Sierra Riordan
Sierra  was born the daughter of Irish Druid priest Searn Riordan, and his wife Michaela, a gypsy of the Phuri Dae blood.  Born as half of the couple's identical twins, Sierra and her sister Taren were raised in Ireland in the loving arms of thier parents, her scattered family and thier father's faith.  When she was thirteen Sierra suffered the first true loss of her life, when her sister was lost to her, murdered in an attempt to gain power from a Demoness courting a elderly woman lost to the dark arts.  From then, Sierra immersed herself in her religion becoming a priestess of some note in her small community, guided by her visions as answer to her prayers to have herself tattooed with the tribal markings of her culture's mutual past.  The bold dark tattoos that covered her shoulder, some of her chest and more notably her cheek up over and through one eye distinguished her apart from the set of mirrored girls she had once been a part of and brought her new recognition as the one remaining.  Passing from her parent's house upon her nineteen year, she ventured to the States, finding small inns of the old ways to sleep her time in, expanding her mind from the sheltered existance she had enjoyed in her childhood in her homeland.  It was in this time that she ran across the city of Bossier and the riverboat casino, that drew her curiousity.  It was in the lush gaudiness of this artificial paradise that she met and entranced the attentions of the Prince's chylde, Tommy DeMedici.  Upon the night of thier wedding, his dream of her blood on the soft white satin of her wedding dress was brought to life as he embraced her on the casino's deck after a quick courthouse ceremony.  Within the year, Tommy grew bored with his naieve earthy bride, so dedicated to her religion that she refused his attempts to teach her of necromancy and the power he gained from it.  As rumors circulated that he grew soft with his new wife, and people started to lose thier fear of him, Tommy grew wreckless, tossing his wife from the boat into the water below in show of his indifference to her.  It was not long after that Sierra's grandsire went into torpor and Tommy abandoned her, disappearing to another city, dying there after only a few months. In the shadows of the casino, Kiara had watched the young mortal fall to the Giovanni's charms and succumb to his embrace only to be tossed aside.  Before his passage into torpor, her contact and ally, Damien Dunsirn, Sierra's grandsire, asked his Brujah compatriot to keep watch over her.  Taking the young half gypsy with her out of the city when the new Prince took hold, she found herself with a constant companion as Sierra and Kiara became like sisters, as they claim each other to be to this night.  From Salem and the embrace of her coven of like spirited beings, Sierra came to San Antonio in aide to Kiara in the venture of thier mutual worry for a third sister, Jaran and her mental state.   The matter of her time was quickly decided when a businessman came to thier haven and asked her assistance in his employ.  In the passing weeks, she came to be comfortable with him, easy nights spent working beside him and venting her caregiving nature on him.  Now, having discovered his depth of emotional connection to her, she resides with him, finding a peace and comfort of his company she's not had with any man since her father's death.  The two calm even spirits seem to have found a harmony with each other, and eternity to enjoy it should they so wish.  But each side has it's enemies, waiting in the wings to strike at them and sever the life they now hold so dear.  A prayer for them...that they remain in the peace each has saught so long and found so briefly.
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