate Mulgrew (Mary #1) as Katharine Hepburn, will be playing at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, California, from August 26 through October 2.

Alexandra Neil (Poppy/Teresa), also known as Dianne Thompson, appeared on One Life to Live on July 8th. She is the third RHer to pop up on soaps this year, after Roscoe Born (Joe #2) and Judith Chapman (Charlotte) became regulars on The Young and the Restless, where they play Tom and Gloria Fisher.

The Write Stuff
posted 02.26.2005
Claire Labine, creator and head writer (1975-82, 1983, 1987-89) of Ryan's Hope, was honored with Evelyn F. Burkey Award by the Writers Guild of America on February 19th. The award was presented to her by friend Kate Mulgrew, who played Mary Ryan Fenelli on RH from 1975-1978. In addition to RH, Labine has written for Captain Kangaroo (1966-68), Where the Heart Is (1970-73), Love of Life (1973-75), General Hospital (1993-96), One Life to Live (1996-98), and Guiding Light (2000-01). Over the course of her prestigous career, she has been awarded 13 Writers Guild Awards and 10 Daytime Emmys for excellence. Labine was on the WGA East Council for 19 years and served three terms as its vice president. She has also been awarded the Jablow Award for excellence.

Trent Jones, who was one of Ryan's Hope's script writers from 1982-1983, has joined the award-winning writing staff of As the World Turns as assistant head writer. Jones was also co-headwriter of The Young and the Restless from 2000-2004.

Louise Shaffer, who played manipulative Rae Woodard on RH from 1977-84, is having another one of her books published. The title is The Ladies of Garrison Gardens; it's a sequel to 2003's The Three Miss Margarets. Shaffer's other books include All My Suspects and Talked to Death.

SOAPnet Time Change
posted 12.20.2004
Beginning January 21st, SOAPnet will move Ryan's Hope to a new time slot; it will also be decreasing the number of airplays RH receives every day.

Starting on that day, RH will air at 12:30PM and 4:30AM. The 4:30AM airing will be a repeat of the 12:30PM airing. All in all, this means only one "new" episode will be broadcast each day, instead of the "two" per day that SOAPnet has been airing for the past five years.

Chapman Becomes Restless
posted 12.20.2004
Judith Chapman, best known to RH fans as Charlotte Greer (1983), will be joining the cast of The Young and the Restless as Gloria Fisher. She will be replacing outgoing actress Joan van Ark, who has played the role since earlier this year.

Prior to RH, Chapman appeared on As the World Turns for three years (1975-1978). After her acclaimed RH stint ended, Chapman went on to appear on General Hospital (Ginny Blake Webber, 1984-86) and Days of Our Lives (Anjelica Deveraux, 1989-90).

Her first episode will air on January 17th.

David Bailey (1933-2004)
posted 12.05.2004
David Bailey, who played Teddy Malcolm during the final year of Ryan's Hope, passed away on November 25th after accidently drowning in the pool of his apartment building. He was 71.

Bailey is best known for his portrayal of Dr. Russ Matthews on Another World. He played the role from 1973 through 1978, 1979 through 1981, and again in 1989 and 1992. He also appeared on Where the Heart Is, Guiding Light, and As the World Turns. He recently joined the cast of Passions as Alistair Crane; the show has announced it will recast his role.

Roscoe Born in Paper Doll Reruns
posted 07.02.2004
Beginning July 17th, the shortlived primetime soap Paper Dolls will begin airing on SOAPnet every Saturday night at 10:00PM as part of their Dysfunctional Family Night.

The show, which aired 13 episodes (with the first being two-hours in length) in 1984, was about a struggle for control of a modeling empire and starred Morgan Fairchild, Lloyd Bridges, Mimi Rodgers, Lauren Hutton and Nicolette Sheridan. In addition to these stars, Roscoe Born -- best known to RH viewers as the second Joe Novak (1981-1983, 1988) -- also appeared on the show in episodes 2 - 9 and 11 - 12 as a journalist.

Robin Mattson Returns to General Hospital
posted 05.22.2004
Robin Mattson, who portrayed Delia Reid Ryan Coleridge Crane on Ryan's Hope for six months during 1984, will be returning to General Hospital as the character of Heather Webber beginning May 26th. She was originally on the show from 1980 to 1983.

