The Ancient One:
Gorthos Akkaris
Gorthos Akkaris, the long lived Brujah.  He has survived for about 1500 years, his will to live, or his stubborness, too much for any one person to quell.  Through his years, he has traveled the world extensively, learning nuances of all the cultures he comes across.  Never followed them, but they’re still good to know. 

A large, brutish man, he is warlike both by his Scottish blood and the blood of the Brujah clan.  He is a quiet man, though if one looks close enough, there is a thin scar across his throat, perhaps signifying that his silence is unnatural.  The scar on the right side of his face is just as significant a feature as his size, the eyepatch that is bolted in place covering an unknown injury.

Having only stopped in the club for a little while to rest his old bones, he stumbled across a old ally and Prince that invoked feelings in him that he had never felt in his long life.  Following those feelings, he has made himself a fixture in the place, deciding to stay with the woman as long as she’ll have him.
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