Nick's Making Music
Access my newest hobby here. Every home should be equipped with a recording studio. Here are my attempts at song-writing, recording, mastering, producing, etc. This site is my distribution outlet.

Free mp3s for the taking.

My goal is to have a full cd's worth of tunes by the end of 2004. Check back often for new songs, ideas, pictures, etc.

Give me feedback, let me know if there are things you like, or ideas for improvement.

Thanks for listening.
Game Boy - See notes and lyrics, and get the MP3 here.
She's Got Me - Follow this link for notes, lyrics and MP3.  Mixdown dated April 4, 2004
see my home studio here
The Moon Man - notes and MP3 available here.  Mixdown dated March 18, 2004
contact me here
I Like the Faces - Notes and MP3 available here.  Mixdown dated April 8, 2004.
Visit the best-written blog on the net, and stroll through Stockholm at the same time! She's Alone - MP3, notes and lyrics here. Mixdown dated April 8, 2004.
Rickett's Hornpipe - Click the file name at this link to get the mp3 for this recording. It's a trio featuring two flutes and a mandolin. Only about a minute.
Check out Brian's songs here
Here's a link directly to the mp3 server, if you just want to get to the songs.
Intimidator - Here's the link to the song's site.  Click here to have a listen, and check out the lyrics.
Let Me Loose - Here's the web page for this song. Go have a liste
Marginalized - Here's the web page for this song.
Come With Me Here's a link to the web page.
Voice in Mine A collaborative gift to my parents
The Dead An ode to Joyce - quick drunken Friday night sketch
The Wasteland - T.S Eliot accompanied - quick Monday afternoon sketch
Recordings copyright 2004-6 Nick Menninga
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