My Trip To Deutschland

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Starting on July 5, 2001 and ending on July 27, 2001 my mother, grandmother, great aunt and uncle and I all went to Europe to visit some distant relatives and to explore the lands within and all around Germany.

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As you can see in the box to the left, we traveled far and wide all around and within Germany. Click on the link to see pictures from that destination and stories on what we did there.

Austrian Fields

This picture was taken on a highway in Austria while we drove back to our temporary home in southern Germany after visiting the famed castle Neuschwanstein. I found that European farmers still run their farms like in the old days. Here are several hay storage barns in the middle of a beautiful field nestled in the Austrian Alps.

The marvelous scenery that Germany has to offer is unsurpassed in all the world as far as I am concerned. The majority of the towns and cities are all hundreds of years old. Most buildings still have red clay shingles. This picture is of downtown Hannover.


To the left is the famed castle Neuschwanstein. It stands on a high hill in southern Germany overlooking the beautiful countryside. There was a long and tiring climb to reach the gates by foot. Three quarters of the way up, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant. The sights of the castle were very rewarding though once we did get up there as you can see.


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