Robin has had a very long career in daytime, which began when she was cast as Hope Bauer on Guiding Light in 1976. She remained with GL until 1977. In 1980, she joined General Hospital as the third (and best known) Heather Webber. Three years later, she chose to leave the show, but soon ended up playing Delia on Ryan's Hope, which was being written by former GH scribe Pat Falken Smith at the time. Unfortunately, she did not last long in the role.

In 1985, Robin Mattson joined the cast of Santa Barbara as Gina Blake, and remained with the soap until the soap's demise in 1993. A year later, she joined All My Children as Janet 'from another planet' Green. She remained with AMC for six years. More recently, she had a brief stint on The Bold & the Beautiful as Sugar.

No Emmy for Ilene
posted 05.22.2004
As you may know, Ilene Kristen (Delia, RH) was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Best Supporting Actress for her work as Roxy Balsom on ABC's One Life to Live. The award ceremony was held last night in New York and broadcast on NBC. Unfortunately, Ilene did not win the award. Instead, it went to Cady McClain, who plays Rosanna Cabot on CBS' As the World Turns.

This was Ilene's first Emmy nomination in her nearly thirty years in daytime. Although many actors and actresses from RH were nominated for Emmys during the shows run (and some won, such as Helen Gallagher and Louise Shaffer), her work was constantly overlooked during the show's run.

Cali Timmins - Possible Return to Daytime?
posted 05.22.2004
According to ABC Soaps in Depth, former RHer Cali Timmins may be returning to daytime soon on one of ABC's east coast soaps -- in particular, All My Children.

Cali is best known for portraying Maggie Shelby Greenberg Coleridge on RH from 1983 to 1988. She returned for the show's final week in 1989. A year later, she joined the cast of NBC's Another World as the original Paulina Cory. She was replaced with Judi Evans Luciano in 1991.

They Started on Soaps 2
posted 04.08.2004
SOAPnet will premiere They Started on Soaps 2, which is a sequel to a special of the same name which aired on SOAPnet in 2003, on April 21st at 11:00 PM. The special will feature many soaps stars who moved from daytime to more notable roles in primetime and on the big screen. At least one Ryan's Hope star, Corbin Bernsen (who played Ken Graham on RH from 1984-1985), will be featured in the special.

On April 24th, the original They Started on Soaps special will air at 1:00 PM. It featured many RH stars, including Kate Mulgrew (Mary Ryan Fenelli #1, 1975-1978), Marg Helgenberger (Siobhan Ryan Novak #3, 1982-1986), Yasmine Bleeth (Ryan Fenelli Hyde #3, 1985-1989), and Christian Slater (DJ, 1985). This re-airing will be followed by three classic episodes of All My Children, General Hospital, and Knots Landing. These three classic episodes will be followed by a re-airing of They Started on Soaps 2 at 5:00 PM. There will also be other re-airings, so check your local TV listings for air dates and times.

No St. Patrick's Day Marathon
posted 03.07.2004
SOAPnet will not be airing a Ryan's Hope marathon on March 17th as they have done in previous years. It is not clear why; however, it may have to do with the fact that SOAPnet is premiering their same day repeats of Days of Our Lives the same week as St. Patrick's Day. It may also have to do with the work that the Ryan's Hope reruns reportedly do not have very high ratings.

In 2002, SOAPnet aired every St. Patrick's Day episode the show produced. In 2003, they aired the first five episodes of Ryan's Hope and the SoapCenter tribute, which was hosted by Tanika Ray and featured interviews with many cast members.

RH Stars Nominated for Emmys!
posted 03.04.2004
Ilene Kristen, who played the first Delia on Ryan's Hope, has been nominated for an Emmy in the best supporting actress category for her role on One Life to Live, on which she plays Roxy Balsom. Although critically acclaimed for her work on RH, this is her first Emmy nomination. She competes with fellow OLTL co-star Kathy Brier (Marcie), along with Cady McClain (Rosanna, ATWT), Sharon Case (Sharon, Y&R), and Heather Tom (Victoria, YR).

Kristen played the first Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge Crane Coleridge on Ryan's Hope from 1975-1979, 1982-1983, and 1986-1989. In between her first and second stint on RH, she had a role on One Life to Live from 1981-1982 as Georgina Whitman. After Ryan's Hope ended, she played Norma Gilpin on Loving from 1990-1991. She briefly returned to daytime in 1995, when she played Madeline Thompson on Another World. In 2001, she returned to One Life to Life in a new role -- wacky Roxy Balsom.

Regis Philbin's Live with Regis and Kelly was nominated for six Emmys. Regis played Malachy Malone on Ryan's Hope from 1987 through 1988.

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