This is my link to Taco Time.
Click and learn of the Taco-ey wonders.
This is my link to DDR Freak. It is dedicated to the single greatest game of all eternity, Dance Dance Revolution. Oh do not scoff! If you were to play this game just once you would be addicted. Do not try to tell me that you would not be addicted! Because you would!! I give credit for this link to Jaddes.
This is my link to Jaddes' and Daemon's page entitled the Bastard Mofos. If you are in the mood for reading about things that other people hate, and what to do to piss people off this is the site for you. Go on in, have a gander, read the rants, send hatemail, whatever you so desire. Send them hatemail, they'll have fun with it.
This is my link to the l33t 5p3@k 93|\|3r470R. (Elite Speak Generator to you who can't read Elite Speak.) I give credit for this link to Jaddes.
This is my link to Jaddes' other webpage. "The Elite Haxors' Haven" If you are a hacker, go here and view what Jaddes has to say about you.
This is my link to my friend "Bob" 's page. "Bob" is a cool person whose hair used to rival Jaddes' purple coif. "Bob" is also Canadian. This is good . . .I think.
This is my link to the Unofficial Tex Murphy Website. Tex Murphy is the greatest PI ever to be made up, become successful and be bought out by Microsoft. And besides that he has a nice coat and a fine hat.
Trench coats and Fedoras forever man!!
This is my link to 123 India is India's premier portal. If ya wanna find out what's going on in India (and I KNOW you do) Click here!
Other People's Pages
(I could be mistaken, but I don't think that these pages are mine.)
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This is my link to Just Adventure +. This is where one would go to learn about games in the Adventure genre. In my opinion this genre is the best of them all.
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