Interior of the Nightmare
Welcome to the Vampyre's Nightmare and the San Antonio, Texas based home of our Lady Kiara Draken.  She will welcome you to a seat at her bar, a perusal of her home in the most shallow and non intrusive sense and a drink on the house.  But don't expect her to give you run of the place, or welcome you to a room without a much deeper introduction and a heavy check into your background and a reason why you must stay.  Her family resides with her and she is most protective.  There is no Prince for this city, and the counsel is only as her family, and they will speak for you, depending on your own merit and good standing with them.  The good lady does not allow a Prince to take place, and if pressed will take the place herself, but for now she is Elder of this city, with her Uncle and they rule the city, with a minimum of chaos. 
Kiara Draken Roshenko - Brujah Elder
Gareth Draken - Gangrel Elder
Sierra Riordan DeMedici - Druid Giovanni
Jaran Romanoff Stephan - Ravnos
Gorthos Akkaris - Brujah Ancient
Vladamir Roshenko - Tzimisce Ancient
Kitiara Silverwolf - Gangrel
Alemant - Gangrel
Aylan Sylvermyre - Dark Elf
John Smith - Antique Dealer/Unknown
Serafim Bratovich - Revenant Ghoul (Jaran)
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