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Hey! Look! I won the Middle 5% of the World Wide Web Award! Hot Diggity Dog! I always knew my site was average!!
(Insert obese man doing happy dance of joy here.)
This is my webpage. If you are trying to figure out just what the hell it is, don't bother. It is composed entirely of nothing. This is what I do when I am bored almost to tears. Thank you, have a peachy day.
First off, my own pages. They are far more important than anyone else's work.
This is where one would click to learn about just how crazy I really am. Do it! Come on! Ya panzee!
This page explains the neverending mystery of Clifford the Big Red Dog. The phoney!
I was going to put links to other people's pages here, but I decided that it would take up far too much space. Click below to visit some pages that I consider relatively elite.
This is where the lynx stop. Thanx.
June 29, 2005
I have decided that it is time to re"vamp" my website, so for anyone who actually still comes here after two years without updates, there ya go! Suck it!

June 18, 2003
I did a ton of cute little changes today. I've added a new page about psychos. It is good, so go there. I also updated my pages aboyt Korky, Jaddes, Pokey, Cameron, and my favorite things.

June 17, 2003
I have updated my Hatred for Cowboys page. It now actually has content. Read it and enjoy, or read it and get really pissed off. Either way I'm achieving my goal and you lose.

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Say it ain't so! These lynx are to inform you, the general public, of the double lives led by two of the best-loved childrens' characters. I am truely sorry.
Bert is Evil
Barby is Bad
**Enter at your own risk**
This is a story which I wrote about Sobe when I was VERY bored.
This is where one would go to find the classifications of all the things that could very well go on while shopping for pants. It ain't pretty, but it happens.
Gallery of Ill-Fitting Pants
Click the link at left to see what I think of shit kickers.
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